Hey tribe

Here is the weeks programming. Hope you guys enjoy this week to come

Our weekly overview video is here



Here is the monthly overview


This week we have Building Deadlifts on Monday, Heavy Weighted Pullups on Tuesday, and Snatches every 30s for 10 minutes on Friday.

Monday is Deadlifts &  a Breathe & Brace Workout.  Warmup starts with 3 rounds to get sweaty, then a barbell complex to prep for Deadlifts.  Deadlifts are descending reps ending with a heavy set of 2. Prep is Box Jump Over review.   Workout is a simple combination of Deadlifts & Box Jump Overs for 5 rounds.  Extra Credit is Flushing and Mobility.                     

                Goal is <9:00.


Tuesday is a Heavy Breathing Workout.  Warmup starts with Running prep and then moves into partner Medball Thrusters &   Kettlebell Swings. Prep is American KbS &   Wallball Review. Workout is 5 long Rounds for Running, American Kettlebell Swings, &  Wallballs. Extra Credit is Core work.                     

                Goal is <35:00.


Wednesday is Pullups &  a Breathe & Burn Workout.  Warmup is a tabata of Bike, Bodybuilders, &   Row then Hot PotatoPullups are Building to a heavy 3 weighted.  Prep is Pullup & Ring Dip Review   Workout is alternating intervals of Cal Row with Pullups &   Airbike with Ring Dips. Extra Credit is Hip & Knee Prehab.                     

                Goal is <12:00.


Thursday is a Muscular Burn Workout and Core Finisher.  Warmup is Core &  Lower Body engagement prep,  & Candlestick review & practice.  Prep is Front Rack mobility &   Power Clean progressions. Workout is descending reps of Front Squats with Abmat Situps in between.  Finisher is alternating Side Planks & Ring Planks.  Extra Credit is Lower Body mobility.                     

                Goal is <14:00.


Friday is Snatch &  a Full Body Burn Workout.  Warmup starts with Agility drills,  and moves to Snatch prep.  Snatch is 1 Power Snatch every 30s for 10 minutes.   Prep is Doubleunder Review & Practice, and a brief Burpee over Bar Review.   Workout is 3 fast Rounds of Doubleunders, Hang Power Snatches &  Burpee over Bar. Extra Credit is Arm Pump.                     

                Goal is <9:00.


Sunday is a Partner Workout.  Warmup is 3 rounds of mixed modality movements for overall workout prep.  Prep is Overhead Squat Review,  and in remaining time CTB Pullup Review.   Workout is 25 minutes in Partners of ascending Overhead Squats &  CTB Pullups with a run in between rounds. Extra Credit is Shoulder Girdle Mobility.                     

                Goal is Round of 30+.


And not to forget our weekends team wod and bootcamps guys

Saturday team wod.PNG
Saturday Bootcamp.PNG
Sunday bootcamp.PNG