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Smashing out goals daily.   💪👊

Smashing out goals daily. 💪👊

All our 28 day nutrition challenge members have smashed it this week.  

Smashing out goals daily.   💪👊

However, Gemma has been picked for the first week's prize for her active involvement within the group. Posting messages and pictures of her food.  Sharing her highs and lows with the nutrition coaches and other members and she's also finally started to see results after years of plateau.

Gemma's goal has been to loose a fat %, and gain strength and muscle.  

Her end goal is in sight and she's super excited to see her results at the end of the 28 day challenge and beyond.    

Her smile is getting bigger along with her muscle mass and she oozes confidence. 

Gemma you've done amazing, keep up the great work and keep that end goal in perfect vision.  Ben was proud to hand over Gemma’s prizes. A bag of Natural Nutrients Chocolate Protein (to help Gemma’s sweet tooth} and of course the all important shaker to go along with it.

Thank you to Natural Nutrients and Dr Gus, for kindly sponsoring our 28 day Challenge.

Team Ulysses are proud of Gemma, all our members for the 28 nutrition challenge and all our CrossFit members too.  

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