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 I've battled with food, I've battled with weight, I've battled with mindset and I've battled with body dysphoria

I've battled with food, I've battled with weight, I've battled with mindset and I've battled with body dysphoria

When I was 16 I had a holiday abroad in Spain with my family. I'd left school 4 months prior and had started working for a heavy haulage company and the transition from school days to being sat at a desk all day I had put on a little weight. I was a size 12 and weighed around 10 stone (63 kg) when leaving school and on my holiday I was still a size twelve but weighed around 11 stone (69kg)

On that holiday I was so conscious of my weight gain that I wouldn't wear the nice little bikinis I'd bought, instead I covered up with shorts and baggy t-shirts. (Much to my mam's dismay).

From that holiday I should of taken the fact I was young and agile and could of done something about it, like joining a gym to get the extra pounds off, but instead I ate my feelings and my emotions got the better of me. The worst I felt the more I'd eat and the more I'd eat the worse I felt. You see, I was a victim of my own self loathing. Being young and impressionable at 16 years old I'd look at pictures in magazines of super models like Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer ( remember this is 1992, before technology and Instagram . Yes I know I'm old ) and I wished I looked like them, but my mind told me I was fat and I'd never look like them.

Skip forward a few years. 1997 to be precise. I was getting married. Time for the wedding dress shopping. Yes, you'd think I would of been on cloud nine. What should of been one of the best days of my life, was a nightmare from beginning to end. You see in those five years, I'd been on a roller coaster with food and emotions and just life in general. I'd got comfortable and had a son and I'd been whisked up in a fantasy fairly tale of a Cinderella wedding. However on the day of looking for a wedding dress I was now a size 24 and weighed around 18 stone (114kg) . So the beautiful dress I'd dreamed of since being a little girl was not, as the woman in the shop put it, "available to women of my size". I had a choice of two dresses. Yes two. So I picked the one that was the most flattering and left the shop feeling the worse I'd ever felt. But instead of doing something about it, I went home and ate the entire days emotions. Chocolate, cake, crisps. You name it, I ate it. Again, it was my own mind telling me I was fat and to deal with it. I've lived my whole life in my own head.

Fast forward to 2014. A lot had happened in those years and the rollercoaster had twists and turns and ups and downs. I was coming up 38 and knew I didn't want to be fat and 40. A friend suggested I try a bootcamp with her and that's when my love of fitness started. After each session of sweating profusely and putting my body under enormous amounts of movements but seeing results, made my mind stronger and I wanted my 16 year old body back so much that I knew I'd fight for it. My mindset had changed slightly, but I still ate the wrong foods.

2016 was the year I found Ulysses (again through the same friend) and I've never looked back. You see for me, CrossFit Ulysses isn't just about the sweaty workouts and feeling great getting into smaller clothes, it's about how much this place focuses on your mind as well as your body. Ulysses is all about health and wellbeing and how with little subtle changes to your everyday life, you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I only wish there was a Ulysses in 1992 and I could be the Sam Briggs of Teesside. ️‍♀️️.

My mission in life and through the chance I've been given by Ben at Ulysses is to help you make those healthy choices. It's to help you become the best version of you, it's to help you overcome your demons and to help you make those choices I wish I'd made back in 1992. It's never too late to start your journey, it's never too late to have the mindset and body you've always dreamed of and it's never to late to start living your best life.

So what I'm trying to say is that, body dysphoria was only a symptom of my own mind. Looking back I wish I'd worn all those lovely bikinis with pride and taken care of my mind and body from that young age of 16, but I didn't. I wish I'd ate healthier and not been a size 24 on my wedding day. But me being me, I made things worst by living in my own head and letting myself think I was "fat". I jokingly say I wish I was as fat as I thought I was when I was 16.

But the point is, I can have that body again and I can wear those bikinis. And you can too. It's all about your mindset and getting those negative voices out of your head and filling them with positive ones. Be positive and fight those demons and you can achieve anything. DREAM, BELIEVE ACHIEVE.

We just have to work hard and stay consistent. Because hard work pays off.

