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The plate method.

The plate method.

Eating healthy shouldn't be complicated. 

Here's a simple trick to help you every day to stick to your goals.  

The plate method is the most basic of tools your can utilize to stay on track.   It's simple and effective and stops you overindulging in the wrong foods. 

Nourish your body with the right foods and you'll see amazing results. 

Trust the process and book a free intro via link in bio. 

Our nutrition coaches are here to help you every step of the way.  

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Get a ninja like core at home.

Here at Ulysses we believe in helping. Helping others and going above and beyond what other gyms do.

Here is a simple yet effective way to help you get a better stronger core, which in turn will help in all other aspects of your training, from dead-lifting to nailing that first toes to bar or muscle up.

Follow the steps pointed out by coach Dave and demonstrated by coach Ben and before you know it, you’ll be mastering movements quickly and easily.


Enjoy the roller-coaster of a ride we call CROSSFIT LIFE.

Enjoy the roller-coaster of a ride we call CROSSFIT LIFE.

Our coaches are passionate about CrossFit, about health and wellness about YOU.   They value you, your health and safety over all other aspects.   They would never let you put your ego in front of safety.  They believe in you, you believe in them and yourself. 

Ulysses coaches want what's best for you.  Trust the process. Trust them. Leave your ego at the door and enjoy the rollercoaster of a ride we call CROSSFIT LIFE.

A few months ago, (January to be exact) I came back to train harder than I have in months, and even though the coaches encouraged me to work as hard as I could, they also told me I needed rest days and to ease back into it. I believe in pushing myself to my limits, but the coaches know me better than I know myself. They knew if I got to that limit too quickly, I'd burn out and injure myself, leading to further setbacks.   

So I've taken it slow and easy (as slowly as my mind will let me) but also pushing myself without going to quickly. I got my diet under control, I got my training in order, my head in the game and my own self well being on form too. The thing I know from experience is, if you don't have all your ducks in a row, eventually they all start to wander off in different directions.     

Nutrition ✔️

Training ✔️

Mental Health ✔️

Family/Home/Social life✔️

Meditation ✔️

Hobbies/Fun Stuff ✔️


That is my list.    Your’s will be different.  

My advice to me was this…... Get every aspect of your life under control and don't let anything get in the way of your goals this time. You know your own body and you know how to make it feel exactly how you want it to.  You also need to love yourself from within, otherwise you'll never move forward in Life. The coach’s know what they are doing, they know you, they know the programme and they know their stuff.   Ben and his amazing CrossFit Ulysses coach’s have been helping people since 2016. Let them help you, let them guide you on the right path, let them do their thing so you can do yours!

If i’d of had my ducks in a row back when I first started at Ulysses i’d probably be a few dress sizes smaller and would definitely have pull ups (maybe even muscle ups, or is that just my head in the clouds) But for sure, since my ducks have been aligned, i’ve lost over two stone (again) and a few dress sizes (again) and my mental health is the best it’s been in months, i’ve found a new love for life and i’m loving having adventures in and out of the box again.  I’ve been focused on me and my goals and getting to them in the best possible way. No distractions, no bull, no fad diets. AND I’m not falling off this time. I’m not saying i’ll never wander, but those ducks are on a short lead and if one does decide it needs a break, i’ll listen and take note and then pull it back onto the path with the other ducks….

Don’t just listen to me, take the advice from Ben, Damo, Dave and Chris.    Get your ducks in row. Set your goals and intentions.

A goal that is written down is far more likely to become reality as it’s accountable. Your goals should be what pushes you to do better, to work harder, to eat healthier.  Listen to your body, your head, your heart, your soul, your gut. Listen and set your intentions, set your goals. Smash the life out of them.

Yvonne Osborne

Customer Service.

Team Ulysses.

1st July week programming

1st July week programming

Hey tribe

As always were excited to share the weeks programming going ahead

Our weeks overview video from the Level method team for 1st July 2019


Below is the month overview for July

month overview.PNG

This week we have  Snatches on Monday, Front Squats on Wednesday and Push Press on Friday. 

Monday is Snatches & then a Full Body BurnWarmup is an 8 min prep for snatching with a focus on shoulders, scap & pec mobility.  Snatches start with progressions (plenty of time here) --  then 12 minutes to build high quality reps.   Workout is a 3 round Full Body Burn,  of Thrusters & Burpee over Bar.   Extra Credit is flushing  on the airbike,  coupled with lower body flexibility.               

