Hey tribe

Here is the weeks programming. Hope you guys enjoy this week to come

Our weekly overview video is here



Testing time is upon us guys, lets see how we have improved

Monday we TEST Deadlift and Running. Warmup is Squatting to a song and some Core prep for Deadlifts. Deadlifts are TESTING OR Build to a Heavy 5 Rep. Prep is a Running warm up. Workout is TEST Running OR 3 Rounds of Running and Burpees. Extra Credit is Posterior Chain Mobility.


Tuesday we TEST Rings and N&C Endurance.  Warmup is the Cone Reaction Game & some Upper Body Mobility.  Rings is TESTING OR accumulate 30 Ring Muscleups in sets of 3-5 in 10 min..  Prep is Doubleunder Review & Practice.   Workout is TEST N&C Endurance OR 10 min of Ascending Unbroken Doubleunders with AMRAP Situps in remaining time.  Extra Credit is Arm & Scap Accessory followed by Calf mobility.                     

                Goal: Level Up.


Wednesday we TEST UB Push and UB/LB Endurance.  Warmup is Core engagement and UB/LB.  UB Push is TESTING OR Building to a heavy 3.  Prep is Deadlift Review & Prep.   Workout is TEST UB/LB Endurance OR 9 min of Deadlifts, HSPU, & Jumping Lunges.  Extra Credit is Flushing & Mobility.                     

                Goal: Level Up.


Thursday we TEST API. Warmup is Joint Circles and General movement prep. Prep is API movement Review. Workout is TEST API OR an API variation with slightly different movements. Extra Credit is Upper Body Mobility.


Friday we TEST Front Squat and Kettlebell.  Warmup is a Partner Medball warm up.  Front Squat is TESTING OR Build to a heavy 5 Reps.  Prep is Glute Activation & Kb Snatch Review.   Workout is 40 sec on/20 sec off x 10 of Kb Snatch.  Extra Credit is Lower Body Flexibility.                     

                Goal: Level Up.


Sunday is Makeup TESTING and TEST Flexibility.  Warmup is Partner with monostructural movements mixed with mobility.  Prep is a Quick Hang Power Clean Review.   Workout is a 20 min AMRAP of Hang Power Cleans, Box Jumps, Wallballs, & Running.  Finisher is TEST Flexibility OR Core/Mobility work.  Extra Credit is Arm Accessory and Sled work.                     

                Goal: Level Up.


And not to forget our usual weekend fun

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