Hey tribe

As always were excited to share the weeks programming going ahead

Our weeks overview video from the Level method team for 24th June 2019



Below is the month overview for June

month overview.PNG

This week we have Power Cleans on Tuesday, Strict Press/SHSPU on Thursday, and Pullup on Sunday

Monday is Heavy Breathing & Core.   Warmup: 8 minutes alternating between 15 sec ascending difficulty row/bike/run, and 45  sec elbow planks.   Prep for workout with running drills.   Workout is 18-15-12-9, consisting of Burpee Box Jumps & running.  Core Finisher is a tabatta mash of Hollow Rock and Arch Body Holds.  Extra Credit is lower body SMR & Mobility.

Goal is <15:00

mon 24th.PNG

Tuesday is Powercleans and then a Breathe & Burn workout. Warmup is Kettlebell focused (for hip drive activation) & ascending height box jumps.  Powercleans start with Clean progressions and then accumulate 6-8 sets of Powerclean Variation.  Workout is a 16 min AMRAP -- Cindy rounds & Power Cleans.   Extra Credit is accessory core work w/ stability elements .                   

              Goal is 3-4 rounds

tue 25rth.PNG

Wednesday is a two station interval workout of 1) Breathe and 2) Breathe & Burn.  Warmup is in partners:  1200m run easy relay … partner A runs while partner B does swings & squats.   Prep is Rowing technique.  Workout is alternating stations of Rowing, and Situps & KB on  the 4 minute mark.  Extra Credit is upper body push  therapy/mobility/preparation for Thursday’s work.                   

Goal is N/A

wed 26th.PNG

Thursday is a Strict Press and then a Muscular Burn workout.  Warmup is in partners focused on shoulder mobility & activation.  Strict Press starts with review, press specific preparation, and then accumulate 4-6 sets in 10 minutes.  Prep workout with  doubleunder technique & drills.   Workout is 5 rounds of HSPU & Doubleunders.  Extra Credit is Flush & upper body mobility.        

Goal is <8:00

thur 27th.PNG

Friday is a Breathe & Burn workout.  Warmup is full body and Medball focused.  Prep is deadlift review and then 2-4 sets of ascending warmup sets.  Workout is a pyramid scheme of running, Deadlifts, Wallballs & Stepups.  Extra Credit is SMR for glutes, quad & t-spine.                  

Goal is <30:00

fri 28th cf.PNG

Sunday  is a Partner workout.  Warmup is 400m indian run followed by  a group full body mobility & activation.  Pullups start with Lat Activation and moves to 10 minutes to build to heavy 5.  Prep workout  with review of each movement, emphasize shoulder stability.  Workout is a 20 minute Partner AMRAP of Toes To Bar,  Db Snatches &  Single-arm Db OH Squats.  Extra Credit is lower body accessory work.                   

Goal is N/A

sun 30th cf.PNG

The usual weekend sweaty madness for boot-camp and team wod

sat 29th bootcamp.PNG
sat 29th teams.PNG
sun 30th bootcamp.PNG