Goal is <6:00

monday 1st.PNG

Tuesday is  a Heavy Breathing workout -  Warmup is line drills to increase  overall mobility & to warmup the lower body for running & doubleunders.   Prep is Double-under practice & drills  for 10 minutes. Workout is four 5-minute intervals,  separated by 1 minute rests.   Each set is either a Row/Bike  or a Run buy in,  followed in the remaining time by reps of Doubleunders & Box Jumps respectively.   Core Finisher is 3 rounds for quality of Tuckups & weighted planksExtra Credit is bodybuilding accessory work.

Goal is 350

tuesday 2nd.PNG

Wednesday  is  Front Squats and then a Deep Muscle Burn workout -   Warmup is designed to open up squatting mobility and to activate the core & prime the midline for Front Squats.  Front Squats start with front rack specific prep, then we move to 4 sets of 5-8,  depending on Level.  Plenty of time here to prioritize quality.   Workout is a 15 minute AMRAP  of higher-rep push ups, Db Snatches & Air Squats. Extra Credit is ascending minute-stations  between Row and Run/Jog that will work as a flush (breathing through nose only).

Goal is 3 + 20

wed 3rd.PNG

Thursday  is a Breathe & Burn workout followed by a Core Finisher -  Warmup is a quick run followed by a quick game.  Prep is Deadlift focused. Review technique and build to workout weight.  Workout is a 20 minute Breathe & Burn AMRAP of Deadlifts, Burpee Pullups, Russian Kbs & Running.  

 Core Finisher is accumulating Plank on elbows with a partner. Extra Credit is SMR focused on regions worked. 

Goal is 6-7 rounds

thursday 4th.PNG

Friday  is Push Press and then a Breathe & Burn Girl Benchmark workout “Karen”.   Warmup is with a partner and medball.  Push Press starts with movement review & progressions, then a 12 minute build,  depending on Level.   Workout is 150 Wallballs for time.  Extra Credit is bodybuilding accessory work for   Arms

Goal is <8:00

frriday 5th.PNG

Sunday  is  a Partner workout followed by a Shoulder & Core Finisher -   Warmup will activate & prime scaps with isometric exercises.  Prep is arch-hollow swing & movement review.  Workout is a 24 minute Partner workout with Box Jumps, American Kbs &  ascending pullupsShoulder & Core Finisher is 8 minutes of high-quality movement through Kb Windmills, Single-arm Kb Z-Press & Banded Pull Aparts.  Extra Credit is Flushing with the row coupled with mobility 



The usual weekend sweaty madness for boot-camp and team wod

sat 6th bootcamp.PNG
sat 6th teams.PNG
sunday 7th bootcamp.PNG

24th June programming

24th June programming

Hey tribe

As always were excited to share the weeks programming going ahead

Our weeks overview video from the Level method team for 24th June 2019


Below is the month overview for June

month overview.PNG

This week we have Power Cleans on Tuesday, Strict Press/SHSPU on Thursday, and Pullup on Sunday

Monday is Heavy Breathing & Core.   Warmup: 8 minutes alternating between 15 sec ascending difficulty row/bike/run, and 45  sec elbow planks.   Prep for workout with running drills.   Workout is 18-15-12-9, consisting of Burpee Box Jumps & running.  Core Finisher is a tabatta mash of Hollow Rock and Arch Body Holds.  Extra Credit is lower body SMR & Mobility.

Goal is <15:00

mon 24th.PNG

Tuesday is Powercleans and then a Breathe & Burn workout. Warmup is Kettlebell focused (for hip drive activation) & ascending height box jumps.  Powercleans start with Clean progressions and then accumulate 6-8 sets of Powerclean Variation.  Workout is a 16 min AMRAP -- Cindy rounds & Power Cleans.   Extra Credit is accessory core work w/ stability elements .                   

              Goal is 3-4 rounds

tue 25rth.PNG

Wednesday is a two station interval workout of 1) Breathe and 2) Breathe & Burn.  Warmup is in partners:  1200m run easy relay … partner A runs while partner B does swings & squats.   Prep is Rowing technique.  Workout is alternating stations of Rowing, and Situps & KB on  the 4 minute mark.  Extra Credit is upper body push  therapy/mobility/preparation for Thursday’s work.                   

Goal is N/A

wed 26th.PNG

Thursday is a Strict Press and then a Muscular Burn workout.  Warmup is in partners focused on shoulder mobility & activation.  Strict Press starts with review, press specific preparation, and then accumulate 4-6 sets in 10 minutes.  Prep workout with  doubleunder technique & drills.   Workout is 5 rounds of HSPU & Doubleunders.  Extra Credit is Flush & upper body mobility.        

Goal is <8:00

thur 27th.PNG

Friday is a Breathe & Burn workout.  Warmup is full body and Medball focused.  Prep is deadlift review and then 2-4 sets of ascending warmup sets.  Workout is a pyramid scheme of running, Deadlifts, Wallballs & Stepups.  Extra Credit is SMR for glutes, quad & t-spine.                  