I'm already looking forward to buying my dress for Christmas and with consistency I'll be back in a size twelve again. SOON.

I've battled loads with my weight and been up and down for years. But one thing I've never had before is HSN and the mindset of its not a diet, it's healthy eating at its finest. It's about making healthy choices to help fuel your body and not just picking up random crap like cake and biscuits when you're hungry. It's about having the right mindset to know what choices to make on a daily basis and how your eating habits affect your mindset and attitude.

I cannot stress enough about mental health and how your bad eating habits have a negative effect on how your mind and body works.

Someone told me I'd make a great nutrition coach as I've been through it all. I've battled with food, I've battled with weight, I've battled with mindset and I've battled with body dysphoria. It's taken me a long time to find who I am and what I want from life. Let me help you on your journey of self discovery, let me help you shred those unwanted pounds and I'll promise you, you'll thank yourself for it. Your future self believes in you, I believe in you. You have to believe in you too.

Need advice and help to get started?

Why not book a free intro and let us lead you in the right direction.

 no one is ever told that their goals aren’t achievable and no fitness family, will love you more than the CrossFit Ulysses family

no one is ever told that their goals aren’t achievable and no fitness family, will love you more than the CrossFit Ulysses family

One of our members Lauren has decided to share a little bio with you all.

Lauren done the three peaks challenge and I asked her if I could share her story with you..

The following is in Lauren's own words and this is one of the many reasons she is loved so much by our staff and members. Lauren has fit in with us all, true Ulysses style.

Lauren has been with us for 5 months now and her main reason to join was to lose weight and to be able to get back on a bike. Lauren also suffers with anxiety and being with us at Ulysses has not only helped her anxiety but has helped her regain some confidence and her mindset he's changed so much.

So here are Lauren's words.

There was some tears on the way down the mountain on the first day, the bloody route just seemed to go on and on! But I snapped out of that and was bloody determined by the second walk!

Ah you know me, short and sweet and as few details about the accident as possible!

Nasty car accident in October 2015, damage to knees and shoulder. (Seemingly pointless) Physio for 3 months to help recover the knees and shoulder, weight gain because of the time off cycling and the impact of the accident.
Recovered in 4/5 months but didn’t get back on a bike. The weight gain and shoulder pain stopped me ()

Joined a gym to get some weight off and some muscle and strength back, so I could get back on my bike with my dad (shared interest and we love it, we would go out every weekend together for a good 10-15 miles) and was clueless. There was next to no help, it was intimidating and I got nowhere with it!

I think I fell into a ‘ah well, fate accepted’ mode and it was nearly 4 years before I actually got back in to the mentality of ‘I need to do something, I need to crack on!’ I missed my bike, my mental health suffered and I needed to do something.

I’d worked with my friend Alice for nearly a year before I even considered CrossFit. She would tell me about the workouts and the community and one day I said to her ‘You know what, yes! I’ll come, I’ll see what it’s all about, you’ve convinced me!’

Best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve never felt more welcomed, safe, nurtured or loved!
It’s not ‘just a gym’ it’s a huge family, a family of people who have their own personal goals and aims, but also appreciate and respect that everyone’s goals and aims are completely different and help each other to the top!

My goals were to gain back the muscle and strength in my knees and shoulder so I could *finally* get back on my bike!

Now, I’m a horribly anxious person. Walking into the box for the first time with the thought of doing a group WOD where I might not be as strong as the others, as fast, as confident, *terrified* me.

That first WOD knocked that straight out of me!

I was the last to finish, my body was aching, I was panicking and close to tears with the last reps of my set to do, when the coach and the rest of the group gathered round and counted me through my final reps, egging me on and chanting. I’ve never been more proud of myself and my appreciation of our CrossFit family has grown from there!

I’ve had some set backs (and just some sheer bad luck!!) during my first few months here, but I’m always welcomed back, like an old friend, like a member of a family.

No one is ever given up on, no one is ever left to struggle, no one is ever told that their goals aren’t achievable and no fitness family, will love you more than the CrossFit Ulysses family

Why not book a free intro and lets see if our coaches can help you overcome your weaknesses.

