Some of our members hitting PB's while testing for The Level Method.  😍

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things and smashing goals. 🀩πŸ’ͺπŸ‹οΈπŸ€ΈπŸƒ

The Level Method is an awesome way to test not only your level of fitness, but how much you've improved. Just like any kind of martial arts belting system, you stick to your colour and move up once you've mastered that level.  

When Ben first decided to bring in the Level Method, some of our existing members weren't too keen. But the last year has proved time and time again, that TRUSTING THE PROCESS, and doing your level really works. It helps mould you into the best athletes. Don't want to be an athlete, that's fine. The Level Method is perfect for you too.  It's grades you to your own level and you'll never be put at risk in any workout, working to your level and seeing fantastic results. 

It's the little changes that you don't notice until you test again, on how much you've improved and what an awesome method it really is. 

All our members love The Level Method, even the ones who, at first didn't see the bigger picture and the coaches know how much it changed the dynamics of CrossFit Ulysses. The Level Method takes away ego which can and often will lead to injury, it takes away the worry for beginners and it helps you know your strengths and weaknesses. It's perfect from beginner to advanced athletes.

CrossFit Ulysses and The Level Method help you become the best version of yourself and push you to the next level. 

Want to know more? Want to see how you can achieve amazing things just like our members.   Then look for further. Hit that "book free intro" button on our website and see your pictures posted here in a few months time.   

Stay awesome.