Goal is <30:00

fri 28th cf.PNG

Sunday  is a Partner workout.  Warmup is 400m indian run followed by  a group full body mobility & activation.  Pullups start with Lat Activation and moves to 10 minutes to build to heavy 5.  Prep workout  with review of each movement, emphasize shoulder stability.  Workout is a 20 minute Partner AMRAP of Toes To Bar,  Db Snatches &  Single-arm Db OH Squats.  Extra Credit is lower body accessory work.                   

Goal is N/A

sun 30th cf.PNG

The usual weekend sweaty madness for boot-camp and team wod

sat 29th bootcamp.PNG
sat 29th teams.PNG
sun 30th bootcamp.PNG

17th June programming

17th June programming

Hey tribe

As always were excited to share the weeks programming going ahead

Our weeks overview video from the Level method team for 17th June 2019


Below is the month overview for June

month overview.PNG

This week we have Weighted Pullups on Tuesday,  Heavy Backsquats on Thursday and Snatch work on Sunday

This week we have Push Jerks on Monday,  DB/KB Row on Wednesday & Front Squats on Friday

Monday starts with 10 minutes for a partner warmup -- rowing, while the other does shoulder stability work.  Spend about 20 minutes on Push Jerks -- a 5-8 min technique review,  then 12 min to build. Then the workout, “Rushmore” -- a two-part  15 min AMRAP: first,  a 1K row, “Lungs & Burn”, and second, a “Muscular Burn” workout consisting of Push Press, Pullups & Air squats.  Extra credit is upper body mobility.   Goal is into round 25

mon 17th.PNG

Tuesday starts with a quick 3 min bike or row, then a dynamic prep with Junkyard Dog. Next, 12 minutes of weightlifting technique review,  and a 10 min build of a complex -- consisting of movements in the workout.  The workout is “Vesuvius” -- “Breathing & Bracing” in three couplets: Doubleunders plus some weightlifting movement to get the lungs pumping -- switching on the 7 min mark.  Finally, extra credit is lower body mobility.   Goal is <12:00 total work time

tue 18th.PNG

Wednesday starts with a game,  then lat & core activation -- 20 min to review & do

DB/KB rows,  4 sets of 15-20 reps.   Then the workout, “Stormbreaker” -- a short, high powered “Deep Body Burn” of DB Thrusters &  Airbike Cals.   Extra credit is high quality therapeutic movements w/ flushing.   Goal is <6:00

wed 19th.PNG

Thursday starts with line drills to prep running;  then 20 minutes for Technique -- Toes to Bar,  Box Jumps & Running.  Then move to “The Railroad” -- a “Lungs” workout  with core endurance  -- the Toes, Jumps & Runs  we already prepped.   The finisher is 4 rounds of high quality shoulder activation & stability.  Extra credit targets lower body flexibility & abs.   Goal is <11:00

thur 20th.PNG

Friday starts with a circle warmup --  joint mobility & general body prep.  Next, building to high-tension Front Squat reps.   Then “Night’s Watch” -- a 15 minute “Lungs & Burn” workout of moderately loaded Front Squats & Burpee Pullups.  Extra credit is flushing, quad SMR, and tricep accessory.   Goal is 8+

fri 21st.PNG

Saturday starts with a game, then partner wallball drills.  Move right to “Royale with Cheese” -- a long “Muscular Burn” with a 30 min Cap.  The finisher is an accessory 8 minute AMRAP focused on core & grip.  Extra credit is muscular accessory work focused on biceps -- to balance out the earlier work.  

sun 23rd.PNG

The usual weekend sweaty madness for boot-camp and team wod

sat bootcamp.PNG
sat 22nd teams.PNG
sun 23rd bootcamp.PNG

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Matty has been with us for a while now and he always has a goal. He wanted them Double unders and he mastered them, he wanted bar muscle ups and mastered them just in time for the open and now he's finally got RING MUSCLE UPS. Matty is focused and knows what he wants.

Goals without a plan are just wishes. Matty had goals. He's achieve them in such a short space of time and we cannot be more proud of him. He's now working on handstand walks and he’s wanting to get a few minutes off his 5KM run too and we know he'll smash them goals just like his others.

Ulysses coaches know Matty listens and takes on board everything that is said to him, he even stopped kipping until he mastered strict movements.

Matty you are awesome and we look forward to seeing you achieve your next goals.


Get your goals written down and lets get smashing them just like Matty did..

You may be shocked to hear this, nutrition and staying active are not the most challenging aspects of losing weight.

You may be shocked to hear this, nutrition and staying active are not the most challenging aspects of losing weight.

