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Did you know we do Bootcamps, Personal Training and Nutrition. Yes that's right, we're not just a CrossFit box. 

Did you know we do Bootcamps, Personal Training and Nutrition. Yes that's right, we're not just a CrossFit box. 

Did you know we do Bootcamps, Personal Training and Nutrition. Yes that's right, we're not just a CrossFit box. 

Although CrossFit is our main focus we can also accommodate those just wanting 1:1 PT 1:4 PT or group PT sessions. We offer weekend bootcamps (watch out for more times, coming in July). We also offer nutritional advice and body MOTs 😁. Why not book a free Intro to see how we can help you.  

We can also help Football and Rugby teams, in fact any kind of team that would like some extra training or PT sessions we can accommodate. Just let us know what you require and we can arrange a meeting and discuss training schedules etc. 

We can also hire out our facility to anyone who might need a large space to work in. Message Team Ulysses for details. 

Please feel free to tag anyone who might need our help!

The day that changed my life

The day that changed my life

My Why

I started my CrossFit journey back in May 2016 shortly after my dad sadly passed. I’d separated from my estranged wife earlier in the year and moved back in with my parents, I was tipping the scales at 23 stone and I was suffering badly with depression and just felt lost in life.   It was the day I was returning my dad’s car to a dealership and was walking back home scrolling mindlessly through Facebook and a random suggestion popped up for CrossFit Ulysses. I didn’t even know what CrossFit was, but knew I needed to find out. Maybe my dad was looking down on me that day, maybe it was coincidence. But that day was the day that changed my life.

I messaged Ben and we got chatting and I decided to go in for a look around and to see if it was for me. Once through the door, I found myself loving the atmosphere and decide to join up.   

In my first three months, I’d lost over 3 stone and felt the best I had in a long time. Not just physically but mentally too. Through my grief and depression, the training helped me forget about the outside world and the more I focused on training the better I felt about myself and life in general. I was hitting amazing milestones in my training, and my personal life, I‘d stopped taking antidepressants and I had a new outlook in life. I found the more I trained alongside people on the same journey the more I wanted to be in the box with all the like-minded members.

Fast forward two years.. I wanted to find a way to pay Ben back for all the awesome support and great mentoring and also pay it forward to help others the way I had been helped. So after a lengthy talk with my soul mate Yvonne (who I met at Ulysses, but that’s a whole different story) I decided that I wanted to become a PT.  This way, I could pass on my knowledge to others about my journey and how I’ve battled with food and depression and hopefully being able to help others overcome their body issues and nutrition problems.

I still have a few stone to lose to be the weight I want to be, but know I’ve already come a very long way.  I am no stranger to the CrossFit ways of taking your top off mid WOD and I love showing off my newly found muscles, which I never dreamed I‘d ever have before starting at Ulysses.

My passion for CrossFit is undeniable and I love helping members feel their best and overcome their in-habitations.  Helping members with technique and my safety first approach and being a stickler for rules are undeniably some of my greatest qualities as a PT.

Myself as well as all the other coaches and PT’S have worked our way up from the bottom.  We’ve spent hours upon hours working our weaknesses and learning new things. We stay humble and know we still have a lot to learn and we’re always learning new things every day.  Christ, there are members who can do things I can’t, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to coach you safely and efficiently in doing these.

So when we say “we know”,  we really do know and when we say “ we care”, we really do care!

You trust us to give you your best hour of the day, so the least I can do is try to make that hour a memorable, fun and sweaty one.

Come along and see how Ulysses could change your life.



Nutrition and fitness should never feel overwhelming or complicated.

Nutrition and fitness should never feel overwhelming or complicated.

Here at Ulysses we believe that nutrition and fitness should never feel overwhelming or complicated. Don’t be fooled by instafamous “celebrities” claiming they know the best tips. Don’t be sucked into the restrictive diets paths and latest fad diets of shakes, skinny tea or pills.…

It’s all about the following.

1. Eat real healthy food, not processed products.

2. Work Hard.

3. Stay consistent.


We can help you every step of the way and have you feeling the best version of you from day one.

Let us help you lose weight and feel great.

We want to help you focus on your goals and simplify things so you’ll never feel out of your depth .

We can help you keep on track and not fall off the healthy train. Tracking your foods and having accountability.

We approach your journey with a real healthy food plan, that is easy to stick to with delicious recipes, tricks and tips, from eating out, BBQ season and holiday foods.



