Staying hydrated.

With the summer months coming in it's often something that is greatly overlooked. Around 60% of the body is made from water & plays a vital role in every bodily function. During exercise your body can lose up to 2 liters through breathing & sweating. Without replenishing the missing fluids we can easily become dehydrated risking our general health. Water is also essential in fueling our muscles meaning drinking before a workout can greatly increase energy levels & reduce cramp.

For pre workout hydration try to consume 500ml of fluid up to 4 hours before exercise as well as 250ml in the 10-15 minutes before you do. This will help keep your body temperature & heart rate down while exercising.

Hydration during exercise is a very personal matter & comes down to one thing. How much you sweat. To workout how much you need to drink during a workout weigh yourself just before & just after. For every KG of bodyweight you lose drink up to a litre & half of fluids to replace that.

After exercise you will no doubt be wanting a drink, try to keep this simple & effective. Water & a little squash go a long way. Try to avoid alcohol as it is a diuretic & actually removes more water from your system! That cheeky beer maybe tempted but at least have glass of water before & after!

Finally, sports drinks. Sports drinks are brilliant for replacing all the lost electrolytes & carbohydrates but with it comes a hefty price. If your exercising for anything less than an hour you won’t need anything but water, but if your wanting yourself a nice refreshing sports drink try making your own. 200ml squash (get the high sugar stuff, you wont regret it!) 800ml water and a large pinch of salt. It's a beauty.