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Strolled down the garden like an absolute boss

Strolled down the garden like an absolute boss

I'm an old(ish) bloke and like all blokes I still think I'm 23. And as my kids will testify (because I've been going on about it and boring them stupid for years) I used to be a good runner, used to be a good triathlete, used to be a (half) decent footballer etc etc, yaaaawn.

I've tried many times over 20 years to get back into running but always broken down with some injury or other, so it was a cycle of run/get injured/get fat.

I stumbled upon a programme on Amazon Prime called 'Killing the fat man'. The more I watched it the more I thought "This is me this is". I searched  Google for a local CrossFit box and found CrossFit Ulysses. Anyway...

The first time I walked into CrossFit Ulysses I was REALLY nervous but at least half a dozen people said "Hiya" and they weren't meatheads looking resentful that I might have the audacity to use their bench or something. Even the ones that looked like they 'might' be meatheads are just really strong, really helpful guys.

The foundations were both brutal and brilliant. My running, rowing and all the cardio stuff was OK but god my weedy cardioman arms were totally creamed. My wrists and back wouldn't bend and I was in all sorts of hellish pain trying to squat with an empty bar. All the coaches said it'd be fine.. I didn't believe them.. Not then anyway.

As everyone knows, the first rule of CrossFit is to go home and talk about it non stop even though you might at first think that you can't hack it. My daughter Ellie suffered the verbal diarrhea the worst, I was watching the 2017 games on telly and she decided to try it which was great obviously, because which competitive Dad doesn't want to get whupped by his kid? 🙄 No really, I love it. And now we've been joined by her boyfriend Kurt,  two of her mates and her mates Mam, which is testament to the family vibe at the Ulysses box.

The coaches were bang on by the way. My wrists stopped screaming, I went to a couple of weightlifting classes to work on technique. They were invaluable because any newbie WILL get psyched out in their first couple of classes, you're just staring around lost, like you're 4 years old and you've lost your mam somewhere in Skegness market.

OK so we mentioned I'm old(ish). Yes, I get aches and pains most of the time, but you get them anyway when you get past 50. Where I used to get an ache because I'd slept funny, or stretched too far to turn the bath taps off I now get an ache because I've done 105 x 24 kg kettlebell swings and 105 wall balls in quarter of an hour (Tuesday 6am). Or alternatively thrown about 3000+kg of weights around in a heavy session, which is well worth the aches I can tell you.

You want a practical example of what CrossFit can do for you? I have a big garden, I used to carry a 50 litres bag of compost (22kg in weight) from my car up to the top of the garden hugging it like a baby and having to rest thanks to my weedy arms. Last week I chucked a bag on each shoulder and strolled up the garden like an absolute boss. And seriously, I was genuinely buzzing.

The fact is that you either use it or you lose it. Whatever your age CrossFit will definitely make you use it and even 8 months on I still can't get over feeling my guns after a workout, 40+ years of running and biking never gave me these babies. 💪🏻

If you've thought about CrossFit, stop thinking and just have a bash, it's just great fun along with the pain and I promise you that the people at CrossFit Ulysses are equally as awesome.