One on one coaching to help get you started on the right fitness path, from the beginning.

Your level of fitness is measurable to help you train to your abilities.

Cardio to shift unwanted non-functional mass.

Strength designed to build muscles and help correct posture.

Constant varied workouts.


Don’t just take our word for it, read our members journeys so far and now we’re in partnership with Healthy Steps Nutrition. HSN has helped over 15000 clients and is backed by a registered dietitian.

And we’re bringing this to you with support from your Ulysses nutrition and CrossFit coaches.

Click on the book free intro and let us help you start your journey right.

Open gym - breeding ground for success or the true gains goblin

Open gym - breeding ground for success or the true gains goblin

Open gym - breeding ground for success or the true gains goblin

I think we can all agree CrossFit is a sexy sport, with all the fancy gymnastics, barbell & body-weight movements it's easy to get caught up wanting to learn & do everything. With that comes the feeling that class isn’t doing enough, isn't satisfying our appetite to do the sexy and from this grows the attraction of open gym. But is open gym really the answer or is it the true gains goblin?

As always we start with the negatives, open gym is proven to be more than 50% less effective than class. We often get caught up in the opportunity to catch up with friends, chatting & socialising. Extending our rest periods & reducing our need for urgency. More than often individuals will take the chance to do the sexy, but the sexy isn’t always the right thing to do. With most things in life the more we enjoy it the more we do it & we often see individuals move away from class and gravitate towards open gym being right for them, or shifting their priorities.

Now obviously the good, open gym can be the breeding ground for greatness. When done correctly individuals can flourish during this time, taking the opportunity to work on their weakness, to learn & develop the basics as well as focus their training. We see athletes get correct programs, basic & individualized to help them work their weakness & reach a goal. We see them come in focused, knowing what needs done for the day & use that opportunity to the fullest. We also see them athletes use their time to compliment what is happening in class, so when their weakness comes around again, or the sexy stuff turns up they have the opportunity to flex what they have been working on!

Next time you book in to open gym just have a think, do I know what I want to gain from this session? Is it programmed to help me work my weakness & am I getting the most from this opportunity?

With that said there's also no problem in coming to open gym to socialize, to see friends & have a catch up. But just make sure your putting the effort in class!


CrossFit Ulysses


Damo and his WHY.

Damo and his WHY.

My why,

So, I’ve recently been asked to do my why and it had me stumped for a wee bit. When a lot of people do their why it seems to be orientated to something personal in their life that happened and changed their perspective, I’ve been blessed in that I have always been supported and surrounded by the best people.

With that comes my why, I have always been supported by people who want to help others. The rugby club was one large family environment, everyone helped each other with any issues or problems they had, my dad has always been the type to drop what he is doing and help no matter what and my mam has always worked in community roles, helping those around her to find employment, training or even just as a friend. Having these people around me has always inspired myself to help others, within my employment I have had the chance to take on advocacy roles, helping others like my mother find employment and training. This line of work allowed me to develop friendships and see that there is a lot more importance than work and education, that there is holistic approach to life.

When I joined Ulysses this continued, from the start help was always there, from everything including movements, nutrition and any barriers with life. This instantly echoed with me from the previous environments I have been in and instantly felt comfortable and the need to give back. As the gym grew, I found myself becoming one of the senior members, having others ask me about training and nutrition. I was already a self-confessed CrossFit geek and understood a lot about the movements as well as training, which combined with my background in fitness allowed me to start helping others. At this point I was instantly hooked, hooked on the gym, CrossFit, the environment & people, this is when I was given the opportunity to start interning and help coach others.

So, to conclude my why has never been some big life changing event. It’s been the people around me, the opportunity to develop and grow as an individual, to learn from their beliefs and values. Now my why is simple, to give back to people, give them the opportunity I have had in life, provide them with a support network, not just as a coach but as a friend. Help people become the best versions of themselves in the best environment we can provide. Alongside this to provide for my family, to give them a safe, healthy and supportive home to live and grow up in, give them the best quality of life as well as be the best version of me.

And to us CrossFit Ulysses is home.

Reaching a plateau from the usual “gym bro” rubbish

Reaching a plateau from the usual “gym bro” rubbish

Matty tells us his story..

My fitness journey really started 12 years ago when I first set foot onto the rugby pitch with my cousin at aged 9.

Since then I’ve been in and out of gyms and S&C sessions but never with any consistency until the last couple of years.

