Our coaches are passionate about CrossFit, about health and wellness about YOU.   They value you, your health and safety over all other aspects.   They would never let you put your ego in front of safety.  They believe in you, you believe in them and yourself. 

Ulysses coaches want what's best for you.  Trust the process. Trust them. Leave your ego at the door and enjoy the rollercoaster of a ride we call CROSSFIT LIFE.

A few months ago, (January to be exact) I came back to train harder than I have in months, and even though the coaches encouraged me to work as hard as I could, they also told me I needed rest days and to ease back into it. I believe in pushing myself to my limits, but the coaches know me better than I know myself. They knew if I got to that limit too quickly, I'd burn out and injure myself, leading to further setbacks.   

So I've taken it slow and easy (as slowly as my mind will let me) but also pushing myself without going to quickly. I got my diet under control, I got my training in order, my head in the game and my own self well being on form too. The thing I know from experience is, if you don't have all your ducks in a row, eventually they all start to wander off in different directions.     

Nutrition ✔️

Training ✔️

Mental Health ✔️

Family/Home/Social life✔️

Meditation ✔️

Hobbies/Fun Stuff ✔️


That is my list.    Your’s will be different.  

My advice to me was this…... Get every aspect of your life under control and don't let anything get in the way of your goals this time. You know your own body and you know how to make it feel exactly how you want it to.  You also need to love yourself from within, otherwise you'll never move forward in Life. The coach’s know what they are doing, they know you, they know the programme and they know their stuff.   Ben and his amazing CrossFit Ulysses coach’s have been helping people since 2016. Let them help you, let them guide you on the right path, let them do their thing so you can do yours!

If i’d of had my ducks in a row back when I first started at Ulysses i’d probably be a few dress sizes smaller and would definitely have pull ups (maybe even muscle ups, or is that just my head in the clouds) But for sure, since my ducks have been aligned, i’ve lost over two stone (again) and a few dress sizes (again) and my mental health is the best it’s been in months, i’ve found a new love for life and i’m loving having adventures in and out of the box again.  I’ve been focused on me and my goals and getting to them in the best possible way. No distractions, no bull, no fad diets. AND I’m not falling off this time. I’m not saying i’ll never wander, but those ducks are on a short lead and if one does decide it needs a break, i’ll listen and take note and then pull it back onto the path with the other ducks….

Don’t just listen to me, take the advice from Ben, Damo, Dave and Chris.    Get your ducks in row. Set your goals and intentions.

A goal that is written down is far more likely to become reality as it’s accountable. Your goals should be what pushes you to do better, to work harder, to eat healthier.  Listen to your body, your head, your heart, your soul, your gut. Listen and set your intentions, set your goals. Smash the life out of them.

Yvonne Osborne

Customer Service.

Team Ulysses.