Programming week 22 July 2019

Programming week 22 July 2019

Hey tribe

Here is the weeks programming. Hope you guys enjoy this week to come

Our weekly overview video is here


Here is the monthly overview


This week we have Pullups on Tuesday, Clean & Jerks on Thursday, and Push Press on Saturday

Monday is a Breathe & Burn Workout & a Glute Finisher.  Warmup is Pizza Box Game followed by Medball movements & a shuttle run.  Prep is Toes to bar, Doubleunders, & Wallballs.   Workout is a Core & Squat heavy “Chipper” .  Finisher is Glute/Hip specific prehab.  Extra Credit is Lower Body Mobility.                     

                Goal is <25:00


Tuesday is Pullups and a Breathe & Brace Workout.  Warmup is rotating through 30 sec of movements.  Pullups are 5-7 sets of 2 Weighted Pullups in 15 minutes. Prep is Deadlift review and build to workout weight.   Workout is 20 minutes of Heavy Deadlifts & Kipping Pullups finishing with a run, & 1:00 rest after each round.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flushing with Scap work.                     

                Goal is 7+


Wednesday is Heavy Breathing Intervals and a Core Finisher.  Warmup is Partner based, focused on Rowing and Airbike.  Prep is Thruster and Burpee Review.   Workout is two 10 minute intervals starting with a Row/Bike and followed by AMRAP Thrusters/Burpees.  Finisher is Hollow Rocks and Archbody Hold Tabata.  Extra Credit is Barbell Curls and Diamond Pushups.                     

                Goal is 20+, 30+


Thursday is Clean & Jerks and a Breathe & Burn workout.  Warmup is a Kettlebell complex followed by Box Jumps to prep for Clean & Jerks. Clean & Jerks are Build to a heavy Single in 15 minutes. Prep is Front Squat and Handstand Pushup review.   Workout is Hang Power Cleans into Front Squats ending with Strict HSPU’s for 5 rounds.   Extra Credit is Aerobic Flushing paired with Mobility.                     

                Goal is <8:00


Friday is a Breathe & Burn Workout and a Core Finisher.  Warmup is Ring Rows and Kb Deadlifts to target the Back and then Running specific exercises.  Prep is Kettlebell Snatch Review and Practice.   Workout is Kettlebell Snatches directly into OH Back Step Lunges on one side, then a 200m run before hitting the Kettlebell movements on the other side for 4 rounds.  Finisher is Weighted Planks with an AMRAP Plank for 3 rounds.  Extra Credit is Shoulder Prehab.                     

                Goal is <20:00


Sunday is Push Press’ and a Breathe & Burn Workout. Warmup is a Partner Medball. Push Press is Building to a heavy Single. Prep is Deadlift and Box Jump Review. Workout is an Open Workout from 2013 with STOH, Deadlifts, and Box Jumps for 10 minutes. Extra Credit is Upper Body Mobility.


And not to forget the usual weekend bootcamps

Also our School Sports Day will be replacing team wod this week

saturday bootcamp.PNG
sunday bootcamp.PNG

Have you got that Friday feeling?&nbsp;&nbsp;

Have you got that Friday feeling?  

Have you got that Friday feeling?  

Do you want to feel great and look your best for the weekend? 

Well here at Ulysses we always have that Friday feeling.   Every day we can have you looking great and feeling great.   

With our fantastic tribe, awesome programming, amazing coaches and our fully functional CrossFit facility, every day feels like Friday.  We get you ready for life! Not just the weekend.    

You are guaranteed the best hour(s) of your day at Ulysses and you'll leave feeling the best version of yourself.  

With our 

1:1 PT Sessions. 

1:1 Nutrition coaching.

Small group PT sessions. 



Open gym slots.

And much more. 

We offer an early morning session at 6am for those early birds who like to get their workout in before their busy day. 

We have morning classes perfect for those finishing a night shift and wanting a workout before sleeping, or for those dropping children off at school, or even those who prefer a lie in but still want a session before enjoying their day.   

We offer early afternoon classes right up until the last class at 7:15pm.  

