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Why choose us!

Have you got that Friday feeling?  

Have you got that Friday feeling?  

Have you got that Friday feeling?  

Do you want to feel great and look your best for the weekend? 

Well here at Ulysses we always have that Friday feeling.   Every day we can have you looking great and feeling great.   

With our fantastic tribe, awesome programming, amazing coaches and our fully functional CrossFit facility, every day feels like Friday.  We get you ready for life! Not just the weekend.    

You are guaranteed the best hour(s) of your day at Ulysses and you'll leave feeling the best version of yourself.  

With our 

1:1 PT Sessions. 

1:1 Nutrition coaching.

Small group PT sessions. 



Open gym slots.

And much more. 

We offer an early morning session at 6am for those early birds who like to get their workout in before their busy day. 

We have morning classes perfect for those finishing a night shift and wanting a workout before sleeping, or for those dropping children off at school, or even those who prefer a lie in but still want a session before enjoying their day.   

We offer early afternoon classes right up until the last class at 7:15pm.  

You see, we cater for everybody from business owners, 9-5 workers, shift workers, mums and dads, night shift workers and everybody In between. 

There is a small group or 1:1 PT session to suit everybody.  

Why not book a free intro and see what you can achieve with the right settings, right people and right times.  

We want you to feel like every day is Friday, and we can help you with your goals, no matter what they are, from losing weight to feeling great, we're here to get you started on your journey.  

CrossFit Ulysses is a place like no other.  In Ulysses you'll find a brother, sister or even a father or mother. 

CrossFit Ulysses is a place like no other. In Ulysses you'll find a brother, sister or even a father or mother. 

From all the things in life you can do.

Joining CrossFit Ulysses will make you a better version of you. 

CrossFit Ulysses is a place like no other.

In Ulysses you'll find a brother, sister or even a father or mother. 

There is no better place to be, that will make you feel as free. 

Free from you troubles, worries and mind.

And everyone there is so friendly and kind. 

Depression, anxiety and all other issues just fade away, 

With a WOD or session any time of the day. 

So, if you're feeling sad or blue.

There is only one thing you should do. 

Book in for a session at CrossFit Ulysses.

It will make you feel right at ease.


But even if you've had the best day ever. 

You can't go wrong being at Ulysses, never.


Being at CrossFit Ulysses makes everything fade away.

And help you have a top, top day.

Why not book a free intro and see how we can help you have the best days ever..

How To feedback and not complain

A quick one on how to bring us feedback and keep the atmosphere positive and happy.

The Facebook group is not a platform for opinions and subjective views and any comments will be instantly removed

Other positive changes in helping our lines of communication

  • We removed the suggestion box- encourages face to face only

  • No using spokes persons to complain- please bring us some individual feedback- encourages face to face only

  • We stopped doing anonymous surveys, face to face only

    Here's how to bring us helpful feedback

    Book a free intro slot with Myself and we can address any concerns you have, its as simple as that.

    Core values

    Some of our values are that help craft our decisions are how we apply them-

    integrity ( doing the right thing, even when others cannot see the reason)

    Fairness ( benefiting as many members as we can)

    Communicate- Our communication is only done in a face to face, no keyboard warriors please.


Team Ulysses

CrossFit Ulysses, forging elite friendships since 2016.

CrossFit Ulysses, forging elite friendships since 2016.

It's not just a gym.  It's a family.   It's not just a box. It's a community. 

Friendships forged through Ulysses goes beyond gym buddies.  

Theses awesome guys walked the peaks together as a team. There have been many times these men have worked together as a team, inside and outside of the box  

Team work makes the dream work. 

They became friends over sweaty WODS and high fives, but their friendship goes beyond that now. 

There is so much more I could write about these wonderful men, but I won't.   Why not come along and see them for yourself and get to know them, along with all our other awesome members.  See what friendships you can form and where it will take you.  

CrossFit Ulysses, forging elite friendships since 2016.

Did you know we do Bootcamps, Personal Training and Nutrition. Yes that's right, we're not just a CrossFit box. 

Did you know we do Bootcamps, Personal Training and Nutrition. Yes that's right, we're not just a CrossFit box. 

