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Rebekah has shown pure grit and sheer determination to succeed in all the WODS

Rebekah has shown pure grit and sheer determination to succeed in all the WODS

This month's member of the month has been a really hard one for Team Ulysses to pick as so many of you deserve it.  You've all pushed yourself and worked really hard. The July challenge board was full of inspiration and we loved that you've all stuck to your goals and not only smashed them but you've all inspired others too.  Well done to you all. 

But it gives us great pleasure in announcing Rebekah Bunn as member of the month for July.    

Rebekah has shown pure grit and sheer determination to succeed in all the WODS and has pushed herself further this last month.  

Rebekah's goal when she first started was to gain muscles. (Hence the nickname "guns".)  And oh my, has she got muscles now. I was watching her do wall balls a few days ago and her back/shoulder muscles are coming along nicely.    Amazing work Rebekah.  

Team Ulysses are so proud of what you've achieved so far and we cannot wait to see what else your journey has in store for you. 

Rebekah we have a few goodies awaiting you on your return from the USA.  Well done. Keep up the great work.

The goal for me is to keep chipping away, improve my nutrition and get myself into some sort of shape

The goal for me is to keep chipping away, improve my nutrition and get myself into some sort of shape

Having been a member of ‘normal’ gyms for years, playing football, trying long distance running etc... I never had the support or the will to carry on and dedicate myself to getting fitter and healthier. Its been said that I don’t mind a beer too...

My cousin Andy asked me to go and do a taster at Ulysses so I went, quit the gym the next day, joined and never looked back. The coaches are brilliant, so knowledgeable and approachable and the gym itself is great - Especially for a big person that needs a lot of room!!

I’ve achieved a lot of small goals since I started (black level rowing, the ability to actually do a squat of some sort, pull ups, double-unders etc etc) 

The goal for me is to keep chipping away, improve my nutrition and get myself into some sort of shape (maybe one day I’ll compete?!) The support and the facilities are there and I finally feel like I’m in the right place to achieve something.

Thank you Ulysses!

  Steven McDonald, Ulysses Member of the Month for June.

Steven McDonald, Ulysses Member of the Month for June.

It gives Team Ulysses great pleasure in announcing that Steven McDonald is our member of the month for June.

Ste was out illusive zebra.

White in flexibility and black in rowing for The Level Method.

Over the course of the few months he’s been with us, he’s worked really hard on his weakness’s and can now hit full depth with his squats.

Well done Ste, we’re all super proud of you and all the progress you’ve made.

Ste can now knock out double unders for fun and his flexibility has been made a lot easier with the progress he’s made.

You can see the pride he has, for achieving the things he though impossible when he started and Team Ulysses love it.

Ste is humble with his achievements and it’s inspiring for all our members to see!

Ste, you hero. You’re no longer the illusive zebra and Team Ulysses are proud of everything you’ve achieved and for what the future goals you have planned.

Amazing people doing extraordinary things.

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Member of the Month for May.

Member of the Month for May.

It gives us great pleasure in announcing our Member of the Month for May is Andy Curd.

When Andy first came to Ulysses he looked very fit and healthy with an amazing six pack, but looks can be deceiving. He lacked a core, literally, he did not have any core strength and couldn't even do a sit up without the aid of a band to help him up..

He’s proven that trusting the process and pushing yourself towards your goals, anything is possible.

Andy can now do muscle ups and has core strength along with mental and physical strength too. Not only that, to top it off he is a really nice guy with a great sense of humour and takes all the “plastic ab” jokes and teasing all in his stride, giving back as good as he gets an that’s why Uylsses is his perfect place to train. He loves the atmosphere and banter that comes with our community.

Andy Ulysses coaches picked you because of all the hard work and effort you've put into all your training an PT sessions. You've been committed and worked hard to get to this point. Team Ulysses are super proud of all your achievements so far. We’re looking forward to seeing what you can achieve next!