You see, we cater for everybody from business owners, 9-5 workers, shift workers, mums and dads, night shift workers and everybody In between. 

There is a small group or 1:1 PT session to suit everybody.  

Why not book a free intro and see what you can achieve with the right settings, right people and right times.  

We want you to feel like every day is Friday, and we can help you with your goals, no matter what they are, from losing weight to feeling great, we're here to get you started on your journey.  

Chloe was our chosen winner for week four of our 28 day nutrition challenge.&nbsp;

Chloe was our chosen winner for week four of our 28 day nutrition challenge. 

Chloe was our chosen winner for week four of our 28 day nutrition challenge. 

Chloe was consistent in hitting her macros and training.  

Her energy levels have improved she feels so much stronger and fitter.  

Chloe lost a vast amount of body fat and gained lots of muscle mass.  Chloe was chuffed to bits when we done her final bio-metrics as she could see how much her body has changed, not just physically but also internally too.   Her mindset going into the challenge was on top form and she did herself very proud. 

Chloe Team Ulysses are so proud of you and all you achieved over the challenge. Well done. 

Chloe has won herself some Natural nutrients protein. 

See Chloe's before and after pics, wow they are awesome.   

If you'd like Ulysses Nutrition coaches to help you on your journey, then why not click the "book a free intro" link and see what you can achieve

Wellness Wednesday&nbsp;

Wellness Wednesday 

Wellness Wednesday 

“I count macros perfectly so why do I need nutrition coaching?”

Ah yes. A common statement. So you count macros 👏, but let me ask you:

➡ what are those macros comprised of? Do you fast all day and have five double cheeseburgers or a parmo, but are happy cuz “bro! I hit my macros!” Or do your macros consist of whole food choices?

➡ aside from macro counting, how does your hydration look? Your sleep? Your micronutrients? 

➡ are you eating regularly?

➡ how is your nutrient timing - pre and post workout?

➡ are you measuring body composition to either validate or disprove your macro goals? Who set your macro goals?

Wow. So many questions. Should probably book a consultation with a nutrition coach and focus less on perfect macros and focus more on healthy and sustainable nutrition habits. 

Check out a Ulysses nutrition coach to help you on your journey! 💙 

More is not more &amp; a very recent mistake!&nbsp;

More is not more & a very recent mistake! 

More is not more & a very recent mistake! 

So I wanted to share my most recent experience with you guys with the hope that it helps reinforce what we say when we ask you guys to chill, or not take on a movement before your ready. 

I've been doing CrossFit for 3 years now & have made every mistake you can do, training through injury, over programming, not following a programme & not working mobility. Last Friday I made another mistake.

So last Fridays workout was 110 GHD & 55 STOH. Now as an athlete I love the GHD machine, I've used it many times, in many workouts & would say I have a good threshold and adaptation to it. Now this is where my problem started. 

Friday was my rest day, I had trained all week leading up to this. Anywhere between 5-7 sessions in 4 days with mixed modalities, however I havent done GHD for ages & being a t-rex armed individual STOH is my jam. That morning I was also coaching & seen Ben do the workout, I instantly got excited. I'd get to go head to head with the coach & do movements I enjoyed and had not touched in a while. Win win. 

Now at this point I want to tell you I was shattered, I had done the late thursday night & was in the friday morning, very little sleep & it was the end of the week. I had spent Friday afternoon laid on the sofa chilling out & come workout time although still tired thought I could get through. I took my usual pre workout & the excitement of the occasion carried me through. Also remember that Friday night was blistering hot, I probably hadn’t drank enough water during the day & this showed as I got a massive headache after the workout. Anyway I got the time i wanted, i recovered & head home. Then get a message off Dave "do you want me to coach team wod tomorrow so you can join in, i know you enjoy them". Again I know I shouldn’t so I reluctantly um and ah over it, however when I come in the next day I see its 1RM snatch. I don’t see anything else but this & instantly go through the excitement and process I done before. Now if any of you know GHD doms don’t kick in until two days later, so I crack on with team wod & throw in another 60 sit ups for the banter.

