Open gym - breeding ground for success or the true gains goblin

I think we can all agree CrossFit is a sexy sport, with all the fancy gymnastics, barbell & body-weight movements it's easy to get caught up wanting to learn & do everything. With that comes the feeling that class isn’t doing enough, isn't satisfying our appetite to do the sexy and from this grows the attraction of open gym. But is open gym really the answer or is it the true gains goblin?

As always we start with the negatives, open gym is proven to be more than 50% less effective than class. We often get caught up in the opportunity to catch up with friends, chatting & socialising. Extending our rest periods & reducing our need for urgency. More than often individuals will take the chance to do the sexy, but the sexy isn’t always the right thing to do. With most things in life the more we enjoy it the more we do it & we often see individuals move away from class and gravitate towards open gym being right for them, or shifting their priorities.

Now obviously the good, open gym can be the breeding ground for greatness. When done correctly individuals can flourish during this time, taking the opportunity to work on their weakness, to learn & develop the basics as well as focus their training. We see athletes get correct programs, basic & individualized to help them work their weakness & reach a goal. We see them come in focused, knowing what needs done for the day & use that opportunity to the fullest. We also see them athletes use their time to compliment what is happening in class, so when their weakness comes around again, or the sexy stuff turns up they have the opportunity to flex what they have been working on!

Next time you book in to open gym just have a think, do I know what I want to gain from this session? Is it programmed to help me work my weakness & am I getting the most from this opportunity?

With that said there's also no problem in coming to open gym to socialize, to see friends & have a catch up. But just make sure your putting the effort in class!


CrossFit Ulysses