Did you know we do Bootcamps, Personal Training and Nutrition. Yes that's right, we're not just a CrossFit box. 

Although CrossFit is our main focus we can also accommodate those just wanting 1:1 PT 1:4 PT or group PT sessions. We offer weekend bootcamps (watch out for more times, coming in July). We also offer nutritional advice and body MOTs 😁. Why not book a free Intro to see how we can help you.  

We can also help Football and Rugby teams, in fact any kind of team that would like some extra training or PT sessions we can accommodate. Just let us know what you require and we can arrange a meeting and discuss training schedules etc. 

We can also hire out our facility to anyone who might need a large space to work in. Message Team Ulysses for details. 

Please feel free to tag anyone who might need our help!

Awesome, amazing females which are all members of our Ulysses 'tribe'.

Awesome, amazing females which are all members of our Ulysses 'tribe'.

Awesome, amazing females which are all members of our Ulysses 'tribe'.   

Each one has a different body shape, different mindset, different lifestyle, different careers yet they all have one thing in common.  A love for CrossFit, or rather a love for CrossFit Ulysses.

All ages, shapes, weights and sizes yet they all train together, they all train the same way, and they all inspire each other daily. 

In today's modern world, females get caught up in the media propaganda of how slim, how beautiful, how much money, how big lips, how slay, how fashion; the list seems endless from posts on Facebook and Instagram or how we should look and feel and how today's society seems to be following a trend of "Facebook models" and "insta hoes"....

At Ulysses we are different.  We encourage our females to be strong, understanding, independent, healthy, happy, confident and we always lift each other up. We never judge and we definitely don't get caught up in the 'how' population!

Let's teach our daughters and granddaughters that it's ok to be different, it's ok to be strong, it's ok to be independent. It's ok to slay in the right way and it's definitely ok to be 'themselves'.  

Let's be pretty..  Pretty smart, pretty strong, pretty much anything you want to be, because with the Ulysses females, we know we can achieve anything with our strong tribe around us. 

Mother's, grandmother's, daughters, sisters, partners, wives, friends and family.   We are them all at Ulysses and you'll find us all throwing around barbells 🏋️‍♀️,  running but not around in circles 🤪, making gains 💪 with kettlebells, jumping as high as the fives we all give each other 🖐️.  We're a tribe and we love one another for the awesome females we are.   We take care of each other, we support and cheer each other on.  We push each other to be better, we help and listen and most importantly we all understand that we are different in our own unique ways.  

CrossFit Ulysses and the amazing females will have you feeling the best version of yourself from the very moment you walk through the door.   Surround yourself with females that inspire you, help you and support you.   Surround yourself with the Ulysses tribe and who knows what you can achieve. 

Yvonne Osborne

Team Ulysses

Book your free intro and come and have a chat with our staff and let's see 'how' you can change your lifestyle into the best version of itself.  

How can our Personal Training and Nutrition help you?

How can our Personal Training and Nutrition help you?

How can our Personal Training and Nutrition help you?

Whether you want just nutrition or nutrition and training.  All our coaches are here to help. 

. A nutrition plan made specifically for you. Meal plans, recipes, help and advice thoroughly and throughout.

.Bi-weekly check ins for accountability.

.Logging and tracking your goals.

. To start 1:1 PT LESSONS to help you get into the swing of things.

. Workouts that will help with mobility and flexibility.

. Every workout is constantly varied so no two workouts are alike.

. Cardio to help rid unwanted fat.

. Strength designed to build muscle and correct posture.

. Access to our online groups. For motivation, help and support.

Ulysses coaches are there to help you every step of the way.

What have you got lo lose?

Why not book a free intro and see how they can help you achieve your goals.

Loses and gains the Ulysses way!

Loses and gains the Ulysses way!

Loses and gains, the Ulysses way!

Jen has been with us two weeks and already lost a vast amount of fat%, along with inches from her waist and hips, her clothes are loose on her now and she feels great.

Jen was beaming from ear to ear as told me she has grown in confidence and is happier than she has been in a long time.

What have you got to lose?

You've got a lot to gain!

See what gains you can make the Ulysses way.

