Hey tribe

Here is this weeks programming. I hope you are all as excited to see how they feel

Our weeks overview video from the Level method is here



Here is the monthly over view

monthly overview.PNG

This week we have Clean & Jerk on Tuesday, pull-ups on Thursday and deadlifts on Sunday.

Monday is a Breathe & Burn ChipperWarmup is in Partners alternating between Glutes and Core, then alternating between Lunges and Scap PullupsPrep is focused on Ring Muscle up technique.   Workout is a Breathe & Burn Chipper starting with Rowing and moving into Ring Muscleups, Burpees, Box Jumps, Situps, and finishing with a Run.   Extra Credit is Hip and Knee maintenance work                      

                Goal is <25:00


Tuesday  is Clean and Jerks and then a Full Body Burn  workout -  Warmup starts with Kettlebell swings and Jump Rope, and moves to Fast Feet and Wall Squats.   Clean & Jerks begin with progressions for both movements and then 12 minutes to build to a quality single.  Prep is Doubleunder focused.   Workout is Full Body Burn with 30 Clean & Jerks with a jump rope penalty for any break in that set.  Extra Credit is Lower Body mobility.

                  Goal is <6:00


Wednesday  is   Breathing & Muscle Burning Intervals and a Core Finisher - Warmup is a very fun game to get energy high & everyone sweating.   Prep is reviewing the basics of Air Squats & Pushups.  Workout is Breathing & Muscle Burning Intervals,  with high-output Bike/ski bouts, followed by Air Squats, and high-output Sled/Row, bouts followed by Pushups.   Finisher is Core work -- two holds and one new movement in the Pillar Press.  Extra Credit is Bodybuilding accessory Arm work.

                Goal is 250+ Reps


Thursday  is Pullups and then a Breathe and Burn AMRAP -  Warmup is a Single-arm Db Complex.  Pullups begin with Lat Activation, then 15 minutes of accumulating sets of Weighted Pullups.  Prep is Kipping Pullup & Front Squat review.  Workout is 18 minutes of Running followed by high-rep Pullups & Front Squats.  Extra Credit is Bodybuilding accessory Glute work.   

                Goal is 3+ Rounds


Friday  is a Shoulder & Ab Burn Workout and a Core FinisherWarmup is Shoulder & Scap focused for the Push Press.   Prep is Push Press Progressions with a PVC.  Workout is a Shoulder and Ab Burner with ascending reps of Heavier Push Press and GHD Situps.  Finisher is 3 Rounds of Flutter Kicks & Banded Good Mornings.   Extra Credit is Shoulder, Psoas, and Hip Mobility.

                Goal is <15:00


Sunday  is Deadlifts and a Partner Workout Warmup is Posterior chain focused to prime for heavy Deadlifts.   Deadlifts start with a review and move into 15 minutes to accumulate sets of 5 reps.   Prep is a Wallball, Kettlebell Swing, & Tactical Lunge Review, with an emphasis on the Kettlebell movement.  Workout is Partners with Russian KbS, Wallballs, & Kb Tactical Lunges, accumulating reps in any order.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Recovery.  

                Goal is Finish


And not forgetting our usual sweaty workouts for team wod and boot camps

saturday bootcamp.PNG
sat team wod.PNG
sunday bootcamp.PNG