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He had a goal and knew what he needed to do

He had a goal and knew what he needed to do


He had a goal. He knew what he needed to do for his future, for his career. He pushed himself to achieve it. This is why our coaches unanimously picked Keaton for our member of the month for April. 

Keaton joined us in February after his decision to join the Paratroopers. He knew he needed to up his game and get fit strong and healthy after falling one of his tests. He worked his weaknesses and over the few short months his strength and stamina has skyrocketed. He's done a variation of CrossFit classes, alongside strength training and gymnastics. He even started running with a weighted vest. When Keaton joined us he struggled to get one pull up, last week he done 8 strict pull ups without any effort. We are so proud of you.  

Keaton has his Para tests this week and we already know he's passed the one he failed. He trusted the process and the process worked for him. Keaton, everyone here at Ulysses wishes you the best of luck for all your adventures today and in the future. All our members are rooting for you and are with you every step of the way. Go on son, go follow your dreams.

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