We have a blog page with helpful tips and tricks to help you stay healthy, along with success stories from our members and our weekly programming.

We have a great recipe page to help keep you fueled and full throughout the day. Nutritional tips and tricks and CrossFit help and advice.

Team Ulysses are there to help you every step of the way. We help and support you and you’ll never feel alone.

Our amazing members make the box an awesome place to be in. Everyone is friendly and helpful and the atmosphere is paramount to none.

Why not book a free intro? Let Team Ulysses help you get on the healthy train and stay on it!

The day that changed my life

The day that changed my life

My Why

I started my CrossFit journey back in May 2016 shortly after my dad sadly passed. I’d separated from my estranged wife earlier in the year and moved back in with my parents, I was tipping the scales at 23 stone and I was suffering badly with depression and just felt lost in life.   It was the day I was returning my dad’s car to a dealership and was walking back home scrolling mindlessly through Facebook and a random suggestion popped up for CrossFit Ulysses. I didn’t even know what CrossFit was, but knew I needed to find out. Maybe my dad was looking down on me that day, maybe it was coincidence. But that day was the day that changed my life.

I messaged Ben and we got chatting and I decided to go in for a look around and to see if it was for me. Once through the door, I found myself loving the atmosphere and decide to join up.   

In my first three months, I’d lost over 3 stone and felt the best I had in a long time. Not just physically but mentally too. Through my grief and depression, the training helped me forget about the outside world and the more I focused on training the better I felt about myself and life in general. I was hitting amazing milestones in my training, and my personal life, I‘d stopped taking antidepressants and I had a new outlook in life. I found the more I trained alongside people on the same journey the more I wanted to be in the box with all the like-minded members.

Fast forward two years.. I wanted to find a way to pay Ben back for all the awesome support and great mentoring and also pay it forward to help others the way I had been helped. So after a lengthy talk with my soul mate Yvonne (who I met at Ulysses, but that’s a whole different story) I decided that I wanted to become a PT.  This way, I could pass on my knowledge to others about my journey and how I’ve battled with food and depression and hopefully being able to help others overcome their body issues and nutrition problems.

I still have a few stone to lose to be the weight I want to be, but know I’ve already come a very long way.  I am no stranger to the CrossFit ways of taking your top off mid WOD and I love showing off my newly found muscles, which I never dreamed I‘d ever have before starting at Ulysses.

My passion for CrossFit is undeniable and I love helping members feel their best and overcome their in-habitations.  Helping members with technique and my safety first approach and being a stickler for rules are undeniably some of my greatest qualities as a PT.

Myself as well as all the other coaches and PT’S have worked our way up from the bottom.  We’ve spent hours upon hours working our weaknesses and learning new things. We stay humble and know we still have a lot to learn and we’re always learning new things every day.  Christ, there are members who can do things I can’t, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to coach you safely and efficiently in doing these.

So when we say “we know”,  we really do know and when we say “ we care”, we really do care!

You trust us to give you your best hour of the day, so the least I can do is try to make that hour a memorable, fun and sweaty one.

Come along and see how Ulysses could change your life.



Damo and his WHY.

Damo and his WHY.

My why,

So, I’ve recently been asked to do my why and it had me stumped for a wee bit. When a lot of people do their why it seems to be orientated to something personal in their life that happened and changed their perspective, I’ve been blessed in that I have always been supported and surrounded by the best people.

With that comes my why, I have always been supported by people who want to help others. The rugby club was one large family environment, everyone helped each other with any issues or problems they had, my dad has always been the type to drop what he is doing and help no matter what and my mam has always worked in community roles, helping those around her to find employment, training or even just as a friend. Having these people around me has always inspired myself to help others, within my employment I have had the chance to take on advocacy roles, helping others like my mother find employment and training. This line of work allowed me to develop friendships and see that there is a lot more importance than work and education, that there is holistic approach to life.

When I joined Ulysses this continued, from the start help was always there, from everything including movements, nutrition and any barriers with life. This instantly echoed with me from the previous environments I have been in and instantly felt comfortable and the need to give back. As the gym grew, I found myself becoming one of the senior members, having others ask me about training and nutrition. I was already a self-confessed CrossFit geek and understood a lot about the movements as well as training, which combined with my background in fitness allowed me to start helping others. At this point I was instantly hooked, hooked on the gym, CrossFit, the environment & people, this is when I was given the opportunity to start interning and help coach others.

