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It's great to be acknowledged by other leaders.   ðŸ˜

It's great to be acknowledged by other leaders.   ðŸ˜

It's great to be acknowledged by other leaders.   ðŸ˜

A great write up for Ben, our leader. By a leading fitness revolution.   The Level Method.

Big shoutout to CrossFit Ulysses 🙌

Crossfit Ulysses is founded by Ben Jakeman who has been a dedicated coach for over 6 years, but his love of sports began a long time ago as a 6 year old, playing football! Then fitness followed him as he grew up and became a soldier in the Britsh Army at age 21.

"My army fitness carried me forward for years" and he even started a football club,  then got into Personal Training.  Through the phases of his life, fitness has followed him, and no matter what he was doing he kept the passion to help others before himself.

3 years ago, he formed Crossfit Ulysses and opened the doors to  a massive 5400sq facility with the backing and support from his amazing wife Rachel, friends, and brother Chris and his sister-in-law Ingrid.  Through the challenges  of running his  gym and being a business owner,  Ben kept his belief in himself and his WHY fresh in his mind.

"The biggest gift I can give someone is posture, flexibility and giving knowledge and empowering members to improve the health of them, their family, and friends. "

When he reached out and was interested in using the Level Method, we were excited to unite with such a driven leader:

"I feel I’ve found my perfect team, starting Level Method and recently Two-Brained Mentorship have me more enthusiastic yet focused than ever."

Ben is a team player and strives to represent!

He lives by the philosophies like  "there is always room for improvement" and  "many minds are greater than one"

It's awesome to have you and your team onboard, Ben! 💪

Ben wants to help change the health of the people of Tees Valley.

Book a free intro and let Ben and his team help you to become the healthiest happiest version of yourself.