After seeming to reach a plateau from the usual “gym bro” rubbish, I thought “why not give CrossFit a go”.

Ever since the first session I’ve really felt at home at Ulysses and feel I’ve made real progress with my strength and overall fitness.

It’s not only the coaches but everyone in the box that has given me tips and tricks to make this progress (now onto the dreaded ring muscle ups).

So far it’s been a blast, can’t wait to see what the future WODs hold x

Cottrell family gainz

Cottrell family gainz

In January 2018 I decided to take up running. Don’t ask me why – I have no idea! I’m often impulsive so maybe it was that? I’d spent the last 40 odd years avoiding exercise. I came last at every school sports day and did no sports out of school. I was large, I was clumsy, I was at best awkward! It turned out though with a bit of effort, a few blisters and a bit of sweat (ok a lot of sweat) I actually managed to do the couch to 5k programme (with a little help from my friends at SRDI).

I decided to continue with my midlife exercise crisis and signed up for an 8-week Hiit style programme. The 8 weeks flew by. I was a stone lighter; I’d picked up a few injuries (hiit does that) but felt great.

I signed up to more classes…but there was this one little voice in my ear, this thing over my shoulder- it was my mate Caz telling me to try CrossFit Ulysses. “Just try it once” she’d say “honestly Vic you’ll love it” over and over again!

So, I tried it and I hate to say it…she was right (it’s the only time it's happened Caz) and I’ve not looked back.

The coaches are really bothered about form, about you not getting injured, about you being the best version of you on that day, about you pushing yourself to the maximum. They have your self-belief for you, for the times when you don’t have it yourself.

There’s a real sense of being part of a community in the box. Everyone pulls together, everyone encourages no matter their level of fitness, no one gets left behind.

In the last 6 months my body has transformed. Years of terrible posture had left me unable to squat properly?!?! I hadn’t even realised this was the cause of intermittent lower back pain and knee niggles, all due to tight hip flexors.

So here I am now squatting like a boss, no back pain and knees that don’t niggle. Thanks to the sneaky workout routines my running has improved! I’m now able to run 12 miles on a good day downhill with the wind behind me.

This is not the best thing about Crossfit for me personally though it’s the change I see in others, more specifically my children.

My eldest son Max joined Crossfit, he was 15 at the time. Football was never his thing and he wasn’t exactly what you would call an exercising loving kid. His only exercise was a 10-minute bike ride to school and school PE. In the last 4 months the change in him has been dramatic; confident, strong, capable. He really enjoys Crossfit (especially when he beats me at stuff) the varied workouts stop anyone getting bored. He’s gone from struggling to move on a bar to doing 7 toes to bar in one go. I am so proud of the young man he is becoming and Crossfit has played a huge part in that. So many lads his age are up to no good, my lad is mixing with hard working absolute Teesside gems and hanging out with such great community minded role models, I know he’ll go far. CrossFit has been a welcome break from GCSE revision and trust me teenage angst can easily be chased away with a WOD. I totally treasure the time in the box spent with Max, working out together, laughing (usually at my expense) not all mums get to spend time with their children like this and you can’t beat a mum/son rowing battle (coming soon).

You might think this is the happy ending (probably hoping it is, this write up has turned in to an epic) but it gets even better now my daughter Molly has joined CrossFit and already she’s biffing out more press-ups than she ever could and her confidence is growing. Crossfit really is for everyone and now with the youth level method and the over 55 one there’s no excuse. Old people, young people, fit people, unfit people, tall people, short people, if you’re any sort of a people just try it like that wise guru Caz said “just try it once” – who knows what you and your family might achieve in 6 months? x x x

Fist bump's all round!

Fist bump's all round!

Our member of the month for March Jonny tells us his CrossFit journey below. Jonny is having to leave us for pastures new and we know his next CrossFit box is gaining an amazing team player. All the coaches and members wish you the best of luck with your new job and hope to see you soon.  Keep smashing them goals and keep being awesome.

Firstly I’d like to give a massive thanks (and fist pump obviously) to all the coaches for bestowing me with this honour!! 

Last September, when I first went down to Crossfit Ulysses for my “taster session” with Chris I didn’t really know what to expect.  I had heard varying views of CrossFit and I had my own ill conceived notion that you had to be incredibly fit in order to take part.  Chris did a great job of introducing me to Crossfit and after that first session it was abundantly clear that all the work outs could be scaled to anyone’s ability.  I’m not sure how everyone else found the taster session but I did plenty of sweating!!!

