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Why choose CrossFit Ulysses over any other box

Why choose CrossFit Ulysses over any other box

Why choose CrossFit Ulysses over any other box.    

Here's why...

Head coach and CEO of CrossFit Ulysses has said on numerous occasions, that he wants to help people, no matter who you are or where you come from: and he does just that. Ben helps people believe in themselves. He is passionate about changing people's lives for the better.   Ben along with his great team of CrossFit coaches, PT's and nutrition coaches have been helping people achieve amazing milestones in their life!   From weight loss, fighting diseases to building muscles and even doing things in workouts like getting pull ups and lifting heavy weights.  People of all ages, weight, backgrounds, no matter your lifestyle we have a class or PT to suit everyone. Whatever your goal may be, Ben and his team can help you achieve it.   

At CrossFit Ulysses you'll do the WOD in a class environment which is capped to 16, so basically you're having a personal training session with a fully qualified CrossFit coach/PT, in a fun, safe environment

At Ulysses we pride ourselves on family/community values and everyone is treated exactly the same.  From the CEO to the cleaner, we know everyone is on the same journey.   Everyone is here for the same goal, to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle.    That's what everyone wants right? 

If you're a beginner or a veteran you'll find everyone at Ulysses has the same mindset.    To be the best version of themselves.    We TRUST THE PROCESS and find ourselves reaching potentials in ourselves we never know we had.  

I've heard people say "People talk about CrossFit like it's a cult".  Well if a cult is a group of like minded people who have you believing in yourself and help you achieve what you thought was impossible, then yes CrossFit could be 'like a cult'. 

The right coaches and members around you bring out the best in you and once you start believing in yourself like others do, you can achieve anything. Believe in yourself and the possibilities are endless.  

Have a look at our website and book a free intro.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey. 

Team Ulysses.