One of our nutrition coaches Yvonne, is leading by example!

Yvonne has done countless fad diets in the the past, losing weight, regaining, trying a different diet again losing and regaining.

But this time she said it doesn’t feel like a diet, it is literally just healthy choices. The choices to choose from are never boring and nothing feels like it’s a chore to cook or eat. Even eating out has become better in the choices she makes.

Since becoming a nutrition coach and learning the HSN way of life, her own life has become a whole lot better. Delving into nutrition and helping others had inspired her to get her own weight under control and to live a better healthier lifestyle. So she definitely is leading by example.

Yvonne said she swears by HSN/Ulysses Nutrition and wishes she’d found this sooner. She is loving the foods and variation of meals and knows her future is better knowing she is making those healthy choices.

Come along a book a free intro and see how Yvonne can help you make the healthy choices she does.