Wellness Wednesday 

β€œI count macros perfectly so why do I need nutrition coaching?”

Ah yes. A common statement. So you count macros πŸ‘, but let me ask you:

➑ what are those macros comprised of? Do you fast all day and have five double cheeseburgers or a parmo, but are happy cuz β€œbro! I hit my macros!” Or do your macros consist of whole food choices?

➑ aside from macro counting, how does your hydration look? Your sleep? Your micronutrients? 

➑ are you eating regularly?

➑ how is your nutrient timing - pre and post workout?

➑ are you measuring body composition to either validate or disprove your macro goals? Who set your macro goals?

Wow. So many questions. Should probably book a consultation with a nutrition coach and focus less on perfect macros and focus more on healthy and sustainable nutrition habits. 

Check out a Ulysses nutrition coach to help you on your journey! πŸ’™