So, to conclude my why has never been some big life changing event. It’s been the people around me, the opportunity to develop and grow as an individual, to learn from their beliefs and values. Now my why is simple, to give back to people, give them the opportunity I have had in life, provide them with a support network, not just as a coach but as a friend. Help people become the best versions of themselves in the best environment we can provide. Alongside this to provide for my family, to give them a safe, healthy and supportive home to live and grow up in, give them the best quality of life as well as be the best version of me.

And to us CrossFit Ulysses is home.

Me, my why and what drives me?

Me, my why and what drives me?

Me, my why and what drives me?

I grew up never meeting my father, my mother being beaten by guys and life in teenage years got no better. I was bullied for 5 years in secondary school, bounced around relationships 16-21 trying to fix girlfriends until I joined the army.  All these led to lack of confidence, bouncing around broken homes and hating conflict. As much as loved the initial buzz of fitness I didn’t fit in the army due to male ego’s and didn’t agree with respect the rank and not the person.

I’ve seen in the last few years people close to me including the death of my own mother , friends parents die too. Its something I wouldn't wish on anyone and we look as a Family/Tribe/Community to anyway we can reduce Lifestyle diseases and chronic illnesses in ourselves, our families, friends and the Tees valley community.  I think a lot of these can be avoided or at least reduced and I want the Ulysses community to be the epicentre for change. Affecting others with knowledge of gut health, sleep, fitness, nutrition, movement, light exposure, the list goes on!

These simple beginnings have shown me where my why and core belief comes from, the belief that form our why and culture at Ulysses.

Integrity- Doing the right thing and challenging others to do so.

Fun- Fitness is just a byproduct of what we do, making the hour you spend with us each day as fun and memorable as possible.

Trust- Trust like any relationship, family or organisation must come 1st. Trust in our cause to improve the lives of us and those around us. Trust the person next to you, the people in front and behind. Trust the process.

Leaders and leadership- You don’t need to be in a position of power to be a leader, lead by good example so that others may do the same. Lead beyond Authority.

No Egos- We are all equal here, At Ulysses we have Managers, CEO’s, Teachers, police to students. Our positions mean nothing, we are not our jobs and We are all equal as we are members of the tribe.

Thinking as a team- We don’t complain, we feedback. There is a difference. We craft ideas and discuss the benefits and drawbacks to any idea. Always starting with why?

Help First- Help first and be rewarded with a bathing of oxytocin the love hormone. Oxytocin is a feel good hormone and  It plays a role in social bonding in the tribe and helping others. It's how humans survived, in a tribe working together. Helping others naturally feels good.

Support others- Be supportive of those next to you in class, the staff, family, friends and strangers. Pay it forward!

Caring- Our members don't  care what we know until they know we care.

My realisation since the loss of my mother 2 years ago has made me find my why. I now realise from trying to fix broken relationships growing up I was just trying to help people. Mostly I wanted to be loved, respected and be part of a family/Tribe. I am as you know now happily married, the happiest ever in work. . My beautiful wife supports me in what I do and I feel I’ve found the perfect team after 3 years of trying. I believe any issue I've ever had leads down to poor communication and turns out I wasn't communicating my why, something I'm striving to improve in order to help others.

We human animals seek groups of like minded people where we have the same beliefs known as culture. Our culture is of integrity where we always are expected to do the right thing, where we support each other wins and losses in relationships, marriages, births, deaths and more. We don’t complain and believe everyone is equal. Our open-door policy means we expect feedback from members and staff, not gossiping or inciting mutiny behind closed doors. We realise that every decision we make affects both mine and our staff’s family, our livelihoods and futures. Think before we speak. Knowing our  why helps shape the beliefs who want to join our cause.

With adopting the same beliefs going forward, using the Ulysses vision to make Our tribe healthier, happier, more supportive and humbler whilst affecting positively friends, family and loved ones around us.