Member of the month for September

Member of the month for September

Our member of the month for September goes to Jen Gilvey.

It was unanimously agreed by our coaches to pick Jen for all her hard efforts and being consistent with WODS and working towards her goals.

Jen has massively improved and her mindset and attitude has changed towards her health and fitness goals.

Jen achieved her first blue category in the level method for her deadlift and She could not be prouder of herself and team Ulysses are so proud of you too Jen.

Achieving the blue category has spurred Jen on to push herself further to achieve more.

Jen we are so proud of your winning attitude and how far you've come. Overcoming setbacks and coming back stronger and more determined than ever.

Team Ulysses are with you every step of the way.

Well done Jen.

Member of the Month for August.

Member of the Month for August.

We have great pleasure in announcing our member of the month for August is Catherine Wearing.

Catherine has been an inspiration to us all since starting but not only did she take a break for her honeymoon, but she also managed to fit in a few CrossFit drop ins while away. 

Catherine also competed in the World Transplant Games Newcastle Gateshead UK 2019 this month 🇬🇧🥉 and bagging herself a bronze medal. 

Catherine you inspire us all daily and Team Ulysses are so proud of all your achievements and the woman you are today. 

This was Catherine's first world games and she has done amazing.  To compete with other transplant athletes and to hear their own unique stories was an amazing experience for her and we're all excited to see what Catherine has planned next.

A little snippet below taken from Catherine herself. 

Never forgot the impact organ donation can have on people! We are lucky enough to be able to compete but some people sadly don’t make it! Make sure you have the conversation with your loved ones!   

Catherine we are all amazed by your story and have loved watching you grow. 

And a little note from Team Ulysses.

Don't take your organs with you, heaven knows we need them on earth.    It take two minutes to register for organ donation. Do something amazing today.   

Why not book a free intro and you could inspire us, just like Catherine has!

we high five one another whilst rolling around on the floor waiting for our lungs to start functioning properly again

we high five one another whilst rolling around on the floor waiting for our lungs to start functioning properly again

I am beyond buzzing to be named the Member of The Month for July!!

I am so grateful to have been able to join team Ulysses. Health has always been a priority of mine, and lately I have become a lot more mindful of the way I care for and fuel my body. I am beginning to realise what makes me feel good and what affects me negatively.  I’ve realised that I am my own engineer. I am aware that there’s a lot of factors in life that I cannot control, however caring for my body is a factor that I am responsible for. As an adult, you choose what you put into your body. Are you fueling it with nutrients and minerals that it will be thankful for, or empty calories that will leave you hungry? You also choose how you’re going to train your body. Are you going to push yourself to surpass your expectations or are you going to stay in your comfort zone? I certainly know which one I reap the benefits from, and I know which lifestyle CrossFit Ulysses supports me to pursue. 

As an adrenaline junkie and someone that loves to push the boundaries and throw themselves out of their comfort zone, I have found CrossFit Ulysses to be the best support system for this. From starting in May, I’ve seen athletes push their bodies to the extreme, and you may wonder why. Honestly, the answer is because they can. It’s also because they know they will recover in time and they know that with physical strength and training comes mental strength and resilience. It teaches you that limitations are all in the head. A lot of people quit when their mind tells them to, yet their body is still up for another round; the mind can be so deceiving.   These people inspire me every time I step foot in the box. Whether they’re doing their first push up or an abundance of muscle ups. These are the same athletes and coaches that will cheer you on to finish that 150th wall ball when all you really want to do is tell “Karen” to piss off.  You’ll never find this type of support in a regular gym. I knew CrossFit Ulysses had already made a huge impact on my life when my Mam said to me the other day “You seem so much more determined to improve on your weaknesses” (and she wasn’t referring to my physical strength, she was referring to my mindfulness). You see, I have learnt so much more than just how to throw weights about during my short time with the CrossFit family. I have learnt if I can change and shape my body the way I want, then I can do that to my mind too. 

