Hey tribe

Here is the weeks programming. Hope you guys enjoy this week to come

Our weekly overview video is here



Here is the monthly overview

This week we have two weightlifting specific movements with Snatch on Monday and Push Jerk on Wednesday,and a heavy Back Squat session on Friday

Monday has Push Jerks and a Breathe & Burn Workout -  Warmup starts with quick Jump Rope and then shoulder specific prep for Push Jerks.  Push Jerks  start with progressions and then to building a heavy complex. Prep is Running and Doubleunder review. Workout is a 20 minute Breathe & Burn AMRAP that combines Running, Push Jerks, & Doubleunders with a 1:00 Rest after each round. Extra Credit is  Aerobic flushing & Shoulder Girdle Mobility.                      

                Goal is 4+ Rounds


Tuesday  is a Muscular Burn Workout and Core Finisher.  Warmup starts with a short run and Scap Pullups to prep for Strict Pullups followed by shoulder mobility. Then Air Squats and Hollow holds for leg and core activation. Prep is Pullup specific Lat activation. Workout is a Muscular Burn workout of Strict Pullups for time with a Goblet Squat penalty for every break. Finisher is alternating between 30 sec of Russian Twists and 30 sec of Suitcase holds for 4 rounds. Extra Credit is Posterior Chain prehab/rehab.

                  Goal is <15:00


Wednesday  has Snatches and a Full Body Burn Workout - Warmup is slow Air Squats and shoulder and posterior chain specific for Snatch prep. Snatch starts with progressions and moves to building to a Snatch and Overhead Squat complex. Prep is Airbike, Russian KbS, & Burpee review. Workout is high intensity Full Body Burn Airbike, Russian KbS, & Burpees for a 5 minute AMRAP. Extra Credit is arm-focused bodybuilding.

Goal is 1+ Rounds


Thursday  is   a Breathe Workout and a Core Finisher -  Warmup starts with Rowling and in remaining time Plate Hops, Walking Lunges, & Inch Worms for more general movement prep.   Prep is Rowing review.   Workout is a repeat from Feb 23 and consists of increasing interval times of Bike/Ski, Row, & Box Jumps.  Finisher is 3 sets of Bent Hollow Rocks with an AMRAP Plank.  Extra Credit is Hip and Knee Mobility.

Friday  is Back Squat and a Breathe & Burn Workout -  Warmup is Back Squat specific prep.  Back Squat is building to a heavy 5 rep.  Prep is a Wallball, Ring Dip, & Walking Lunge review.  Workout is 10 rounds with small sets of Ring Dips, Wallballs, & Walking Lunges.  Extra Credit is  Aerobic Recovery.

                Goal is <16:00


Sunday  is   a Breathe & Burn Interval Partner Workout and a Core Finisher -  Warmup is Partner and posterior chain and core focused.  Prep is Clean Progressions Workout is 25 minutes alternating rounds of Deadlifts, Pullups & Power Cleans with a Partner and a run together after each round.  Finisher is AMRAP Situps with your Partners, coupled with Wallsits.   Extra Credit is  Shoulder rehab/prehab.



And not to forget our weekend team wod and bootcamps

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