Here comes Sunday morning, I'm absolutely crippled. Ab doms are real, however it's the day after so I brush it off. They will calm down or pass, they never. If any of you have seen me over the last two days you have seen me struggle to do anything, I've been hunched over, cant fully extend or be able to train. I've done maybe 10% of my programming I've needed to and with absolutely no intensity or purpose. 

So for me there is 3 major take away points

1. Trust the process - trust what your coaches programme & tell you to do.

2. More is not better - over training is real, extra volume does not equal extra gains.

3. Listen to your body - even if it isn’t your rest day & your body is off. Listen to it. It knows better than any programme.

CrossFit Ulysses is a place like no other.  In Ulysses you'll find a brother, sister or even a father or mother.&nbsp;

CrossFit Ulysses is a place like no other. In Ulysses you'll find a brother, sister or even a father or mother. 

From all the things in life you can do.

Joining CrossFit Ulysses will make you a better version of you. 

CrossFit Ulysses is a place like no other.

In Ulysses you'll find a brother, sister or even a father or mother. 

There is no better place to be, that will make you feel as free. 

Free from you troubles, worries and mind.

And everyone there is so friendly and kind. 

Depression, anxiety and all other issues just fade away, 

With a WOD or session any time of the day. 

So, if you're feeling sad or blue.

There is only one thing you should do. 

Book in for a session at CrossFit Ulysses.

It will make you feel right at ease.


But even if you've had the best day ever. 

You can't go wrong being at Ulysses, never.


Being at CrossFit Ulysses makes everything fade away.

And help you have a top, top day.

Why not book a free intro and see how we can help you have the best days ever..

How To feedback and not complain

A quick one on how to bring us feedback and keep the atmosphere positive and happy.

The Facebook group is not a platform for opinions and subjective views and any comments will be instantly removed

Other positive changes in helping our lines of communication

  • We removed the suggestion box- encourages face to face only

  • No using spokes persons to complain- please bring us some individual feedback- encourages face to face only

  • We stopped doing anonymous surveys, face to face only

    Here's how to bring us helpful feedback

    Book a free intro slot with Myself and we can address any concerns you have, its as simple as that.

    Core values

    Some of our values are that help craft our decisions are how we apply them-

    integrity ( doing the right thing, even when others cannot see the reason)

    Fairness ( benefiting as many members as we can)

    Communicate- Our communication is only done in a face to face, no keyboard warriors please.


Team Ulysses

CrossFit Ulysses, forging elite friendships since 2016.

CrossFit Ulysses, forging elite friendships since 2016.

It's not just a gym.  It's a family.   It's not just a box. It's a community. 

Friendships forged through Ulysses goes beyond gym buddies.  

Theses awesome guys walked the peaks together as a team. There have been many times these men have worked together as a team, inside and outside of the box  

Team work makes the dream work. 

They became friends over sweaty WODS and high fives, but their friendship goes beyond that now. 

There is so much more I could write about these wonderful men, but I won't.   Why not come along and see them for yourself and get to know them, along with all our other awesome members.  See what friendships you can form and where it will take you.  

CrossFit Ulysses, forging elite friendships since 2016.

Programming week 15th june 2019

Programming week 15th june 2019

Hey tribe

Here is the weeks programming. Hope you guys enjoy this week to come

Our weekly overview video is here


Here is the monthly overview

This week we have two weightlifting specific movements with Snatch on Monday and Push Jerk on Wednesday,and a heavy Back Squat session on Friday

Monday has Push Jerks and a Breathe & Burn Workout -  Warmup starts with quick Jump Rope and then shoulder specific prep for Push Jerks.  Push Jerks  start with progressions and then to building a heavy complex. Prep is Running and Doubleunder review. Workout is a 20 minute Breathe & Burn AMRAP that combines Running, Push Jerks, & Doubleunders with a 1:00 Rest after each round. Extra Credit is  Aerobic flushing & Shoulder Girdle Mobility.                      