Strength, definition and the mechanics of our bodies are aesthetically pleasing to me. I love how versatile our bodies are, and the thought of being able to run freely, perform gymnastic manoeuvres and have the strength and power to hold and control my body weight really makes me driven and motivated to be consistent with my training.  These are all goals of mine and I trust that the Ulysses coaching team will help me smash these goals out of the park. 

Finally, I work in a school with some of society’s most vulnerable children and young people. This type of job really makes you realise how fortunate we are to be healthy. To be able to get up and run to our hearts desire, to stretch, to jump, to skip. These little guys are my inspiration to get up on a morning and make the most of what I have and what I can do. Hence why I get up at 4.45am 4 times a week to join the #6amGang. I feel privileged that I have the freedom to get up and see the beautiful sunrise as I drive to meet up with the rest of the shattered sods so we can sweat our arses off and maybe even spew a little. After that, we high five one another whilst rolling around on the floor waiting for our lungs to start functioning properly again…. And THEN we feel on top of the bloody world. It makes the early mornings easier knowing that I am going to a supportive environment where everyone is in the same boat and we all paddle together. It’s crazy how just 1 hour out of my day spent in the box can have such a positive influence on my mood. I’ve achieved so much in such a short time, I really can’t wait to see more progress as I continue on my journey with the best gym tribe around! 😊 

If you’re struggling to take that first step towards working out, just bear in mind that “You can rest when you’re dead” – Rebekah May Bunn (4th August 2018). NOW LET’S GO CHASE THOSE POSITIVE ENDORPHINS!! 


Rebekah has shown pure grit and sheer determination to succeed in all the WODS

Rebekah has shown pure grit and sheer determination to succeed in all the WODS

This month's member of the month has been a really hard one for Team Ulysses to pick as so many of you deserve it.  You've all pushed yourself and worked really hard. The July challenge board was full of inspiration and we loved that you've all stuck to your goals and not only smashed them but you've all inspired others too.  Well done to you all. 

But it gives us great pleasure in announcing Rebekah Bunn as member of the month for July.    

Rebekah has shown pure grit and sheer determination to succeed in all the WODS and has pushed herself further this last month.  

Rebekah's goal when she first started was to gain muscles. (Hence the nickname "guns".)  And oh my, has she got muscles now. I was watching her do wall balls a few days ago and her back/shoulder muscles are coming along nicely.    Amazing work Rebekah.  

Team Ulysses are so proud of what you've achieved so far and we cannot wait to see what else your journey has in store for you. 

Rebekah we have a few goodies awaiting you on your return from the USA.  Well done. Keep up the great work.

The goal for me is to keep chipping away, improve my nutrition and get myself into some sort of shape

The goal for me is to keep chipping away, improve my nutrition and get myself into some sort of shape

Having been a member of ‘normal’ gyms for years, playing football, trying long distance running etc... I never had the support or the will to carry on and dedicate myself to getting fitter and healthier. Its been said that I don’t mind a beer too...

My cousin Andy asked me to go and do a taster at Ulysses so I went, quit the gym the next day, joined and never looked back. The coaches are brilliant, so knowledgeable and approachable and the gym itself is great - Especially for a big person that needs a lot of room!!

I’ve achieved a lot of small goals since I started (black level rowing, the ability to actually do a squat of some sort, pull ups, double-unders etc etc) 

The goal for me is to keep chipping away, improve my nutrition and get myself into some sort of shape (maybe one day I’ll compete?!) The support and the facilities are there and I finally feel like I’m in the right place to achieve something.

Thank you Ulysses!

I knew three sets of ten in a regular gym wasn't for me!

I knew three sets of ten in a regular gym wasn't for me!

I first started looking for a new way to improve my fitness after hitting 40. I had always played football, ran and dabbled in resistance training in my garage. My epiphany was forced on me when I couldn't even catch the young footballing whippets to foul them anymore, it was time to find a new way to invest in my health pension (with less embarrassment).

I knew three sets of ten in a regular gym wasn't for me, been there done that and achieved very little . I saw CrossFit athletes and thought WOW! Look at them they are great at everything , that's what I want to aspire to achieve.

