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It's not all about the scales

It's not all about the scales

It’s not all about the scales...... but,

In the modern world we are told to ignore the scales, but should we really ditch the scales or can we learn to use them properly and effectively?

When individuals come to see us for a nutrition chat we take some of their bio-markers, weight, body fat, metabolic age as well as visceral fat. More often than not we tell individuals that our focus is on losing fat & reducing our metabolic age, that weight doesn’t matter & they shouldn't worry about the scales. However we also educate them on the benefits that using the scales can have & how to use them effectively.

One of the reasons we say put down the scales is because weight as a way of tracking can fluctuate depending on factors such as what we have eaten the day before, the type of foods, even the timing of the food & as nutritionists we want to instill our clients with confidence. We often ask individuals to see & feel the change rather than track it, it gives them the self belief & confidence when on the journey. It’s also a low stress way of tracking change which works perfectly for newbies.

So what can the scale offer, like anything in nutrition tracking is important. If you are 75kg one week & the next you are 74kg then progress has obviously been made. You could argue about diet the day before & blah blah blah but at the end of the day the client & coach see a win, wins are what we want. They build confidence & self belief and in the long run help create sustainability.

Below i am going to list a few ways the scales can be done & recorded to your benefit.

1. Weigh yourself only once a week - I personally weigh myself only on a Saturday morning. By doing it on a Saturday morning i am psychologically less likely to have a treat on the Friday night as well as i can celebrate that win on the Saturday night or even carry the momentum to avoid a Saturday night cheat.

2. Weigh yourself everyday - This is if you want to get a little nerdy about it. (but we don’t recommend this) Weigh yourself at the same time every morning, soon as you wake up, after your morning pee & totally naked. Record this every day & at the end of the week add them all together & divide by 7. This will give you the weekly average.

3. Use the scales to educate yourself - Play about with weighing yourself after a big meal the night before, or when you have eating a meal high in salt. Understand how many different factors can make your weight fluctuate & understand how weight isn’t everything.

At the end of the day the scales might not be perfect, but they are a unit we can track, understand & use to our benefit to show growth and progression.

Or we can just ditch them, like we say, feeling good & having self confidence is what is important for us all 🤘

Damian Buck

CrossFit Level 1 / BTN Academy Nutritionist

CrossFit Ulysses