                Goal is 4+ Rounds


Tuesday  is a Muscular Burn Workout and Core Finisher.  Warmup starts with a short run and Scap Pullups to prep for Strict Pullups followed by shoulder mobility. Then Air Squats and Hollow holds for leg and core activation. Prep is Pullup specific Lat activation. Workout is a Muscular Burn workout of Strict Pullups for time with a Goblet Squat penalty for every break. Finisher is alternating between 30 sec of Russian Twists and 30 sec of Suitcase holds for 4 rounds. Extra Credit is Posterior Chain prehab/rehab.

                  Goal is <15:00


Wednesday  has Snatches and a Full Body Burn Workout - Warmup is slow Air Squats and shoulder and posterior chain specific for Snatch prep. Snatch starts with progressions and moves to building to a Snatch and Overhead Squat complex. Prep is Airbike, Russian KbS, & Burpee review. Workout is high intensity Full Body Burn Airbike, Russian KbS, & Burpees for a 5 minute AMRAP. Extra Credit is arm-focused bodybuilding.

Goal is 1+ Rounds


Thursday  is   a Breathe Workout and a Core Finisher -  Warmup starts with Rowling and in remaining time Plate Hops, Walking Lunges, & Inch Worms for more general movement prep.   Prep is Rowing review.   Workout is a repeat from Feb 23 and consists of increasing interval times of Bike/Ski, Row, & Box Jumps.  Finisher is 3 sets of Bent Hollow Rocks with an AMRAP Plank.  Extra Credit is Hip and Knee Mobility.

Friday  is Back Squat and a Breathe & Burn Workout -  Warmup is Back Squat specific prep.  Back Squat is building to a heavy 5 rep.  Prep is a Wallball, Ring Dip, & Walking Lunge review.  Workout is 10 rounds with small sets of Ring Dips, Wallballs, & Walking Lunges.  Extra Credit is  Aerobic Recovery.

                Goal is <16:00


Sunday  is   a Breathe & Burn Interval Partner Workout and a Core Finisher -  Warmup is Partner and posterior chain and core focused.  Prep is Clean Progressions Workout is 25 minutes alternating rounds of Deadlifts, Pullups & Power Cleans with a Partner and a run together after each round.  Finisher is AMRAP Situps with your Partners, coupled with Wallsits.   Extra Credit is  Shoulder rehab/prehab.



And not to forget our weekend team wod and bootcamps

saturday team wod.PNG
saturday bootcamp.PNG
sunday bootcamp.PNG

Buffalo Chicken.

Buffalo Chicken.

This amazing recipe is one of many to help you in your healthy lifestyle. Check out our recipe page for more amazing ideas on how to feed you and the whole family, great wholesome foods.



  1. Place chopped onion and minced garlic at the bottom of the crockpot. Place chicken on top. Then cover with low sodium chicken stock.

  2. Cover chicken with Frank’s hot sauce (add Tabasco if you would like additional spice)

  3. Cook on low heat for 6 hours

  4. Once cooked, set aside 1/2 cup of broth and pour out the remaining.

  5. Return chicken and 1/2 cup of saved broth to crockpot and cook on high heat for an additional 30 minutes

  6. Enjoy

  7. Try it Sara's way and make Buffalo BBQ Chicken! All you need to do is replace the 12 ounces of hot sauce with 1/4 cup Stubs BBQ Sauce and 1/2 Cup Franks Red Hot Sauce!


Nutrition Facts

Buffalo Chicken (Crockpot)

Amount Per Serving

Calories 131Calories from Fat 18

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 2g3%

Saturated Fat 0.02g0%

Polyunsaturated Fat 0.03g

Monounsaturated Fat 0.02g

Cholesterol 64mg21%

Sodium 1655mg69%

Potassium 70mg2%

Total Carbohydrates 3g1%

Dietary Fiber 0.4g2%

Sugars 0.1g

Protein 27g54%

Vitamin A17%

Vitamin C13%



* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Sean has taken this challenge in his stride and even started cooking

Sean has taken this challenge in his stride and even started cooking

Sean is our winner of week three for the 28 day nutrition challenge.

