Hey tribe

As always were excited to share the weeks programming going ahead

Our weeks overview video from the Level method team for 1st July 2019



Below is the month overview for July

month overview.PNG

This week we have  Snatches on Monday, Front Squats on Wednesday and Push Press on Friday. 

Monday is Snatches & then a Full Body BurnWarmup is an 8 min prep for snatching with a focus on shoulders, scap & pec mobility.  Snatches start with progressions (plenty of time here) --  then 12 minutes to build high quality reps.   Workout is a 3 round Full Body Burn,  of Thrusters & Burpee over Bar.   Extra Credit is flushing  on the airbike,  coupled with lower body flexibility.               

Goal is <6:00

monday 1st.PNG

Tuesday is  a Heavy Breathing workout -  Warmup is line drills to increase  overall mobility & to warmup the lower body for running & doubleunders.   Prep is Double-under practice & drills  for 10 minutes. Workout is four 5-minute intervals,  separated by 1 minute rests.   Each set is either a Row/Bike  or a Run buy in,  followed in the remaining time by reps of Doubleunders & Box Jumps respectively.   Core Finisher is 3 rounds for quality of Tuckups & weighted planksExtra Credit is bodybuilding accessory work.

Goal is 350

tuesday 2nd.PNG

Wednesday  is  Front Squats and then a Deep Muscle Burn workout -   Warmup is designed to open up squatting mobility and to activate the core & prime the midline for Front Squats.  Front Squats start with front rack specific prep, then we move to 4 sets of 5-8,  depending on Level.  Plenty of time here to prioritize quality.   Workout is a 15 minute AMRAP  of higher-rep push ups, Db Snatches & Air Squats. Extra Credit is ascending minute-stations  between Row and Run/Jog that will work as a flush (breathing through nose only).

Goal is 3 + 20

wed 3rd.PNG

Thursday  is a Breathe & Burn workout followed by a Core Finisher -  Warmup is a quick run followed by a quick game.  Prep is Deadlift focused. Review technique and build to workout weight.  Workout is a 20 minute Breathe & Burn AMRAP of Deadlifts, Burpee Pullups, Russian Kbs & Running.  

 Core Finisher is accumulating Plank on elbows with a partner. Extra Credit is SMR focused on regions worked. 

Goal is 6-7 rounds

thursday 4th.PNG

Friday  is Push Press and then a Breathe & Burn Girl Benchmark workout “Karen”.   Warmup is with a partner and medball.  Push Press starts with movement review & progressions, then a 12 minute build,  depending on Level.   Workout is 150 Wallballs for time.  Extra Credit is bodybuilding accessory work for   Arms

Goal is <8:00

frriday 5th.PNG

Sunday  is  a Partner workout followed by a Shoulder & Core Finisher -   Warmup will activate & prime scaps with isometric exercises.  Prep is arch-hollow swing & movement review.  Workout is a 24 minute Partner workout with Box Jumps, American Kbs &  ascending pullupsShoulder & Core Finisher is 8 minutes of high-quality movement through Kb Windmills, Single-arm Kb Z-Press & Banded Pull Aparts.  Extra Credit is Flushing with the row coupled with mobility 



The usual weekend sweaty madness for boot-camp and team wod

sat 6th bootcamp.PNG
sat 6th teams.PNG
sunday 7th bootcamp.PNG