I joined CrossFit Ulysses and instantly felt at home. The staff were really friendly and helpful, but the other box members were what really sold it though. Everyone is friendly and encouraging, even what I call the "Elites" say hello and give you tips and advice if they see you stumped or frustrated. They will stop what they are doing come and talk you through things. I have never had this before at any gym or team I have ever been involved with. If CrossFit is a cult, I'm all in.

Now for a few negatives, like most men I walked in thinking I was pretty fit, boy did I get found out. I felt like I had been hit by a bus after the first few WODS.

I was typical ego over ability, obsessed with RX-ing workouts, not listening to the coaches when they said drop the weight or do the progression not the RX. I found out to my detriment by numerous shoulder and back injuries, it made me question if I was too old for this CrossFit stuff.

I had a word with myself and thought, coaches can only help you if you are "coachable" its a two way street. I made a conscious effort to be humble, listen and work hard on the unsexy stuff. I now have far better shoulder strength and mobility and the showbiz moves are coming slowly but surely, it's the Ulysses mantra but you really do have to trust the process.

If you are new to CrossFit and you find yourself sitting on the black sofas waiting for your first workout, it will probably be me that comes over and says hello, I was there once and know how nerve wracking it can be watching people swinging on bars and throwing barbells around. This really is the best fitness decision I have ever made.

See you in the workout.

But the most outstanding achievement was how much his confidence grew as his body fat reduced and his weight went down

But the most outstanding achievement was how much his confidence grew as his body fat reduced and his weight went down

San.   One of our many amazing members, took part in the 28 day challenge and not only did he win week two for all his participation with the group chats and inspiring others with his great efforts and cheering others, but he was the overall winner of the challenge.  😀

His transformation in eating habits and healthy lifestyle was amazing to watch. 

But the most outstanding achievement was how much his confidence grew as his body fat reduced and his weight went down.    

San is, and always has been a massive part of Ulysses since day one, he is a cheery chap and has a smile for everyone.   But as a nutrition coach, watching his confidence soar, has been emotional.

His journey isn't yet over, San win himself a full month unlimited access to HSN/Ulysses nutrition and we just know he's going to do amazing things, not just in nutrition but in life.    

San, Team Ulysses are really proud of how you've collectively grown and shrunk 🤪.


We are really looking forward to working further with San as he has been amazing to work with already and we just knows he is ready to transform not only his lifestyle but others around him too.   

If you feel like you’re ready to grow in confidence, just like San has. 

Then click that “book free intro” button and lets get you started. 

We are here to help you every step of the way. 

Sean has taken this challenge in his stride and even started cooking

Sean has taken this challenge in his stride and even started cooking

Sean is our winner of week three for the 28 day nutrition challenge.

Sean has taken this challenge in his stride and even started cooking. Sean has given up his beloved fizzy drinks and even prepped energy ball snacks to give him that extra protein boost.

Sean wins himself some Dr Gus Bone shake to help him beyond the 28 day challenge and into the future. Sean is a bit of a joker and made us all laugh with a comment for international fried chicken day, but he’s proud to say he didn’t give into temptation and his will power was bigger then he previously thought.

Sean didn’t really need to lose weight, he wanted to lose body fat and build up muscle and I think it’s safe to say he’s been smashing them goals.

Well done Sean, Team Ulysses are very proud of you and all you’ve achieved in educating yourself in your new found healthy lifestyle.

Team work, makes the dream work.

Team work, makes the dream work.

A few weeks ago, a few of our awesome members took part in total warrior.

They worked as a team and worked their way around the obstacle course race together.

Team work, makes the dream work.

T - together

E - everyone

A - achieves

M - milestones

Having fun and getting very muddy in the process.

What an amazing day they had and Team Ulysses are proud of you all for competing together.

The picture tells a wonderful story. But there were other members who competed the day before who done just as awesome as these guys.

Well done to you all.

10 years younger.

10 years younger.

There is nothing more we love than sharing success stories.

Well here goes. Our 28 day challenge participants’ have been doing amazing.