Sean has taken this challenge in his stride and even started cooking. Sean has given up his beloved fizzy drinks and even prepped energy ball snacks to give him that extra protein boost.

Sean wins himself some Dr Gus Bone shake to help him beyond the 28 day challenge and into the future. Sean is a bit of a joker and made us all laugh with a comment for international fried chicken day, but he’s proud to say he didn’t give into temptation and his will power was bigger then he previously thought.

Sean didn’t really need to lose weight, he wanted to lose body fat and build up muscle and I think it’s safe to say he’s been smashing them goals.

Well done Sean, Team Ulysses are very proud of you and all you’ve achieved in educating yourself in your new found healthy lifestyle.

Sweet Potato Toast. Yummy

Sweet Potato Toast. Yummy

Enjoy as Breakfast, part of your main meal or as a snack or sweet treat.

Sweet Potato Toast.



  1. Preheat oven to 400F (200C).

  2. Slice one large sweet potato lengthwise into four 1/4 inch "toast" slices.

  3. Place on a baking sheet and bake for 15-20 minutes, turning halfway through.

  4. Top with your favorite "toast" toppings. Some examples are nut butter, chia seeds and fresh fruit, or egg whites, avocado, sliced radish and salsa, or sliced tomatoes, fresh basil and balsamic drizzle.

  5. Alternate cooking method: Place the sweet potato slices in a toaster on high for about 5 minutes or until cooked through. You may need to toast multiple times depending on the length of your toaster settings.

Team work, makes the dream work.

Team work, makes the dream work.

A few weeks ago, a few of our awesome members took part in total warrior.

They worked as a team and worked their way around the obstacle course race together.

Team work, makes the dream work.

T - together

E - everyone

A - achieves

M - milestones

Having fun and getting very muddy in the process.

What an amazing day they had and Team Ulysses are proud of you all for competing together.

The picture tells a wonderful story. But there were other members who competed the day before who done just as awesome as these guys.

Well done to you all.

10 years younger.

10 years younger.

There is nothing more we love than sharing success stories.

Well here goes. Our 28 day challenge participants’ have been doing amazing.

Since the 15th June when they started they have all shared their highs and lows, they have been sticking to tracking their food, sharing recipes and even having tasting sessions of snacks and protein with each other. The groups chat is always buzzing with members sharing things from photos to inspiration and each one has contributed towards helping each other.

Great TEAM effort guys. Team Ulysses are so proud of each and every one of you.

But the most amazing thing to come from all this is, over the first week, their collective loss was over 15 KG. Their body fat percentage has been greatly de-creased and the energy levels the members have has shown in every WOD.

Another awesome added bonus, is the metabolic age of the participants’ that wanted a weigh in, has de-creased by 10 years. Yes, 10 years in just over a week of eating healthy.

Each one has a different goal, but over all, the weight loss throughout has been amazing. One has seen significant changes in her body, one has seen that her get up and go which left a long time, has well and truly returned. One has mentioned how much energy she has, one has told us how his love for fatty food has simply gone. But those are just a few highs, there were many, many more..

Not to mention the camaraderie among the full group.

Well done guys. We’re looking forward to what the next few weeks have in store for you all!

Programming Week 8th July 2019

Programming Week 8th July 2019

Hey tribe

Here is this weeks programming. I hope you are all as excited to see how they feel

Our weeks overview video from the Level method is here


Here is the monthly over view

monthly overview.PNG

This week we have Clean & Jerk on Tuesday, pull-ups on Thursday and deadlifts on Sunday.

Monday is a Breathe & Burn ChipperWarmup is in Partners alternating between Glutes and Core, then alternating between Lunges and Scap PullupsPrep is focused on Ring Muscle up technique.   Workout is a Breathe & Burn Chipper starting with Rowing and moving into Ring Muscleups, Burpees, Box Jumps, Situps, and finishing with a Run.   Extra Credit is Hip and Knee maintenance work                      

                Goal is <25:00


Tuesday  is Clean and Jerks and then a Full Body Burn  workout -  Warmup starts with Kettlebell swings and Jump Rope, and moves to Fast Feet and Wall Squats.   Clean & Jerks begin with progressions for both movements and then 12 minutes to build to a quality single.  Prep is Doubleunder focused.   Workout is Full Body Burn with 30 Clean & Jerks with a jump rope penalty for any break in that set.  Extra Credit is Lower Body mobility.