I'm absolutely buzzing

I'm absolutely buzzing


I’m absolutely buzzing 🤣to have been picked for Member of the month for April and i’d like to thank everyone who got me to this actual point. Not just the coaches but the all the lovely members who pushed me on and made me push to points I never thought possible.    

First stepping into CrossFit Ulysses I had no idea of what CrossFit was and I didn’t know anything about Olympic weight lifting either.  I had a good level of fitness before i started, but nothing to what I have now.

I was nervous even though I had my uncle with me.  So after I completed my on-ramp I had my first session which I was also very nervous about but I loved every minute of it.  I also loved the friendly competitive side of it and I couldn’t think of a better place to train.

Since joining, whenever it was I did as i feel like i’ve been there since they first opened the door 🤣,  I now know I am much fitter and stronger physically and mentally. I also used all the training within Ulysses to get me where I am today with my career choice.

I went to catterick garrison in November last year and my only focus back then was running, but I failed which hit me really hard due to me wanting to be a paratrooper.  I thought my dream of being one was no longer and i was so upset, so my uncle advised me to join CrossFit Ulysses and since joining I have achieved so many things. Running with a weighted vest is now easy, i can do more pull ups and my strength with weight lifting is getting better day by day.

I have recently got back from catterick after attempting my tests again, knowing all my training has made stronger and I passed which I couldn’t be more happy about.   Ulysses coaches, staff and members have started me on my new journey and now i get to follow me dreams of being a Paratrooper and I am forever grateful. They all helped me grow and become the person i am today.

I used to go to a standard gym and didn’t have a clue or any understanding what I was doing, which you hear people say a lot.   But now I know I could step into any gym and create my own WOD and train effectively.

I wouldn’t recommend any other box to go to as Ulysses is THE ONE!  Never have i met such great people and all the members support each other no matter what.  The family atmosphere is one which you wouldn’t find in any mainstream gym, or anywhere else.  

 I’m going to miss my Ulysses family while i’m away on my training, but i’ll be back. Where else would i want to go when on leave?  🤣🤣 xx

Fist bump's all round!

Fist bump's all round!

Our member of the month for March Jonny tells us his CrossFit journey below. Jonny is having to leave us for pastures new and we know his next CrossFit box is gaining an amazing team player. All the coaches and members wish you the best of luck with your new job and hope to see you soon.  Keep smashing them goals and keep being awesome.

Firstly I’d like to give a massive thanks (and fist pump obviously) to all the coaches for bestowing me with this honour!! 

Last September, when I first went down to Crossfit Ulysses for my “taster session” with Chris I didn’t really know what to expect.  I had heard varying views of CrossFit and I had my own ill conceived notion that you had to be incredibly fit in order to take part.  Chris did a great job of introducing me to Crossfit and after that first session it was abundantly clear that all the work outs could be scaled to anyone’s ability.  I’m not sure how everyone else found the taster session but I did plenty of sweating!!!

I got through my foundation classes and about a months’ worth of full classes before a new addition to the family arrived.  Training took a back seat for the next 6 weeks or so but by that stage I was already hooked!!  The coaches and members in the box are awesome and there is always plenty of craic and great atmosphere to help push you through the work outs.

I got back  into the swing of things in the new year (after plenty of indulgence/weight gain over the festive period) and decided to enter the Open to keep me focused.  I thought the way that this was organised by Ulysses was great and I wish I could have made some of the Saturday sessions as they looked awesome craic!!  The Open workouts definitely pushed me to the limit but also made me realise that CrossFit is something that I wanted to work and improve at.  I would like to think that I have made a substantial improvement since starting but at the same time I have a long way to go.  I find it’s the small wins that help keep you enthusiastic though – things that might seem insignificant but I was delighted when I held myself over the bar for 15 seconds or got my nose to the wall on a wall walk!!  I’ll keep working at the headstands Chris!!!

To sign off I would like to say that the all coaches and members have made CrossFit an awesome (life changing) experience for me and I only wish that I had given it a shot earlier!!  If I ever find myself in Teesside you’ll have to make room for me in one of your classes because I’m definitely dropping in!!!


Jonny Martin

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