You may be shocked to hear this, nutrition and staying active are not the most challenging aspects of losing weight.  I repeat NOT. Wait, aren’t they the only two things. Well no...


The two most challenging aspects are in fact.

  1. Not changing your habits, or thinking you don’t have to change.

  2. Thinking that it’s an overnight process and will happen quickly.

In reality, the most challenging parts have nothing to do to with your actions and what training you do daily, but more to do with the way you think about the things you do.    


Anyone can start eating healthy and exercising daily, but if you don’t have the right mindset to change your habits which got you to where you are now, then you’re on the road to failure.


Be honest with yourself... What habits have you formed over months or even years that led you to being overweight?


Those are the habits you have to consider and you need to break them. If you break those habits and form healthier ones you’re on the road to success.


But remember, it was a slow process that got you to where you are now and it's going to be a slow process to where you want to be.   When you can accept that you will have to change your current habits to reach your goals and that it will take time, you will be on the path to success.


 Yvonne Osborne

Team Ulysses





10th June 2019 programming

10th June 2019 programming

Hey tribe

As always were excited to share the weeks programming going ahead

Our weeks overview video from the Level method team for 10th June 2019


Below is the month overview for June

month overview.PNG

This week we have Weighted Pullups on Tuesday,  Heavy Backsquats on Thursday and Snatch work on Sunday

Monday -- A quick 10 minute warmup starts the session, preparing for jumping. Spend 20 minutes working on weightlifting skill & then building weight to prepare for the workout. Today it’s a high breathing interval workout with building clean and jerks within each set, and core work.  

mon 10th.PNG

Tuesday the session starts with active mobility joint circles & partner mobility. There is a quick lat activation set before pullups, and movement specific work before the workout itself.   The workout starts with weighted pullups, then moves to a hard, fast, high powered (intense) shorter workout that includes pullups and front squats.  It should burn and should be very uncomfortable.    

tue 11th.PNG

Wednesday -- The warmup is designed to activate core and inverted support muscles. This a higher skill day and includes inversion/core work --  L-sits and Handstand walking at the highest levels -- should be challenging -- followed by a longer muscular burning workout.

wed 12th.PNG

Thursday --  The warmup is a very quick priming workout to prep for immediate transition to the strength portion.  This is a heavy backsquat day followed by a breathing & stamina work involving similar muscle groups.  It is a REPEAT from 2/4/19.

thur 13th.PNG

Friday starts with a GAME and moves to doubleunder skills & drills with specific practice work. Today it’s a high breathing, fun & interesting workout with a buy-in & penalties. There are some muscular burning elements (stamina) in the 3 round portion.

fri 14th.PNG

Sunday is dedicated exclusively to snatches. The warmup is designed to prep shoulders & midline, and moves right to snatch technique skills & drills followed by time to build. Then a partner snatch session with an EMOM requirement.

sun 14th.PNG

The usual weekend sweaty madness for boot-camp and team wod

sat 15th bootcamp.PNG
sat teams.PNG
sun 16th bootcamp.PNG

 I am not yet where I want to be but I now know that I can ‘trust the process’ and CrossFit Ulysses

I am not yet where I want to be but I now know that I can ‘trust the process’ and CrossFit Ulysses

Georgina has been with us since January and her journey so far is inspiring.   She is such a wonderful, helpful caring young lady adn has a smile for everyone she meets. She is an inspiration to all young females out there. Don’t procrastinate, chase those goals and achieve great things!

Read what G has to say below..

I started my CrossFit journey in January 2019 and I can honestly say I have never ever looked back. I was part of this year’s 28 day challenge and it has honestly changed my life completely. I lost over 10lb in the first month and have now lost over 22lb.

I have always struggled with my weight and the way I look. Back in school and throughout university I have always been the ‘bigger girl’ but CrossFit Ulysses is helping me change myself while also making me happier and healthier. Whilst studying at Teesside I have always tried to make sure I go to the gym and attend football training but never actually lost weight. Going on crash diets whilst living in student accommodation just never seemed to work for me.

Steph told me about CrossFit Ulysses back in 2016 when she first started and I never even considered it, which was a massive mistake. The atmosphere and the family feeling is something that keeps me going throughout class as well as outside of CrossFit. Ben and the team are so fantastic in what they do and each class brings me closer to reaching my end goal.

As I said, I am not yet where I want to be but I now know that I can ‘trust the process’ and CrossFit Ulysses will help me get there soon enough. I don’t want to have to wear baggy clothes and try and hide at the back of photos any more which is why I decided back in January that I was going to change my life for the better.

After completing the 28 day challenge I couldn’t not stay with the box, so ever so kindly my parents bought me a block booking for my birthday and CrossFit Ulysses is now stuck with me forever!