                  Goal is <6:00


Wednesday  is   Breathing & Muscle Burning Intervals and a Core Finisher - Warmup is a very fun game to get energy high & everyone sweating.   Prep is reviewing the basics of Air Squats & Pushups.  Workout is Breathing & Muscle Burning Intervals,  with high-output Bike/ski bouts, followed by Air Squats, and high-output Sled/Row, bouts followed by Pushups.   Finisher is Core work -- two holds and one new movement in the Pillar Press.  Extra Credit is Bodybuilding accessory Arm work.

                Goal is 250+ Reps


Thursday  is Pullups and then a Breathe and Burn AMRAP -  Warmup is a Single-arm Db Complex.  Pullups begin with Lat Activation, then 15 minutes of accumulating sets of Weighted Pullups.  Prep is Kipping Pullup & Front Squat review.  Workout is 18 minutes of Running followed by high-rep Pullups & Front Squats.  Extra Credit is Bodybuilding accessory Glute work.   

                Goal is 3+ Rounds


Friday  is a Shoulder & Ab Burn Workout and a Core FinisherWarmup is Shoulder & Scap focused for the Push Press.   Prep is Push Press Progressions with a PVC.  Workout is a Shoulder and Ab Burner with ascending reps of Heavier Push Press and GHD Situps.  Finisher is 3 Rounds of Flutter Kicks & Banded Good Mornings.   Extra Credit is Shoulder, Psoas, and Hip Mobility.

                Goal is <15:00


Sunday  is Deadlifts and a Partner Workout Warmup is Posterior chain focused to prime for heavy Deadlifts.   Deadlifts start with a review and move into 15 minutes to accumulate sets of 5 reps.   Prep is a Wallball, Kettlebell Swing, & Tactical Lunge Review, with an emphasis on the Kettlebell movement.  Workout is Partners with Russian KbS, Wallballs, & Kb Tactical Lunges, accumulating reps in any order.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Recovery.  

                Goal is Finish


And not forgetting our usual sweaty workouts for team wod and boot camps

saturday bootcamp.PNG
sat team wod.PNG
sunday bootcamp.PNG

San has taken on mental clarity to his healthy lifestyle, even giving up his weekend beers

San has taken on mental clarity to his healthy lifestyle, even giving up his weekend beers

Were proud to announce our 28 day challenge winner for week two is San.

San has taken on mental clarity to his healthy lifestyle, even giving up his weekend beers.

He’s contributed a lot to the group this week, by sharing his highs and lows and his lunch meal prep picture for the week, which looked awesome. Hes taken on all advice and has made amazing progress. He’s been drinking lots of water and has adapted to this change in a healthy lifestyle with a positive outlook and we’re looking forward to seeing him achieve more.

San wins himself some DR GUS protein for all his effort and hard work for week two.

Week three is well under way and we’re excited to see who the next winner will be.

You’ve all done amazing guys. Keep up the great work and keep tracking your food, your goals, and most of all your amazing progress.

Team Ulysses are proud of each and everyone of you!

A great one for Vegans, Vegetarians, Flexaterians and for meat eaters just wanting a change.

A great one for Vegans, Vegetarians, Flexaterians and for meat eaters just wanting a change.

Chickpea and Edamame salad.

A great one for Vegans, Vegetarians, Flexaterians and for meat eaters just wanting a change.

Chickpeas are full of protein and fiber, what more can you ask for?

This salad is delicious, filling and packed full of macro nutrients and can be maid as a main meal of side salad to accompany any meal.

Check out our recipe page. Its full of amazing meals to help keep you on track in you healthy lifestyle.

