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Have you got that Friday feeling?  

Have you got that Friday feeling?  

Have you got that Friday feeling?  

Do you want to feel great and look your best for the weekend? 

Well here at Ulysses we always have that Friday feeling.   Every day we can have you looking great and feeling great.   

With our fantastic tribe, awesome programming, amazing coaches and our fully functional CrossFit facility, every day feels like Friday.  We get you ready for life! Not just the weekend.    

You are guaranteed the best hour(s) of your day at Ulysses and you'll leave feeling the best version of yourself.  

With our 

1:1 PT Sessions. 

1:1 Nutrition coaching.

Small group PT sessions. 



Open gym slots.

And much more. 

We offer an early morning session at 6am for those early birds who like to get their workout in before their busy day. 

We have morning classes perfect for those finishing a night shift and wanting a workout before sleeping, or for those dropping children off at school, or even those who prefer a lie in but still want a session before enjoying their day.   

We offer early afternoon classes right up until the last class at 7:15pm.  

You see, we cater for everybody from business owners, 9-5 workers, shift workers, mums and dads, night shift workers and everybody In between. 

There is a small group or 1:1 PT session to suit everybody.  

Why not book a free intro and see what you can achieve with the right settings, right people and right times.  

We want you to feel like every day is Friday, and we can help you with your goals, no matter what they are, from losing weight to feeling great, we're here to get you started on your journey.