Being elected as President Welfare at Teesside university 2 years in a row is something that helped me gain and achieve confidence to start doing something that i enjoy. I see myself as a very happy, energetic and smiley person, but my weight does get me down more than anyone can see. I think about it all the time and when getting photos taken with my friends who are so much smaller than me it does really bother me. I often think, ‘I wish I could wear that dress’ or stand in a photo on holiday in a bikini, but I am so self- conscious I can’t. My personality makes me appear very outgoing, confident and loud but deep down my body and weight has always got me down, making me sad on many occasions.

It’s so nice now to have people who I see all of the time and people I don’t see often commenting ‘god G you’ve lost weight’ or ‘you’re looking really good G’. It’s so rewarding and that’s all thanks to CrossFit Ulysses. This is where CrossFit Ulysses is changing my perception and life day by day. I attend class at least 6 days a week and always come away smiling, the people I do classes with are now friends and I can’t thank CrossFit enough for that.

I can eat nice healthy things without starving myself and now enjoy what I eat after Ben and Damo’s nutrition advice.

If someone can take only one thing from this it would be to try CrossFit Ulysses and I can promise you, you will never ever look back.

I can’t thank you all enough, thank you for helping me start my unbelievable journey and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Lots of love

Georgina xx

Programming week 3rd june 2019

Programming week 3rd june 2019

Our weeks overview video from the Level method team for 3rd june 2019


Below is the month overview for Uune

month overview.PNG

This week we have Overhead Squats on Monday, Deadlifts on Tuesday, and Overhead Work on Thursday.

Monday has two parts -- Overhead Squats, then a 15-minute-high-breathing AMRAP that includes Running, Overhead Squats, and Burpee Box Jumps.  Start with a 10-minute warmup -- a 200m group run and stations.   Then review Overhead Squat w/PVC pipe.  Next partner up and use a light barbell or PVC to build 1 Overhead Squat and 1 Sots’ Press -- 5 sets.    Release to build to a heavy set of 3 reps (or level appropriate option) in 10 minutes.   Focus remains on smooth movement & stability.   No matter what level always feel stable throughout the lift -- do NOT push the weight.  Treat each PVC warm up set & rep the as if it was a max -- to maximize the effectiveness of the practice. Take your time, this is more about learning than it is about lifting weight. Move to the workout “Morpheus”, and remember that Breathing & Overhead Squats will determine success in this workout.


mon 3rd june.PNG

Considering the run and the Burpee Box jumps, this workout will be Aerobic Power on the breathing side Vp(v), with some leg & shoulder fatigue (but not enough to be a limiter.) The OHS will be affected most by the breathing so stay at a steady pace on the 400m runs, so you can start the OHS immediately.  Don’t rush the burpee box jumps -- they should be done at the same relative pace as the run.


PRO TIP: keep breathing steady regardless of the movement. Maintain a consistent pace throughout and focus on unbroken stable OHS sets -- and you’ll have great success on this one.


Tuesday has two parts -- Deadlifts and a Superset of Weighted Pullups & Ring Dips -- “The Forge”.  Rarely do we have TWO muscular contraction-based elements in a single day.  Generally, we mix breathing in.  Brief your people on the NEED for high quality muscular contraction work, and approach today with the right mindset.  

 Start with a 3-part warmup of leg swings, then cone drills, and finally workout-specific activation.  20 minutes slotted for the Deadlifts for 12 reps. That rep range is uncomfortable, so make it the right kind. If   form is compromised, especially in back stability, drop the weight down. Get a tight grip before you start your set and move smooth through all reps.   For part two, spend 5 min activating the lats & shoulders, and 5 minutes reviewing movements & variations. 

This part is a simple combination Upper Body Pull Strength (electricity) via Weighted Pull-ups or variation and Upper Body Push Stamina (plumbing) via Ring Dips or variation.  Each set make the Pull portion a little harder -- pushing the muscular tension -- and focus on squeezing the bar or rings and maintaining tight body position.  Immediately move to a pushing variation where the goal is to hit at least 10 solid, controlled reps. Adjust the weight/difficulty to allow for QUALITY movement, and don’t work past the 1:15 mark (which may be possible for some on the early set). You don’t want to BURN OUT on the early sets by working the entire 2 minutes. You’ll need some rest to keep the Pullup Quality high. The lower levels will be on the Strength Endurance side for BOTH movements, which is good and expected and will build the capacity to hit heavier single reps when the time comes.  BLUE+ should add weight on the Pull-ups in each round … ending at something tough. Chase the burn on the AMRAP sets, but only with good technique -- do NOT push through bad technique to slop out a few extra reps.  


