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Doing Burpees, box jumps, kettle bell swings and giving my whole body a workout, somehow just fixes the part of my brain that never switch's off.

Doing Burpees, box jumps, kettle bell swings and giving my whole body a workout, somehow just fixes the part of my brain that never switch's off.

Since it was WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY yesterday i wanted to share a little something with you.

I had a car crash that left me with severe whiplash and by the instructions of the doctor, I was advised to not exercise for a few weeks until my injury calmed down enough to see what damage was done. I did as I was instructed and took some rest days. But after about a week and half I found myself feeling anxious and depressed and so I knew I needed to be back in the box, injury or not.

You see, for me, a lot of my workouts are more about my mind. Or rather how it works. If I haven't had those few weeks off, my mind wouldn't have got to that stage of feeling that way. And I feel the same if I’ve not been in the box for a few days, my mind needs it more than my body most of the time.

All I think about in that hour or so a day at Ulysses is...... Nothing... Literally nothing...... Well if counting reps isn't included. Lifting weights and throwing around a bar bell is the best therapy you'll ever receive. Doing Burpees, box jumps, kettle bell swings and giving my whole body a workout, somehow just fixes the part of my brain that never switch's off.

So if you see me dancing about between sets or emom's, it's to keep my mind on the workout so it doesn't wander.

My mental health is helped so much by CrossFit Ulysses. I leave the box feeling worn out and tired but feeling the best in every way possible.

Ulysses for me is the all rounder therapist. You can achieve so much, which helps your mental health. Loosing weight, feeling great, making PB's. All this leads to gaining confidence and through this helps you feel happier and if you're happy then your mental health is getting better.

Surrounded by like minded people on their own journey, humbled people who help you achieve things in life and being supported by them all, is an amazing feeling.

Ulysses health and well being is about helping you become the best version of yourself.

My advice. GET YOURSELF INTO THE BOX and get your mental health on the right path and everything else just falls into place.

Feed your mind the good stuff.

Don't know where to start.

Click that "book free intro" button and let us get you started.

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we high five one another whilst rolling around on the floor waiting for our lungs to start functioning properly again

we high five one another whilst rolling around on the floor waiting for our lungs to start functioning properly again

I am beyond buzzing to be named the Member of The Month for July!!

I am so grateful to have been able to join team Ulysses. Health has always been a priority of mine, and lately I have become a lot more mindful of the way I care for and fuel my body. I am beginning to realise what makes me feel good and what affects me negatively.  I’ve realised that I am my own engineer. I am aware that there’s a lot of factors in life that I cannot control, however caring for my body is a factor that I am responsible for. As an adult, you choose what you put into your body. Are you fueling it with nutrients and minerals that it will be thankful for, or empty calories that will leave you hungry? You also choose how you’re going to train your body. Are you going to push yourself to surpass your expectations or are you going to stay in your comfort zone? I certainly know which one I reap the benefits from, and I know which lifestyle CrossFit Ulysses supports me to pursue. 

As an adrenaline junkie and someone that loves to push the boundaries and throw themselves out of their comfort zone, I have found CrossFit Ulysses to be the best support system for this. From starting in May, I’ve seen athletes push their bodies to the extreme, and you may wonder why. Honestly, the answer is because they can. It’s also because they know they will recover in time and they know that with physical strength and training comes mental strength and resilience. It teaches you that limitations are all in the head. A lot of people quit when their mind tells them to, yet their body is still up for another round; the mind can be so deceiving.   These people inspire me every time I step foot in the box. Whether they’re doing their first push up or an abundance of muscle ups. These are the same athletes and coaches that will cheer you on to finish that 150th wall ball when all you really want to do is tell “Karen” to piss off.  You’ll never find this type of support in a regular gym. I knew CrossFit Ulysses had already made a huge impact on my life when my Mam said to me the other day “You seem so much more determined to improve on your weaknesses” (and she wasn’t referring to my physical strength, she was referring to my mindfulness). You see, I have learnt so much more than just how to throw weights about during my short time with the CrossFit family. I have learnt if I can change and shape my body the way I want, then I can do that to my mind too. 

Strength, definition and the mechanics of our bodies are aesthetically pleasing to me. I love how versatile our bodies are, and the thought of being able to run freely, perform gymnastic manoeuvres and have the strength and power to hold and control my body weight really makes me driven and motivated to be consistent with my training.  These are all goals of mine and I trust that the Ulysses coaching team will help me smash these goals out of the park. 

Finally, I work in a school with some of society’s most vulnerable children and young people. This type of job really makes you realise how fortunate we are to be healthy. To be able to get up and run to our hearts desire, to stretch, to jump, to skip. These little guys are my inspiration to get up on a morning and make the most of what I have and what I can do. Hence why I get up at 4.45am 4 times a week to join the #6amGang. I feel privileged that I have the freedom to get up and see the beautiful sunrise as I drive to meet up with the rest of the shattered sods so we can sweat our arses off and maybe even spew a little. After that, we high five one another whilst rolling around on the floor waiting for our lungs to start functioning properly again…. And THEN we feel on top of the bloody world. It makes the early mornings easier knowing that I am going to a supportive environment where everyone is in the same boat and we all paddle together. It’s crazy how just 1 hour out of my day spent in the box can have such a positive influence on my mood. I’ve achieved so much in such a short time, I really can’t wait to see more progress as I continue on my journey with the best gym tribe around! 😊 

If you’re struggling to take that first step towards working out, just bear in mind that “You can rest when you’re dead” – Rebekah May Bunn (4th August 2018). NOW LET’S GO CHASE THOSE POSITIVE ENDORPHINS!! 


How To feedback and not complain

A quick one on how to bring us feedback and keep the atmosphere positive and happy.

The Facebook group is not a platform for opinions and subjective views and any comments will be instantly removed

Other positive changes in helping our lines of communication

  • We removed the suggestion box- encourages face to face only

  • No using spokes persons to complain- please bring us some individual feedback- encourages face to face only

  • We stopped doing anonymous surveys, face to face only

    Here's how to bring us helpful feedback

    Book a free intro slot with Myself and we can address any concerns you have, its as simple as that.

    Core values

    Some of our values are that help craft our decisions are how we apply them-

    integrity ( doing the right thing, even when others cannot see the reason)

    Fairness ( benefiting as many members as we can)

    Communicate- Our communication is only done in a face to face, no keyboard warriors please.


Team Ulysses

CrossFit Ulysses, forging elite friendships since 2016.

CrossFit Ulysses, forging elite friendships since 2016.

It's not just a gym.  It's a family.   It's not just a box. It's a community. 

Friendships forged through Ulysses goes beyond gym buddies.  

Theses awesome guys walked the peaks together as a team. There have been many times these men have worked together as a team, inside and outside of the box  

Team work makes the dream work. 

They became friends over sweaty WODS and high fives, but their friendship goes beyond that now. 

There is so much more I could write about these wonderful men, but I won't.   Why not come along and see them for yourself and get to know them, along with all our other awesome members.  See what friendships you can form and where it will take you.  

CrossFit Ulysses, forging elite friendships since 2016.