Our weeks overview video from the Level method team for 3rd june 2019


Below is the month overview for Uune

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This week we have Overhead Squats on Monday, Deadlifts on Tuesday, and Overhead Work on Thursday.

Monday has two parts -- Overhead Squats, then a 15-minute-high-breathing AMRAP that includes Running, Overhead Squats, and Burpee Box Jumps.  Start with a 10-minute warmup -- a 200m group run and stations.   Then review Overhead Squat w/PVC pipe.  Next partner up and use a light barbell or PVC to build 1 Overhead Squat and 1 Sots’ Press -- 5 sets.    Release to build to a heavy set of 3 reps (or level appropriate option) in 10 minutes.   Focus remains on smooth movement & stability.   No matter what level always feel stable throughout the lift -- do NOT push the weight.  Treat each PVC warm up set & rep the as if it was a max -- to maximize the effectiveness of the practice. Take your time, this is more about learning than it is about lifting weight. Move to the workout “Morpheus”, and remember that Breathing & Overhead Squats will determine success in this workout.


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Considering the run and the Burpee Box jumps, this workout will be Aerobic Power on the breathing side Vp(v), with some leg & shoulder fatigue (but not enough to be a limiter.) The OHS will be affected most by the breathing so stay at a steady pace on the 400m runs, so you can start the OHS immediately.  Don’t rush the burpee box jumps -- they should be done at the same relative pace as the run.


PRO TIP: keep breathing steady regardless of the movement. Maintain a consistent pace throughout and focus on unbroken stable OHS sets -- and you’ll have great success on this one.


Tuesday has two parts -- Deadlifts and a Superset of Weighted Pullups & Ring Dips -- “The Forge”.  Rarely do we have TWO muscular contraction-based elements in a single day.  Generally, we mix breathing in.  Brief your people on the NEED for high quality muscular contraction work, and approach today with the right mindset.  

 Start with a 3-part warmup of leg swings, then cone drills, and finally workout-specific activation.  20 minutes slotted for the Deadlifts for 12 reps. That rep range is uncomfortable, so make it the right kind. If   form is compromised, especially in back stability, drop the weight down. Get a tight grip before you start your set and move smooth through all reps.   For part two, spend 5 min activating the lats & shoulders, and 5 minutes reviewing movements & variations. 

This part is a simple combination Upper Body Pull Strength (electricity) via Weighted Pull-ups or variation and Upper Body Push Stamina (plumbing) via Ring Dips or variation.  Each set make the Pull portion a little harder -- pushing the muscular tension -- and focus on squeezing the bar or rings and maintaining tight body position.  Immediately move to a pushing variation where the goal is to hit at least 10 solid, controlled reps. Adjust the weight/difficulty to allow for QUALITY movement, and don’t work past the 1:15 mark (which may be possible for some on the early set). You don’t want to BURN OUT on the early sets by working the entire 2 minutes. You’ll need some rest to keep the Pullup Quality high. The lower levels will be on the Strength Endurance side for BOTH movements, which is good and expected and will build the capacity to hit heavier single reps when the time comes.  BLUE+ should add weight on the Pull-ups in each round … ending at something tough. Chase the burn on the AMRAP sets, but only with good technique -- do NOT push through bad technique to slop out a few extra reps.  


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Wednesday -- “Mother of Dragons” is a 20-minute-high breathing AMRAP.  The session starts with a warmup game (Huddle) and then a partner wall ball thruster portion.  Then review/ practice double-unders, with specific drills. Then review/rehearse movements. Although this is a “Chipper” workout, it falls into the Aerobic Power (Ventilation) category Vp(v). With this type, stick to a steady pace, and do NOT waver. Shoulder fatigue will come from excessive and unnecessary tension on Doubleunders and Wallballs.  RELAX the shoulders whenever possible. The reps ascend for the Wallballs & Row Cals, so you want to feel good when you get to the larger sets. Double-unders descend -- stay smooth & close to unbroken -- no more than two sets.  So the same with Wallballs, but note how legs feel deeper into sets. If you blow them out early, the rest of the workout will be sluggish. Sticking to the planned pace will avoid the rut, and the finish will be quicker than expected. Do NOT let this workout drag on.  No long rests keep the breathing rate HIGH.


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Thursday has two parts, Overhead Work, and a 3 Round KB workout  -- “Crash Bandicoot.”  Start with a 10 minute full-body station warmup. Then a Push Press Review with progressions. Each set of the overhead work is meant to be a Dynamic Effort -- fast, high quality.  Set up tight before every rep, and drive like it’s a one rep max attempt.  Be sure to hit a solid lockout position, and take your time between reps. You’ll be building 5-7 sets (as needed) in 10 minutes. Then move to a 12 minute KB Review and Reverse TGU Flow. The goal is to get familiar with the KB before hopping into “Crash Bandicoot” which has Stamina (plumbing) elements within Aerobic Power (high breathing). It will sneak up on you if you come out too hot.   


Approach this workout with caution -- start out smooth & steady to test the first round.   Be aware of grip fatigue into the second & third rounds -- it can come back to punish you later.  Avoid wasted reps by resting  just before the last Kb clean --  use that to begin the lunges.  Keep the kettlebell tight to the body on the lunges -- better front rack means easier lunges.  For the suitcase carry, note core & grip fatigue. Maintain an upright position through the entire 200m, & switch hands whenever necessary, but symmetrically.  Poor posture will result in sore backs the next day … and not good-sore.  

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Friday starts with technical weightlifting work, and a 2 round Barbell workout -- “Anarchy.”   We have a 10-minute circle warm up to get everything open, then front squat prep. Then a comprehensive Technique review & group progression. Keep weight to no more than 80%-85% (relative effort) & focus on crisp reps. This is meant to be more technique work for WHITE ORANGE; build to heavier than workout weight.  Get comfortable with the movements and carry it over into the workout. Then move to “Anarchy” and briefly review Barbell cycling concepts and Toes to Bar Technique.

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“Anarchy” is aerobic power with lots of Stamina -- 2 round workouts can be highly deceptive. This workout may have some strong lactic elements, so start slower than your initial instinct.  Do NOT be tempted to go unbroken on the first set of hang power cleans. This will blow out your grip & breathing, derailing the entire workout. It might feel nice while you’re doing it, but you’ll pay the price later.  Manageable sets with quick rests is best, keeping in mind that every minute brings 5 TTB and more core & grip fatigue.  Focus on quality movement & give yourself time between the end of a set and the start of the TTB. Patience in the first round will be the key in this one.


Sunday is “Skee Ball” -- a point-based partner workout.  First, a group & partner warm up on the longer side. Then review movements and point structure. “Skee Ball” is all about playing to your strengths -- sticking to a plan will give a big score.  Unlike most workouts, this does not fit into an energy system because you choose both the movements & the order.  When discussing strategy with your partner, create a “round” that you want to repeat. Both partners work at the same time.  Keep in mind that the points are awarded each time one partner does the prescribed reps -- so theoretically one partner can run the entire time & the other can accumulate reps.  Do not be afraid to get creative here with strategy, to maximize time & put up a BIG number.

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SATURDAY & SUNDAY usually mix things up a little for the boot-camps and team wod as seen below

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