Since the 15th June when they started they have all shared their highs and lows, they have been sticking to tracking their food, sharing recipes and even having tasting sessions of snacks and protein with each other. The groups chat is always buzzing with members sharing things from photos to inspiration and each one has contributed towards helping each other.

Great TEAM effort guys. Team Ulysses are so proud of each and every one of you.

But the most amazing thing to come from all this is, over the first week, their collective loss was over 15 KG. Their body fat percentage has been greatly de-creased and the energy levels the members have has shown in every WOD.

Another awesome added bonus, is the metabolic age of the participants’ that wanted a weigh in, has de-creased by 10 years. Yes, 10 years in just over a week of eating healthy.

Each one has a different goal, but over all, the weight loss throughout has been amazing. One has seen significant changes in her body, one has seen that her get up and go which left a long time, has well and truly returned. One has mentioned how much energy she has, one has told us how his love for fatty food has simply gone. But those are just a few highs, there were many, many more..

Not to mention the camaraderie among the full group.

Well done guys. We’re looking forward to what the next few weeks have in store for you all!

San has taken on mental clarity to his healthy lifestyle, even giving up his weekend beers

San has taken on mental clarity to his healthy lifestyle, even giving up his weekend beers

Were proud to announce our 28 day challenge winner for week two is San.

San has taken on mental clarity to his healthy lifestyle, even giving up his weekend beers.

He’s contributed a lot to the group this week, by sharing his highs and lows and his lunch meal prep picture for the week, which looked awesome. Hes taken on all advice and has made amazing progress. He’s been drinking lots of water and has adapted to this change in a healthy lifestyle with a positive outlook and we’re looking forward to seeing him achieve more.

San wins himself some DR GUS protein for all his effort and hard work for week two.

Week three is well under way and we’re excited to see who the next winner will be.

You’ve all done amazing guys. Keep up the great work and keep tracking your food, your goals, and most of all your amazing progress.

Team Ulysses are proud of each and everyone of you!

  Steven McDonald, Ulysses Member of the Month for June.

Steven McDonald, Ulysses Member of the Month for June.

It gives Team Ulysses great pleasure in announcing that Steven McDonald is our member of the month for June.

Ste was out illusive zebra.

White in flexibility and black in rowing for The Level Method.

Over the course of the few months he’s been with us, he’s worked really hard on his weakness’s and can now hit full depth with his squats.

Well done Ste, we’re all super proud of you and all the progress you’ve made.

Ste can now knock out double unders for fun and his flexibility has been made a lot easier with the progress he’s made.

You can see the pride he has, for achieving the things he though impossible when he started and Team Ulysses love it.

Ste is humble with his achievements and it’s inspiring for all our members to see!

Ste, you hero. You’re no longer the illusive zebra and Team Ulysses are proud of everything you’ve achieved and for what the future goals you have planned.

Amazing people doing extraordinary things.

Why not book a free intro and we see if we can help you achieve what you thought impossible.

Smashing out goals daily.   💪👊

Smashing out goals daily. 💪👊

All our 28 day nutrition challenge members have smashed it this week.  

Smashing out goals daily.   💪👊

However, Gemma has been picked for the first week's prize for her active involvement within the group. Posting messages and pictures of her food.  Sharing her highs and lows with the nutrition coaches and other members and she's also finally started to see results after years of plateau.

Gemma's goal has been to loose a fat %, and gain strength and muscle.  

Her end goal is in sight and she's super excited to see her results at the end of the 28 day challenge and beyond.    

Her smile is getting bigger along with her muscle mass and she oozes confidence. 

Gemma you've done amazing, keep up the great work and keep that end goal in perfect vision.  Ben was proud to hand over Gemma’s prizes. A bag of Natural Nutrients Chocolate Protein (to help Gemma’s sweet tooth} and of course the all important shaker to go along with it.

Thank you to Natural Nutrients and Dr Gus, for kindly sponsoring our 28 day Challenge.

Team Ulysses are proud of Gemma, all our members for the 28 nutrition challenge and all our CrossFit members too.  

Team Ulysses

Keeping people healthy, happy and confident since 2016. 