tue 4th.PNG

Wednesday -- “Mother of Dragons” is a 20-minute-high breathing AMRAP.  The session starts with a warmup game (Huddle) and then a partner wall ball thruster portion.  Then review/ practice double-unders, with specific drills. Then review/rehearse movements. Although this is a “Chipper” workout, it falls into the Aerobic Power (Ventilation) category Vp(v). With this type, stick to a steady pace, and do NOT waver. Shoulder fatigue will come from excessive and unnecessary tension on Doubleunders and Wallballs.  RELAX the shoulders whenever possible. The reps ascend for the Wallballs & Row Cals, so you want to feel good when you get to the larger sets. Double-unders descend -- stay smooth & close to unbroken -- no more than two sets.  So the same with Wallballs, but note how legs feel deeper into sets. If you blow them out early, the rest of the workout will be sluggish. Sticking to the planned pace will avoid the rut, and the finish will be quicker than expected. Do NOT let this workout drag on.  No long rests keep the breathing rate HIGH.


wed 5th.PNG

Thursday has two parts, Overhead Work, and a 3 Round KB workout  -- “Crash Bandicoot.”  Start with a 10 minute full-body station warmup. Then a Push Press Review with progressions. Each set of the overhead work is meant to be a Dynamic Effort -- fast, high quality.  Set up tight before every rep, and drive like it’s a one rep max attempt.  Be sure to hit a solid lockout position, and take your time between reps. You’ll be building 5-7 sets (as needed) in 10 minutes. Then move to a 12 minute KB Review and Reverse TGU Flow. The goal is to get familiar with the KB before hopping into “Crash Bandicoot” which has Stamina (plumbing) elements within Aerobic Power (high breathing). It will sneak up on you if you come out too hot.   


Approach this workout with caution -- start out smooth & steady to test the first round.   Be aware of grip fatigue into the second & third rounds -- it can come back to punish you later.  Avoid wasted reps by resting  just before the last Kb clean --  use that to begin the lunges.  Keep the kettlebell tight to the body on the lunges -- better front rack means easier lunges.  For the suitcase carry, note core & grip fatigue. Maintain an upright position through the entire 200m, & switch hands whenever necessary, but symmetrically.  Poor posture will result in sore backs the next day … and not good-sore.  

thur 6th.PNG


Friday starts with technical weightlifting work, and a 2 round Barbell workout -- “Anarchy.”   We have a 10-minute circle warm up to get everything open, then front squat prep. Then a comprehensive Technique review & group progression. Keep weight to no more than 80%-85% (relative effort) & focus on crisp reps. This is meant to be more technique work for WHITE ORANGE; build to heavier than workout weight.  Get comfortable with the movements and carry it over into the workout. Then move to “Anarchy” and briefly review Barbell cycling concepts and Toes to Bar Technique.

fri 7th.PNG


“Anarchy” is aerobic power with lots of Stamina -- 2 round workouts can be highly deceptive. This workout may have some strong lactic elements, so start slower than your initial instinct.  Do NOT be tempted to go unbroken on the first set of hang power cleans. This will blow out your grip & breathing, derailing the entire workout. It might feel nice while you’re doing it, but you’ll pay the price later.  Manageable sets with quick rests is best, keeping in mind that every minute brings 5 TTB and more core & grip fatigue.  Focus on quality movement & give yourself time between the end of a set and the start of the TTB. Patience in the first round will be the key in this one.


Sunday is “Skee Ball” -- a point-based partner workout.  First, a group & partner warm up on the longer side. Then review movements and point structure. “Skee Ball” is all about playing to your strengths -- sticking to a plan will give a big score.  Unlike most workouts, this does not fit into an energy system because you choose both the movements & the order.  When discussing strategy with your partner, create a “round” that you want to repeat. Both partners work at the same time.  Keep in mind that the points are awarded each time one partner does the prescribed reps -- so theoretically one partner can run the entire time & the other can accumulate reps.  Do not be afraid to get creative here with strategy, to maximize time & put up a BIG number.

sunday 9th.PNG



SATURDAY & SUNDAY usually mix things up a little for the boot-camps and team wod as seen below

sat bootcamp.PNG
sat 8th teams.PNG
sun bootcamp.PNG

Member of the Month for May.

Member of the Month for May.

It gives us great pleasure in announcing our Member of the Month for May is Andy Curd.

When Andy first came to Ulysses he looked very fit and healthy with an amazing six pack, but looks can be deceiving. He lacked a core, literally, he did not have any core strength and couldn't even do a sit up without the aid of a band to help him up..

He’s proven that trusting the process and pushing yourself towards your goals, anything is possible.