We thrive with positive influences and challenge any negativity. . We have already started goal setting sessions to help you find your why, this will be further improved  with interviews of new and leaving members that should help strengthen and support our culture by communication.

We now realise we don’t sell fitness, we sell a limited number of memberships into a tribe of like minded, supportive professionals which is its greatest value.  An intangible that cannot be grasped or replicated elsewhere and that’s why I believe we are not rivalled.

There are plenty of gyms with shiny equipment, provide low cost training, have cool programming  and so on. There is a gym for everyone and we’ll even help you find one if our culture isn’t for you.

We share and think of others first. We are members of the tribe first, athletes second.

We want seeds to be grown,  we will farm and grow these seeds, breed them into strong trees. Trees have strong branches that can support and shade those underneath as they grow and one day bear fruit. Fruit and food for the tribe.

I started Ulysses in April 2016, almost 3 years which is scary! I did what all business owners do at the beginning, they just look for customers. We now know the type of people that will support our beliefs and vision going forward and look to find more of us like minded hard working people.

We don't just want clients , we want members that respect our beliefs and others in he tribe. In return they get our love, help, advice, attention, support and the best hour of their day.  

Weirdly enough, Ancestrally we lived in tribes of generally no more than 150 apparently, it explains why cultures are hard to manage when they grow over 100. Communication is the key, something we are humbly trying to improve on so please keep coming to us with ideas and feedback.

A limited edition members only club where we stand back to back in conflict and hand in hand in celebration.  We don't seek greed, just a place to support our families and grow strong trees.

You know our why

Will you share yours with the tribe??

Community, the CrossFit buzzword. But what does it actually mean?

Community, the CrossFit buzzword. But what does it actually mean?

Community, the CrossFit buzzword. But what does it actually mean?

When you first start CrossFit or even to be sold on the idea one of the first points that gets thrown about is community. However, this term can mean a lot of things to different people and as you go through your journey you will find your own sense of community, today I’m going to share my story of community, how it has supported me, my family and changed throughout the years.

I joined CrossFit Ulysses over two years ago with the (now) wife and was one of the first original members, back in them days community was having 4 people in a class. The 5:15pm class which now has 16 members every day once just had 3-5, and for this reason friendships developed very quickly. You knew everyone in that open gym crew and to begin with got to know and keep track of every new member that joined the gym. As the gym grew your classes would change, new people would join, old members would leave or move class but what started to happen was that every class would start to develop its own little community and personality within the gym.

In the start I was a 5:15class & open gym regular, I would be at the gym for 4, spend an hour doing open gym then jump in on class. This is where the first sense of community began and you would quickly develop strong friendships and training partnerships around you, these friendships would then transfer to outside of the gym, and even have a reverse effect of friendships external of the gym being interested and bought in to the gym.

One thing that I can guarantee about community is you will develop friendships, long lasting friendships both inside and outside of the gym.

So, how has community changed for me over my time at the gym. As you can imagine my life has changed over the last 3 years. I got married, in which we were blessed to not only invite friends and members to our evening function but also have them there during the day and be part of our ceremony. My son was born & has been in the gym since day 2. He has been welcomed and loved to no end. The support my son, myself and my wife get is unmatched with members help babysit while we are working, allowing us to get a workout in or even just providing a safe environment where we can bring him without concern. We are very blessed to be able to trust Fraser with every member of the box and that shows on his face every time he arrives and is instantly taken off our hands for cuddles.

We have had members help with fixes on the house, look at the cars and every little job you can think off.

For others community means running partners, drinking partners, relationships or even just someone to talk to on a daily basis and ask how they have been. One thing I can guarantee is that community is different for everyone, but everyone finds it and when you do is one of the strongest factors within CrossFit. So yes it is a buzz word, but for good reason.

Why choose CrossFit Ulysses over any other box

Why choose CrossFit Ulysses over any other box

Why choose CrossFit Ulysses over any other box.    

Here's why...