Why not book a free into and see how Team Ulysses could help you achieve your goals.   

Ben our leader and his partner in crime Dawn smashing out another comp.

Ben our leader and his partner in crime Dawn smashing out another comp.

Ben our leader and his partner in crime Dawn smashing out another comp.  

This time on the floor at the same time but in separate sections.  

Both amazing people with hearts of gold that just like helping people.  

Dawn, a great inspiration in our box for not just the females but the males too.  

Ben our leader, leading my example with his nutrition and healthy lifestyle and smashing out goals all over. 

Well done to you both competing Battle For Middle Ground.  On Saturday at Beingtinthorpe.

It's safe to say everyone at Ulysses, are as proud of you as you are of us.   

What do you do to inspire others? 

Why not book a free Intro and see how others just like these two can inspire you, to inspire others.   

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Matty has been with us for a while now and he always has a goal. He wanted them Double unders and he mastered them, he wanted bar muscle ups and mastered them just in time for the open and now he's finally got RING MUSCLE UPS. Matty is focused and knows what he wants.

Goals without a plan are just wishes. Matty had goals. He's achieve them in such a short space of time and we cannot be more proud of him. He's now working on handstand walks and he’s wanting to get a few minutes off his 5KM run too and we know he'll smash them goals just like his others.

Ulysses coaches know Matty listens and takes on board everything that is said to him, he even stopped kipping until he mastered strict movements.

Matty you are awesome and we look forward to seeing you achieve your next goals.


Get your goals written down and lets get smashing them just like Matty did..

It's great to be acknowledged by other leaders.   😍

It's great to be acknowledged by other leaders.   😍

It's great to be acknowledged by other leaders.   😍

A great write up for Ben, our leader. By a leading fitness revolution.   The Level Method.

Big shoutout to CrossFit Ulysses 🙌

Crossfit Ulysses is founded by Ben Jakeman who has been a dedicated coach for over 6 years, but his love of sports began a long time ago as a 6 year old, playing football! Then fitness followed him as he grew up and became a soldier in the Britsh Army at age 21.

"My army fitness carried me forward for years" and he even started a football club,  then got into Personal Training.  Through the phases of his life, fitness has followed him, and no matter what he was doing he kept the passion to help others before himself.

3 years ago, he formed Crossfit Ulysses and opened the doors to  a massive 5400sq facility with the backing and support from his amazing wife Rachel, friends, and brother Chris and his sister-in-law Ingrid.  Through the challenges  of running his  gym and being a business owner,  Ben kept his belief in himself and his WHY fresh in his mind.

"The biggest gift I can give someone is posture, flexibility and giving knowledge and empowering members to improve the health of them, their family, and friends. "

When he reached out and was interested in using the Level Method, we were excited to unite with such a driven leader:

"I feel I’ve found my perfect team, starting Level Method and recently Two-Brained Mentorship have me more enthusiastic yet focused than ever."

Ben is a team player and strives to represent!

He lives by the philosophies like  "there is always room for improvement" and  "many minds are greater than one"

It's awesome to have you and your team onboard, Ben! 💪

Ben wants to help change the health of the people of Tees Valley.

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 I am not yet where I want to be but I now know that I can ‘trust the process’ and CrossFit Ulysses

I am not yet where I want to be but I now know that I can ‘trust the process’ and CrossFit Ulysses

Georgina has been with us since January and her journey so far is inspiring.   She is such a wonderful, helpful caring young lady adn has a smile for everyone she meets. She is an inspiration to all young females out there. Don’t procrastinate, chase those goals and achieve great things!

Read what G has to say below..

I started my CrossFit journey in January 2019 and I can honestly say I have never ever looked back. I was part of this year’s 28 day challenge and it has honestly changed my life completely. I lost over 10lb in the first month and have now lost over 22lb.

I have always struggled with my weight and the way I look. Back in school and throughout university I have always been the ‘bigger girl’ but CrossFit Ulysses is helping me change myself while also making me happier and healthier. Whilst studying at Teesside I have always tried to make sure I go to the gym and attend football training but never actually lost weight. Going on crash diets whilst living in student accommodation just never seemed to work for me.

