Did you know we do Bootcamps, Personal Training and Nutrition. Yes that's right, we're not just a CrossFit box. 

Although CrossFit is our main focus we can also accommodate those just wanting 1:1 PT 1:4 PT or group PT sessions. We offer weekend bootcamps (watch out for more times, coming in July). We also offer nutritional advice and body MOTs 😁. Why not book a free Intro to see how we can help you.  

We can also help Football and Rugby teams, in fact any kind of team that would like some extra training or PT sessions we can accommodate. Just let us know what you require and we can arrange a meeting and discuss training schedules etc. 

We can also hire out our facility to anyone who might need a large space to work in. Message Team Ulysses for details. 

Please feel free to tag anyone who might need our help!