Hey tribe

As always were excited to share the weeks programming going ahead

Our weeks overview video from the Level method team for 17th June 2019



Below is the month overview for June

month overview.PNG

This week we have Weighted Pullups on Tuesday,  Heavy Backsquats on Thursday and Snatch work on Sunday

This week we have Push Jerks on Monday,  DB/KB Row on Wednesday & Front Squats on Friday

Monday starts with 10 minutes for a partner warmup -- rowing, while the other does shoulder stability work.  Spend about 20 minutes on Push Jerks -- a 5-8 min technique review,  then 12 min to build. Then the workout, “Rushmore” -- a two-part  15 min AMRAP: first,  a 1K row, “Lungs & Burn”, and second, a “Muscular Burn” workout consisting of Push Press, Pullups & Air squats.  Extra credit is upper body mobility.   Goal is into round 25

mon 17th.PNG

Tuesday starts with a quick 3 min bike or row, then a dynamic prep with Junkyard Dog. Next, 12 minutes of weightlifting technique review,  and a 10 min build of a complex -- consisting of movements in the workout.  The workout is “Vesuvius” -- “Breathing & Bracing” in three couplets: Doubleunders plus some weightlifting movement to get the lungs pumping -- switching on the 7 min mark.  Finally, extra credit is lower body mobility.   Goal is <12:00 total work time

tue 18th.PNG

Wednesday starts with a game,  then lat & core activation -- 20 min to review & do

DB/KB rows,  4 sets of 15-20 reps.   Then the workout, “Stormbreaker” -- a short, high powered “Deep Body Burn” of DB Thrusters &  Airbike Cals.   Extra credit is high quality therapeutic movements w/ flushing.   Goal is <6:00

wed 19th.PNG

Thursday starts with line drills to prep running;  then 20 minutes for Technique -- Toes to Bar,  Box Jumps & Running.  Then move to “The Railroad” -- a “Lungs” workout  with core endurance  -- the Toes, Jumps & Runs  we already prepped.   The finisher is 4 rounds of high quality shoulder activation & stability.  Extra credit targets lower body flexibility & abs.   Goal is <11:00

thur 20th.PNG

Friday starts with a circle warmup --  joint mobility & general body prep.  Next, building to high-tension Front Squat reps.   Then “Night’s Watch” -- a 15 minute “Lungs & Burn” workout of moderately loaded Front Squats & Burpee Pullups.  Extra credit is flushing, quad SMR, and tricep accessory.   Goal is 8+

fri 21st.PNG

Saturday starts with a game, then partner wallball drills.  Move right to “Royale with Cheese” -- a long “Muscular Burn” with a 30 min Cap.  The finisher is an accessory 8 minute AMRAP focused on core & grip.  Extra credit is muscular accessory work focused on biceps -- to balance out the earlier work.  

sun 23rd.PNG

The usual weekend sweaty madness for boot-camp and team wod

sat bootcamp.PNG
sat 22nd teams.PNG
sun 23rd bootcamp.PNG