Steph told me about CrossFit Ulysses back in 2016 when she first started and I never even considered it, which was a massive mistake. The atmosphere and the family feeling is something that keeps me going throughout class as well as outside of CrossFit. Ben and the team are so fantastic in what they do and each class brings me closer to reaching my end goal.

As I said, I am not yet where I want to be but I now know that I can ‘trust the process’ and CrossFit Ulysses will help me get there soon enough. I don’t want to have to wear baggy clothes and try and hide at the back of photos any more which is why I decided back in January that I was going to change my life for the better.

After completing the 28 day challenge I couldn’t not stay with the box, so ever so kindly my parents bought me a block booking for my birthday and CrossFit Ulysses is now stuck with me forever!

Being elected as President Welfare at Teesside university 2 years in a row is something that helped me gain and achieve confidence to start doing something that i enjoy. I see myself as a very happy, energetic and smiley person, but my weight does get me down more than anyone can see. I think about it all the time and when getting photos taken with my friends who are so much smaller than me it does really bother me. I often think, ‘I wish I could wear that dress’ or stand in a photo on holiday in a bikini, but I am so self- conscious I can’t. My personality makes me appear very outgoing, confident and loud but deep down my body and weight has always got me down, making me sad on many occasions.

It’s so nice now to have people who I see all of the time and people I don’t see often commenting ‘god G you’ve lost weight’ or ‘you’re looking really good G’. It’s so rewarding and that’s all thanks to CrossFit Ulysses. This is where CrossFit Ulysses is changing my perception and life day by day. I attend class at least 6 days a week and always come away smiling, the people I do classes with are now friends and I can’t thank CrossFit enough for that.

I can eat nice healthy things without starving myself and now enjoy what I eat after Ben and Damo’s nutrition advice.

If someone can take only one thing from this it would be to try CrossFit Ulysses and I can promise you, you will never ever look back.

I can’t thank you all enough, thank you for helping me start my unbelievable journey and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Lots of love

Georgina xx

Copy of Abs of steel, but couldn't do a sit up!

Copy of Abs of steel, but couldn't do a sit up!

Our Member of the Month for May was unanimously picked by all the coaches.

Andy has worked so hard during his PT sessions and in all the WODs and his progression has been amazing for us all to see.   Andy could, not and i’m being serious here, could not even do a sit up. He had abs of steel, but no strength. See looks can be deceiving!

  Andy had already wrote a bio, which we were going to post later in the month, but credit where credit’s due.

Here’s his story and just a few of the reason’s he was picked by the Ulysses coaches.

I’ve been training with Ben for about 3 months and without getting my tongue too brown I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.

I came to CrossFit Ulysses thinking I had a pretty decent level of fitness from training at gyms for a couple years before... How naive I was 😅

After completing my foundations and having had more than one reality check along the way I decided to invest in some PT sessions with Ben.

I had a number of goals I wanted to hit and areas I wanted to improve on. After a full consultation Ben explained to me how we would work towards the goals I had set but also had his own recommendations for areas I would really benefit from improving on (For those who saw my struggle from day one it might have involved a little core work... maybe... 😂).

I’ve gone from not being able to do a single sit up to bar muscle ups (the best looking ones in Ulysses, right @damob15 💁‍♂️ 😜) and the other week I got my first ring muscle up (it wasn’t the prettiest but it still counts 💪 😂)

I really believe I wouldn’t have achieved these goals in this short time without the tips, progressions and advice from Ben. He is someone who really knows what he’s talking about and is passionate about what he does, it’s clear to see just from speaking to him and watching him coach.

Anyone reading this who has thought about coming along to see what it’s all about but hasn’t yet for whatever reason, just do it! And for people who might be interested in getting some PT I can tell you first hand it’s worth it.

I’m generally not a soppy or sentimental guy but finally I just wanted to say a big thank you @benjakeman and a massive thank you to everyone at @crossfitulysses, coaches and members, for making me feel welcome and a part of the tribe  #teamulysses ✌️