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I knew three sets of ten in a regular gym wasn't for me!

I knew three sets of ten in a regular gym wasn't for me!

I first started looking for a new way to improve my fitness after hitting 40. I had always played football, ran and dabbled in resistance training in my garage. My epiphany was forced on me when I couldn't even catch the young footballing whippets to foul them anymore, it was time to find a new way to invest in my health pension (with less embarrassment).

I knew three sets of ten in a regular gym wasn't for me, been there done that and achieved very little . I saw CrossFit athletes and thought WOW! Look at them they are great at everything , that's what I want to aspire to achieve.

I joined CrossFit Ulysses and instantly felt at home. The staff were really friendly and helpful, but the other box members were what really sold it though. Everyone is friendly and encouraging, even what I call the "Elites" say hello and give you tips and advice if they see you stumped or frustrated. They will stop what they are doing come and talk you through things. I have never had this before at any gym or team I have ever been involved with. If CrossFit is a cult, I'm all in.

Now for a few negatives, like most men I walked in thinking I was pretty fit, boy did I get found out. I felt like I had been hit by a bus after the first few WODS.

I was typical ego over ability, obsessed with RX-ing workouts, not listening to the coaches when they said drop the weight or do the progression not the RX. I found out to my detriment by numerous shoulder and back injuries, it made me question if I was too old for this CrossFit stuff.

I had a word with myself and thought, coaches can only help you if you are "coachable" its a two way street. I made a conscious effort to be humble, listen and work hard on the unsexy stuff. I now have far better shoulder strength and mobility and the showbiz moves are coming slowly but surely, it's the Ulysses mantra but you really do have to trust the process.

If you are new to CrossFit and you find yourself sitting on the black sofas waiting for your first workout, it will probably be me that comes over and says hello, I was there once and know how nerve wracking it can be watching people swinging on bars and throwing barbells around. This really is the best fitness decision I have ever made.

See you in the workout.