I got through my foundation classes and about a months’ worth of full classes before a new addition to the family arrived.  Training took a back seat for the next 6 weeks or so but by that stage I was already hooked!!  The coaches and members in the box are awesome and there is always plenty of craic and great atmosphere to help push you through the work outs.

I got back  into the swing of things in the new year (after plenty of indulgence/weight gain over the festive period) and decided to enter the Open to keep me focused.  I thought the way that this was organised by Ulysses was great and I wish I could have made some of the Saturday sessions as they looked awesome craic!!  The Open workouts definitely pushed me to the limit but also made me realise that CrossFit is something that I wanted to work and improve at.  I would like to think that I have made a substantial improvement since starting but at the same time I have a long way to go.  I find it’s the small wins that help keep you enthusiastic though – things that might seem insignificant but I was delighted when I held myself over the bar for 15 seconds or got my nose to the wall on a wall walk!!  I’ll keep working at the headstands Chris!!!

To sign off I would like to say that the all coaches and members have made CrossFit an awesome (life changing) experience for me and I only wish that I had given it a shot earlier!!  If I ever find myself in Teesside you’ll have to make room for me in one of your classes because I’m definitely dropping in!!!


Jonny Martin

Why not book a free intro and join an amazing tribe of awesome team players who will support you no matter what journey you're on.

Individual programming, the who, what, how & why

Individual programming, the who, what, how & why

Individual programming, the who, what, how & why.

Firstly, what. We would class individual programming as when an athlete decides to step away from class to do their own thing, this could be self programmed or by another coach/organisation. This programming could be individual to the athlete or part of a group. For instance one to one coaching or a competitors/strength cycle.

How, as mentioned above, athletes will normally pay for individual coaches or organisations to provide them with daily programming. This could be either through the internet, word of mouth or internally within their own gym.

Why, the why is normally the simplest. They are wanting to work on a weakness or feel individual programming will offer them more.

Finally who, now the who could be anyone. From someone who has spent 1 day in the gym to someone who has spent 1 year, programmes are available and accessible for all ability levels.

So why this post, in the rest of this blog we are going to address the good, the bad & the ugly of it all. As always we will start with the ugly, and while individual programming may seem sexy the ugly side for us coaches is seeing someone who isn't suited, or not ready for it. Now as mentioned above, there is programming available out there for people on day 1 but we probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone within the first 6 months of your journey. With group programming we tend to find a lot of movements aren't scaled properly, meaning a beginner athlete could not only be doing a scaling inappropriate for themselves but also a full movements. As well as this you aren't actually receiving any coaching, your form cannot be corrected, your not being educated on movements & your not getting taught the movement patterns and basics that we need. Even for someone 6-12 months in to their journey this can still stand true.

The bad, this comes mostly down to the individual as well in some cases the coach. When we come to the good you will see how the good coaches are the ones who have been working with & have access to high level athletes, have masses of experience themselves competing & coaching as well teams of experts around them. However these are few & far between and if you carry out the proper research should never happen to yourself. So then the bad comes down to the athlete, studies have shown that the amount of work completed in open gym is roughly 20% of that in class, alongside this without a coach there, an athlete is prone to sandbagging and cherry picking workouts. The athlete has no level of accountability and without the correct drive can be wasting both time & money (trust me i've been there & done it)

So finally the good, the good are sooooo goood! What these coaches know about programming & periodization will keep you on your toes for a lifetime. You can expect cycles & blocks, peaking for competitions, working on your weaknesses, expert help with nutrition, injury recovery and lifestyle as well as planning all this around your daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly schedule.

So with that being said when is it & is not right, at the end of the day that decision is yours, but we can give a few guidelines for when, as coaches we would think it's suitable.

1. You are aiming for regional competitions such as sanctionals & or placing within the top 20 consistently for local competitions.

2. You are recovering from a serious injury through rehabilitation which may be beyond your gym coaches knowledge.

3. You work shifts or offshore, meaning you can not attend class on a regular basis or lack of equipment.

4. You have outgrown your box, we sometimes see athletes go above and beyond what their box programmes and may need an extra push.

At the end of the day the choice is yours, but before you jump into it, have a think.

Can I speak to my gym coach about small extra programs? Do I really need this to reach my goals with individual programming? And is it worth it to myself?