Andy can now do muscle ups and has core strength along with mental and physical strength too. Not only that, to top it off he is a really nice guy with a great sense of humour and takes all the “plastic ab” jokes and teasing all in his stride, giving back as good as he gets an that’s why Uylsses is his perfect place to train. He loves the atmosphere and banter that comes with our community.

Andy Ulysses coaches picked you because of all the hard work and effort you've put into all your training an PT sessions. You've been committed and worked hard to get to this point. Team Ulysses are super proud of all your achievements so far. We’re looking forward to seeing what you can achieve next!

Working and looking after her husband, three children, and copious amounts of chickens and other farm animals, you’ll wonder where she finds the time

Working and looking after her husband, three children, and copious amounts of chickens and other farm animals, you’ll wonder where she finds the time

Kirsty has already told us her story when she was picked for member of the month for February (you can find this in an earlier blog), but since then, she’s made some amazing progress.

Kirsty is an inspiration to us all. She is a busy working mam and also has a little farm going on at home too. (if anyone has had some of her eggs from her free range chickens, they’ll tell you they are the best.) Working and looking after her husband, three children, and copious amounts of chickens and other farm animals, you’ll wonder where she finds the time. BUT SHE DOES.

Kirsty always takes time to work on her self. He inner strength is outstanding, her quiet nature is only on the surface and her total gusto for any WOD or Open Gym session she attends is inspirational.

Kirsty also looked deep into her nutrition and has made some amazing changes to her food habits. She often posts her food on instagram and they never look boring or repetitive. Proving once you get your nutrition sorted, the rest is easy!

When Kirsty was picked for MOTM for February she was slowly working on getting that first pull up. She was saying only two weeks ago she’d love to have it by Christmas! But oh no wait. She’s hit it. In May! Kirsty your smile at the end of the video says it all really. We are so proud of you and everything you’ve already achieved in the short time you’ve been with us.

Working her weaknesses and being committed to her goals has fast tracked Kirsty so much. From all the awesome guidance off our amazing coaches and the support of her fellow class members has made Kirsy shine. She deserves to be MOTM again and again, for all her hard work and determination alone.

I asked Kirsty what her next goal was. He’s what she said. Word for word.

“I’m still thinking about it at the moment as there’s an awful lot I need to work on. Possibly being able to do a handstand, Kipping pull up. Flexibility on my shoulders. Toes to bar. And still working on them pull ups so I can do more at a time. Ha ha”

And her reply just goes to show how committed she is to her goals and her lifestyle of health and fitness. Kirsty, Team Ulysses want to say congratulations on hitting your first pull up, just in time to level up on The Level Method and for all the awesome things you do to make us all smile on a daily basis.

What goals do you have? Why not book a free intro and let see if you can smash them with our help!

The day that changed my life

The day that changed my life

My Why

I started my CrossFit journey back in May 2016 shortly after my dad sadly passed. I’d separated from my estranged wife earlier in the year and moved back in with my parents, I was tipping the scales at 23 stone and I was suffering badly with depression and just felt lost in life.   It was the day I was returning my dad’s car to a dealership and was walking back home scrolling mindlessly through Facebook and a random suggestion popped up for CrossFit Ulysses. I didn’t even know what CrossFit was, but knew I needed to find out. Maybe my dad was looking down on me that day, maybe it was coincidence. But that day was the day that changed my life.

I messaged Ben and we got chatting and I decided to go in for a look around and to see if it was for me. Once through the door, I found myself loving the atmosphere and decide to join up.   

In my first three months, I’d lost over 3 stone and felt the best I had in a long time. Not just physically but mentally too. Through my grief and depression, the training helped me forget about the outside world and the more I focused on training the better I felt about myself and life in general. I was hitting amazing milestones in my training, and my personal life, I‘d stopped taking antidepressants and I had a new outlook in life. I found the more I trained alongside people on the same journey the more I wanted to be in the box with all the like-minded members.

Fast forward two years.. I wanted to find a way to pay Ben back for all the awesome support and great mentoring and also pay it forward to help others the way I had been helped. So after a lengthy talk with my soul mate Yvonne (who I met at Ulysses, but that’s a whole different story) I decided that I wanted to become a PT.  This way, I could pass on my knowledge to others about my journey and how I’ve battled with food and depression and hopefully being able to help others overcome their body issues and nutrition problems.

I still have a few stone to lose to be the weight I want to be, but know I’ve already come a very long way.  I am no stranger to the CrossFit ways of taking your top off mid WOD and I love showing off my newly found muscles, which I never dreamed I‘d ever have before starting at Ulysses.

My passion for CrossFit is undeniable and I love helping members feel their best and overcome their in-habitations.  Helping members with technique and my safety first approach and being a stickler for rules are undeniably some of my greatest qualities as a PT.

