Are you getting enough sleep?

Most people know the feeling of not getting enough sleep, feeling grouchy, feeling hungry, feeling bbbllleeuuuuuugggghhh. Right?

You all know how lack of sleep makes you feel, but here are a few good reasons to get to bed early and have a great nights sleep…

POOR SLEEP CAN MAKE YOU FAT. Yes its true, poor sleep is linked to weight gain. In one study, it was said that children and adults who sleep less than prescribed were more likely to be overweight. Sleep deprivation can effect everything from your hormones to you appetite.

PEOPLE WHO SLEEP MORE, EAT LESS. Studies have proven that people who are sleep deprived, eat more than those who sleep soundly for 7-8 hours per night. Sleep deprivation causes havoc with your hormones that regulate your appetite

GOOD SLEEP IMPROVES CONCENTRATION. Sleep is important for brain function. This includes concentration, problem-solving, enhanced memory and performance. Poor sleep has a negative effect on our bodies and in turn impairs your brain function, which leads to lack of motivation for all aspects of life.

GOOD SLEEP CAN MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE. Lots of sleep can significantly improve speed, reaction times, accuracy and mental well-being. So will help you with everything from driving to working out.

POOR SLEEP CAN LEAD TO ILL HEALTH. Poor sleep can factor in lots of health aspects. The major studies have shown links to poor sleep and heart disease/stroke.

GLUCOSE AND SLEEP ARE COMBINED. Sleep deprivation can have affects on your body and its blood sugar levels and reduces insulin stored in the body. So the less you sleep the more at risk can be of type 2 diabetes.

POOR SLEEP IS LINKED WITH DEPRESSION. Mental health and depression are strongly linked to poor sleep quality. It’s estimated that around 90% of people who suffer with depression have some form of sleep disorder.

LOTS OF SLEEP IMPROVES YOUR IMMUNITY. Even small amount of sleep can affect your immune system. You know the old saying about burning the candle at both ends. Well it’s not just a saying. Studies have proven that people who don’t sleep as often as they should are at greater risk of catching colds, flu’s and stomach bugs.

POOR SLEEP CAN BE LINKED TO INFLAMMATION IN THE BODY. Inflammation can lead to all sorts of problems within your body, from arthritis to Chron’s disease. Lack of sleep hinders the productivity of antibodies we carry.

SLEEP AFFECTS EVERYTHING FROM OUR EMOTIONS TO CONVERSATIONS. Sleep loss can make you emotional. You’ll suffer more highs and lows throughout the day. It can also affect your social interactions and have negative effects on everything from conversations to facial expressions.

POOR SLEEP CAN LEAD TO INJURY. If you’re training hard but not sleeping correctly your body suffers, so please get enough rest and recovery time.

Yvonne Osborne

Customer Service

Team Ulysses.