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Alcohol.  If you must!

Alcohol. If you must!

So the weekend is here.  Maybe you'll have a few beers 🍻🍺 tonight.   

 Go out for 🍹🍸🍷cocktails tomorrow with the gang. 

Have a BBQ with a few bottles🍾🍾 of wine or prosecco on Sunday.    

You've had a long week and you deserve a treat right?   The choice is entirely yours. However nutrition labels are not required on alcohol so it's really hard to track.  

Here is a list of the most popular drinks people have at the weekend or special occasions.   Be mindful of the empty calories and sugar content consumed in alcohol.    

Try and drink a glass or water between alcohol beverages. Not only will it help with the dreaded hangover, it helps fill you up so you drink less, so you don't consume too many empty calories.   

Have a great weekend folks.  

Team Ulysses