Head coach and CEO of CrossFit Ulysses has said on numerous occasions, that he wants to help people, no matter who you are or where you come from: and he does just that. Ben helps people believe in themselves. He is passionate about changing people's lives for the better.   Ben along with his great team of CrossFit coaches, PT's and nutrition coaches have been helping people achieve amazing milestones in their life!   From weight loss, fighting diseases to building muscles and even doing things in workouts like getting pull ups and lifting heavy weights.  People of all ages, weight, backgrounds, no matter your lifestyle we have a class or PT to suit everyone. Whatever your goal may be, Ben and his team can help you achieve it.   

At CrossFit Ulysses you'll do the WOD in a class environment which is capped to 16, so basically you're having a personal training session with a fully qualified CrossFit coach/PT, in a fun, safe environment

At Ulysses we pride ourselves on family/community values and everyone is treated exactly the same.  From the CEO to the cleaner, we know everyone is on the same journey.   Everyone is here for the same goal, to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle.    That's what everyone wants right? 

If you're a beginner or a veteran you'll find everyone at Ulysses has the same mindset.    To be the best version of themselves.    We TRUST THE PROCESS and find ourselves reaching potentials in ourselves we never know we had.  

I've heard people say "People talk about CrossFit like it's a cult".  Well if a cult is a group of like minded people who have you believing in yourself and help you achieve what you thought was impossible, then yes CrossFit could be 'like a cult'. 

The right coaches and members around you bring out the best in you and once you start believing in yourself like others do, you can achieve anything. Believe in yourself and the possibilities are endless.  

Have a look at our website and book a free intro.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey. 

Team Ulysses.

I want to make a change

“I think it’s time I got my nutrition sorted”

These are the words as coach’s we hear on a weekly basis. But what does it mean to get your nutrition sorted? Is it a case of eating more protein and vegetables, is it a reduction in calories? What are your goals and how are you training at the moment?

Just saying “it’s time to get my nutrition sorted” is a brilliant thing, it shows the clients understanding to change and focus, however it’s an open-ended question that we are going to delve in to.

Firstly, let’s look at your goals, what is the purpose of this change? Are you wanting to improve performance in the gym, get lean for summer or get strong? All of these have different approaches from a nutrition stand point. As nutritionists we need to make clear that one size does not fit all, we need to make sure our clients not only understand the process but how the science works. For example, a client who has come to us and wants to get lean for summer could simply be put on a caloric deficit and asked to track food intake. On the other hand, if we had a client who wants to improve athletic performance, we could delve in to all sorts of sciences, nutrition timing, carb cycling, macro & micro intake as well as optimal body fat. Whatever your goals are, will strongly decide which direction you need to take and should be clearly defined when starting this journey as one goal may contrast another.

Secondly, we could then delve in to the clients training. Are you training once or twice a week or more? High intensity or low intensity or not training at all? Each of these will have different effects on the body and what the body needs. If we use the example of CrossFit training a lot of the workouts are performed at a high intensity with varied weights. So how would this effect the client looking to lose weight? To fuel this type of activity a client may need a higher carb intake than others, additionally there may be a focus on protein to ensure strength is kept. The opposite of this could be your regular gym bodybuilder, this individual will be doing low intensity cardio and resistance training, therefore this type of client would need a lower carb intake but a higher protein one to support their training.

Lastly, how is your current diet? Are you a weekend binger? Big on the snacks? Like the odd beer or two? We look at these because the simplest of changes can sometimes make the bigger differences. If  you’re a weekend binger try having one day off and you will instantly see the difference. Like a snack? Maybe plan your meals better and ensure you are getting enough protein to fill you.

So, this has probably raised more questions than answers for yourself and that’s a good thing. When we look at making a nutrition change, we need to really ask ourselves the why. Why are we making this change & do we understand the process we need to follow? Next time your going to make a change write down your why, then from there track the sacrifices your going to have to make.

Do I want to get lean for summer? If yes, am I willing to sacrifice my performance in the gym? Am I willing to not have my weekend beers and takeaway? Working out and writing down your why will help when you're identifying the sacrifices and help keep yourself focus.

That being said the best nutrition change can just be the smallest, eating more good quality protein, lots of vegetables and less processed food.


Want to know more?

Book a free, no obligation  no sweat intro and we’ll prescribe you a route to your goals!

Damian Buck- nutritionist/ L1 CrossFit trainer/ L1 Weightlifting coach

Team Ulysses

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