Ulysses nutrition coaches are helping many people, be healthy, stay healthy and living their best lives. Why not let us help you? Book a free intro and let us help you on your healthy journey.

  Steven McDonald, Ulysses Member of the Month for June.

Steven McDonald, Ulysses Member of the Month for June.

It gives Team Ulysses great pleasure in announcing that Steven McDonald is our member of the month for June.

Ste was out illusive zebra.

White in flexibility and black in rowing for The Level Method.

Over the course of the few months he’s been with us, he’s worked really hard on his weakness’s and can now hit full depth with his squats.

Well done Ste, we’re all super proud of you and all the progress you’ve made.

Ste can now knock out double unders for fun and his flexibility has been made a lot easier with the progress he’s made.

You can see the pride he has, for achieving the things he though impossible when he started and Team Ulysses love it.

Ste is humble with his achievements and it’s inspiring for all our members to see!

Ste, you hero. You’re no longer the illusive zebra and Team Ulysses are proud of everything you’ve achieved and for what the future goals you have planned.

Amazing people doing extraordinary things.

Why not book a free intro and we see if we can help you achieve what you thought impossible.

Enjoy the roller-coaster of a ride we call CROSSFIT LIFE.

Enjoy the roller-coaster of a ride we call CROSSFIT LIFE.

Our coaches are passionate about CrossFit, about health and wellness about YOU.   They value you, your health and safety over all other aspects.   They would never let you put your ego in front of safety.  They believe in you, you believe in them and yourself. 

Ulysses coaches want what's best for you.  Trust the process. Trust them. Leave your ego at the door and enjoy the rollercoaster of a ride we call CROSSFIT LIFE.

A few months ago, (January to be exact) I came back to train harder than I have in months, and even though the coaches encouraged me to work as hard as I could, they also told me I needed rest days and to ease back into it. I believe in pushing myself to my limits, but the coaches know me better than I know myself. They knew if I got to that limit too quickly, I'd burn out and injure myself, leading to further setbacks.   

So I've taken it slow and easy (as slowly as my mind will let me) but also pushing myself without going to quickly. I got my diet under control, I got my training in order, my head in the game and my own self well being on form too. The thing I know from experience is, if you don't have all your ducks in a row, eventually they all start to wander off in different directions.     

Nutrition ✔️

Training ✔️

Mental Health ✔️

Family/Home/Social life✔️

Meditation ✔️

Hobbies/Fun Stuff ✔️


That is my list.    Your’s will be different.  

My advice to me was this…... Get every aspect of your life under control and don't let anything get in the way of your goals this time. You know your own body and you know how to make it feel exactly how you want it to.  You also need to love yourself from within, otherwise you'll never move forward in Life. The coach’s know what they are doing, they know you, they know the programme and they know their stuff.   Ben and his amazing CrossFit Ulysses coach’s have been helping people since 2016. Let them help you, let them guide you on the right path, let them do their thing so you can do yours!

If i’d of had my ducks in a row back when I first started at Ulysses i’d probably be a few dress sizes smaller and would definitely have pull ups (maybe even muscle ups, or is that just my head in the clouds) But for sure, since my ducks have been aligned, i’ve lost over two stone (again) and a few dress sizes (again) and my mental health is the best it’s been in months, i’ve found a new love for life and i’m loving having adventures in and out of the box again.  I’ve been focused on me and my goals and getting to them in the best possible way. No distractions, no bull, no fad diets. AND I’m not falling off this time. I’m not saying i’ll never wander, but those ducks are on a short lead and if one does decide it needs a break, i’ll listen and take note and then pull it back onto the path with the other ducks….

Don’t just listen to me, take the advice from Ben, Damo, Dave and Chris.    Get your ducks in row. Set your goals and intentions.

A goal that is written down is far more likely to become reality as it’s accountable. Your goals should be what pushes you to do better, to work harder, to eat healthier.  Listen to your body, your head, your heart, your soul, your gut. Listen and set your intentions, set your goals. Smash the life out of them.

Yvonne Osborne

Customer Service.

Team Ulysses.