CrossFit Ulysses

Skills pay the bills

Skills pay the bills

Skills pay the bills a wise coach once said……or maybe that was just me.

So you’ve been training for 6 months, 1 year, 5 years and still haven’t hit that 1 skill, that 1 skill that is holding you back, annoyingly? Or maybe if you’re human like me you still have many skills you would love to learn?

What have you tried?

For how long?

How many times?

What guidance if any have you sought?

It could be you’re 1st double under, push up, pull up, toes to bar, ring muscle up bar muscle up or maybe you are looking to improve the confidence in movements?

Skills are neurological- powered and learned with the brain, regardless of type! They need to taught and learned with consistency at a low heart rate, repeating of a motor pattern so you’re brain can control the muscle firing with electrical impulses!

We are electro-mechanical creations. The brain must think first what the body can physically do.

We’ve been through this process, frustration and pattern of attempt and fail ourselves and in doing so have crafted our new service for you.

Skills accelerator groups

Personal training groups capped at 4, lessons taught over 4 weeks of 1 hour with homework, progressions and a program to follow to accelerate you’re learning 5 to 10 times.

This group with its own coach, video feedback, pre and post testing.


The group of 4 reduces the cost from our usual price for 1:1 of £160 and saves you £60

Would you pay £100 for 4 1:1 sessions, group accountability and feedback, a training program and reduce your learning time by 5-10 times?

Hell yeah!

If this is you, please simply leave us your details on this form and we’ll do the rest.


CEO/Head Coach/L1 CrossFit trainer/ L3 Personal trainer/L2 Weightlifting Coach

Team Ulysses


Genetics loads the gun but it's your environment that will fire it.

Genetics loads the gun but it's your environment that will fire it.


Genetics loads the gun but it's your environment that will fire it.   

Disclaimer.... I am in no way a health professional or am I qualified in any aspect of fitness or nutrition, so please remember, this is just my opinion based on my environment and research I’ve been doing. 

Yes, you might of inherited your mamas "fat" gene.  But ultimately you make the choice if you'll let that gene be dominated by the foods and environment around you. Health professionals will tell you that disease runs in families, but diets also run in families..... 

Let's put it another way...  My mam made the most amazing bread, pasties and pies, which she learned from her mam, which she learned form her mam and I, in turn made the most amazing bread, pasties and pies.  These 'family recipes' have been passed from generation to generation to generation. The family meals that my Nana’s Nana used to make are also the meals that I used to make. That is, until I decided to end the cycle!

The foods people ate in the early 1900's were perfect for them with rations and no fridges etc.  They ate a good "hearty meal" of things like pie and veg most nights and even moped up the gravy with homemade bread. But that was the diet back then and it suited most people's lifestyles.  Back in the day, desk jobs were few and far between, most people worked hard and didn't snack on crisps and chocolate. Also, there wasn't a takeaway on every street and things like GMO's and packaged foods didn't exist back then either. In the early 1900's flours didn't get bleached and meats hadn't been pumped full of man made products and antibiotics. Nothing was processed and everything was made fresh daily.

Today's products are advertised as healthy, but if you look at the packaging, they are full of nasty little surprises, like genetically modified organisms, sugars, E numbers and preservatives, the list goes on. Most of today's food is man made. Most of our diets, no matter how healthy the packaging says it is, is not really good for us. Cancer, diabetes, obesity and a lot more are all on the rise and a lot of these things can be prevented by diet and lifestyle.

Some people can eat a million parmo's a week and it doesn't affect their weight, yet others only have to look at a McDonald's advert and they put on three pounds. See, genetics at its finest.

Although I don't recommend eating a million parmo's a week or McDonald's either. I do recommend you take a long hard look at what you are eating and if these foods are contributing to making these genes dominate how your body works, acts and looks then the only thing for you, is to do something about it. The longer you let these genes dominate, the harder you'll have to work to correct them. 

But most importantly, get off the couch and exercise. Those dominant "fat" genes can be tricked into submission by exercise and correct nutrition.  

So I'm not saying you can't enjoy good hearty foods that your nan used to make, however my suggestion is to not mix them with today's current foods. Don't eat that pie and then have a pizza later in the day. But If you are going to have pie then make it yourself. Make all your meals from scratch and always try to eat vegetables with every meal. Check the ingredients in the things you're using and if you have to have processed food then keep them to an absolute minimum. 

