It gives Team Ulysses great pleasure in announcing that Steven McDonald is our member of the month for June.

Ste was out illusive zebra.

White in flexibility and black in rowing for The Level Method.

Over the course of the few months he’s been with us, he’s worked really hard on his weakness’s and can now hit full depth with his squats.

Well done Ste, we’re all super proud of you and all the progress you’ve made.

Ste can now knock out double unders for fun and his flexibility has been made a lot easier with the progress he’s made.

You can see the pride he has, for achieving the things he though impossible when he started and Team Ulysses love it.

Ste is humble with his achievements and it’s inspiring for all our members to see!

Ste, you hero. You’re no longer the illusive zebra and Team Ulysses are proud of everything you’ve achieved and for what the future goals you have planned.

Amazing people doing extraordinary things.

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