Myself as well as all the other coaches and PT’S have worked our way up from the bottom.  We’ve spent hours upon hours working our weaknesses and learning new things. We stay humble and know we still have a lot to learn and we’re always learning new things every day.  Christ, there are members who can do things I can’t, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to coach you safely and efficiently in doing these.

So when we say “we know”,  we really do know and when we say “ we care”, we really do care!

You trust us to give you your best hour of the day, so the least I can do is try to make that hour a memorable, fun and sweaty one.

Come along and see how Ulysses could change your life.



Some of our members hitting PB's while testing for The Level Method.

Some of our members hitting PB's while testing for The Level Method.

Some of our members hitting PB's while testing for The Level Method.  😍

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things and smashing goals. 🤩💪🏋️🤸🏃

The Level Method is an awesome way to test not only your level of fitness, but how much you've improved. Just like any kind of martial arts belting system, you stick to your colour and move up once you've mastered that level.  

When Ben first decided to bring in the Level Method, some of our existing members weren't too keen. But the last year has proved time and time again, that TRUSTING THE PROCESS, and doing your level really works. It helps mould you into the best athletes. Don't want to be an athlete, that's fine. The Level Method is perfect for you too.  It's grades you to your own level and you'll never be put at risk in any workout, working to your level and seeing fantastic results. 

It's the little changes that you don't notice until you test again, on how much you've improved and what an awesome method it really is. 

All our members love The Level Method, even the ones who, at first didn't see the bigger picture and the coaches know how much it changed the dynamics of CrossFit Ulysses. The Level Method takes away ego which can and often will lead to injury, it takes away the worry for beginners and it helps you know your strengths and weaknesses. It's perfect from beginner to advanced athletes.

CrossFit Ulysses and The Level Method help you become the best version of yourself and push you to the next level. 

Want to know more? Want to see how you can achieve amazing things just like our members.   Then look for further. Hit that "book free intro" button on our website and see your pictures posted here in a few months time.   

Stay awesome.  

I want to make a change

“I think it’s time I got my nutrition sorted”

These are the words as coach’s we hear on a weekly basis. But what does it mean to get your nutrition sorted? Is it a case of eating more protein and vegetables, is it a reduction in calories? What are your goals and how are you training at the moment?

Just saying “it’s time to get my nutrition sorted” is a brilliant thing, it shows the clients understanding to change and focus, however it’s an open-ended question that we are going to delve in to.

Firstly, let’s look at your goals, what is the purpose of this change? Are you wanting to improve performance in the gym, get lean for summer or get strong? All of these have different approaches from a nutrition stand point. As nutritionists we need to make clear that one size does not fit all, we need to make sure our clients not only understand the process but how the science works. For example, a client who has come to us and wants to get lean for summer could simply be put on a caloric deficit and asked to track food intake. On the other hand, if we had a client who wants to improve athletic performance, we could delve in to all sorts of sciences, nutrition timing, carb cycling, macro & micro intake as well as optimal body fat. Whatever your goals are, will strongly decide which direction you need to take and should be clearly defined when starting this journey as one goal may contrast another.

Secondly, we could then delve in to the clients training. Are you training once or twice a week or more? High intensity or low intensity or not training at all? Each of these will have different effects on the body and what the body needs. If we use the example of CrossFit training a lot of the workouts are performed at a high intensity with varied weights. So how would this effect the client looking to lose weight? To fuel this type of activity a client may need a higher carb intake than others, additionally there may be a focus on protein to ensure strength is kept. The opposite of this could be your regular gym bodybuilder, this individual will be doing low intensity cardio and resistance training, therefore this type of client would need a lower carb intake but a higher protein one to support their training.

Lastly, how is your current diet? Are you a weekend binger? Big on the snacks? Like the odd beer or two? We look at these because the simplest of changes can sometimes make the bigger differences. If  you’re a weekend binger try having one day off and you will instantly see the difference. Like a snack? Maybe plan your meals better and ensure you are getting enough protein to fill you.

So, this has probably raised more questions than answers for yourself and that’s a good thing. When we look at making a nutrition change, we need to really ask ourselves the why. Why are we making this change & do we understand the process we need to follow? Next time your going to make a change write down your why, then from there track the sacrifices your going to have to make.

Do I want to get lean for summer? If yes, am I willing to sacrifice my performance in the gym? Am I willing to not have my weekend beers and takeaway? Working out and writing down your why will help when you're identifying the sacrifices and help keep yourself focus.

That being said the best nutrition change can just be the smallest, eating more good quality protein, lots of vegetables and less processed food.


Want to know more?

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Damian Buck- nutritionist/ L1 CrossFit trainer/ L1 Weightlifting coach

Team Ulysses

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