If you are like me and struggle with your weight, then the best thing to do is exercise.  I found a love for CrossFit and it's honestly been one amazing journey. CrossFit Ulysses has shown me how I can manipulate my body into doing exercise and find it fun. It's gave me a focus, it's gave me goals and it's helped me shift unwanted weight. CrossFit works for me. But if I'd of researched nutrition years ago I probably wouldn't have to work so hard to shift my unwanted, unhealthy weight and I'd have the body of a goddess and maybe a few ab's too!

I now know what foods work for me and what foods hinder my journey. I try not to eat processed things and if I'm caught off guard and have to, then I check out the ingredients and labels for the things that are unnecessarily added. Calorie count, write a food diary do what works for you, but don't just think it's in my genes and I can't do anything about it.

Yes I like pizza, yes I like chips and crisps and I definitely like chocolate. I'm never going to exclude these from my diet forever, but I do try to limit them as much as possible. Moderation and consistency are vital if you want to lose weight and/or maintain weight loss, get strong, fit and healthy.  

Think about your food, think about your exercise, think about your health.

Don't worry if you fall off the healthy train from time to time, we all do. Just remember to get back on it asap.

Much love Yvonne.  xx

Yvonne Osborne

Customer Service/Admin Manager

Team Ulysses

Strolled down the garden like an absolute boss

Strolled down the garden like an absolute boss

I'm an old(ish) bloke and like all blokes I still think I'm 23. And as my kids will testify (because I've been going on about it and boring them stupid for years) I used to be a good runner, used to be a good triathlete, used to be a (half) decent footballer etc etc, yaaaawn.

I've tried many times over 20 years to get back into running but always broken down with some injury or other, so it was a cycle of run/get injured/get fat.

I stumbled upon a programme on Amazon Prime called 'Killing the fat man'. The more I watched it the more I thought "This is me this is". I searched  Google for a local CrossFit box and found CrossFit Ulysses. Anyway...

The first time I walked into CrossFit Ulysses I was REALLY nervous but at least half a dozen people said "Hiya" and they weren't meatheads looking resentful that I might have the audacity to use their bench or something. Even the ones that looked like they 'might' be meatheads are just really strong, really helpful guys.

The foundations were both brutal and brilliant. My running, rowing and all the cardio stuff was OK but god my weedy cardioman arms were totally creamed. My wrists and back wouldn't bend and I was in all sorts of hellish pain trying to squat with an empty bar. All the coaches said it'd be fine.. I didn't believe them.. Not then anyway.

As everyone knows, the first rule of CrossFit is to go home and talk about it non stop even though you might at first think that you can't hack it. My daughter Ellie suffered the verbal diarrhea the worst, I was watching the 2017 games on telly and she decided to try it which was great obviously, because which competitive Dad doesn't want to get whupped by his kid? 🙄 No really, I love it. And now we've been joined by her boyfriend Kurt,  two of her mates and her mates Mam, which is testament to the family vibe at the Ulysses box.

The coaches were bang on by the way. My wrists stopped screaming, I went to a couple of weightlifting classes to work on technique. They were invaluable because any newbie WILL get psyched out in their first couple of classes, you're just staring around lost, like you're 4 years old and you've lost your mam somewhere in Skegness market.

OK so we mentioned I'm old(ish). Yes, I get aches and pains most of the time, but you get them anyway when you get past 50. Where I used to get an ache because I'd slept funny, or stretched too far to turn the bath taps off I now get an ache because I've done 105 x 24 kg kettlebell swings and 105 wall balls in quarter of an hour (Tuesday 6am). Or alternatively thrown about 3000+kg of weights around in a heavy session, which is well worth the aches I can tell you.

You want a practical example of what CrossFit can do for you? I have a big garden, I used to carry a 50 litres bag of compost (22kg in weight) from my car up to the top of the garden hugging it like a baby and having to rest thanks to my weedy arms. Last week I chucked a bag on each shoulder and strolled up the garden like an absolute boss. And seriously, I was genuinely buzzing.

The fact is that you either use it or you lose it. Whatever your age CrossFit will definitely make you use it and even 8 months on I still can't get over feeling my guns after a workout, 40+ years of running and biking never gave me these babies. 💪🏻

If you've thought about CrossFit, stop thinking and just have a bash, it's just great fun along with the pain and I promise you that the people at CrossFit Ulysses are equally as awesome.