Hey tribe

Here is the weeks programming. Hope you guys enjoy this week to come

Our weekly overview video is here



NEXT MONTH (SEPTEMBER 9-27 is our Three-Week Global Testing) -- there are TWO options 1) Do the Global Testing With Us 2) Follow Regular Programming, which we will be doing as normal (but will not be tested, and we will not have Goal times). 

This month is SERIOUSLY AWESOME! We’ve been stepping things up on multiple fronts, and have some fantastic workouts combined with great class flows and strength sessions. As we go through the month I will update the above to accurately reflect the coming weeks. On average, there are three strength/contraction based sessions per week but we are switching to more LM foundation movements -- Front Squats, Presses, Deadlift, Power Clean -- plus a few others to keep it interesting. Most days have two elements, but not all days, and we’re keeping with the Core finishers where appropriate. You’ll also see Partner workouts thrown in to keep things FUN on that front. Overall, we couldn’t be more excited, and we’re really look forward to CRUSHING Global Testing next month

This week we have  Tempo Front Squats on Monday, Weighted Pull ups/Tempo Ring Dips on Wednesday, and Clean & Jerks on Friday.

Monday we have Front Squats and a Breathe & Burn WorkoutWarmup starts with a Run or Row and moves to a Barbell complex.  Front Squat is Building to a Heavy 3 with Tempo.  Prep is Doubleunder Practice.   Workout is Descending reps of Thrusters and Doubleunders.  Extra Credit is Flushing & Mobility.                     

                Goal: <15:00.


Tuesday is a Breathe & Burn Workout and a Stamina Finisher.  Warmup is Hot Potato, then a combination of Core focused movements.  Prep is Suitcase Deadlift and Airbike review.   Workout is 1 min stations of Suitcase DLs and Airbike/Shuttle Run.   Finisher is 8 minutes of Air Squats & Abmat Situps.  Extra Credit is Lower Body Mobility.                     

Goal: 220+ Reps, 5+ Rounds.


Wednesday it’s Gymnastics and a Breathe & Burn Workout.   Warmup is Joint Circles and Scap Prep.    Gymnastics is Weighted Pullups & Strict Ring Dips for 4 Sets.   Prep is Bar Muscleup Review.   Workout is 50 Burpees Bar Muscleups for time.  Extra Credit is Flushing & Upper Body Mobility.                     

                Goal: <9:00.


Thursday will be a Breathe Workout.  Warmup is Leg dominant movements alternating with Indian RunsPrep is Bike/Ski/Row review.   Workout is 5 min Intervals of Row, Stepups, & Bike/Ski/Run, with 1 min Rests between.  Extra Credit is Arm Accessory.                     

                Goal: 350+.


Friday is Clean & Jerks and a Breathe & Burn Workout.   Warmup is Mobility and Range of Motion work.  Lateral Jumping Squats precede the EMOM,  Clean & Jerks with TtB.  Prep is Deadlift & Front Squat Demo & Review.   Workout is 12 minutes and a Barbell.  Extra Credit is Back Mobility.                     

                Goal: 5+ Rounds.


Sunday is a Partner Workout. Warmup is Partner Medball movements. Prep is CtB Pullup/Kipping Pullup Review & Practice. Workout is 5 Rounds of Running, Wallballs, CtB Pullups & Burpee Box Jumps, with a 1 min rest after each rounds. Extra Credit is Hip Prehab.


And not to forget our weekend fun

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