Do you want to step outside of your comfort zone. Do you want to challenge yourself and get results? 

It's easy to go to a gym and do the same old things everyday, but are you actually getting fit and healthy?  Are you actually enjoying it?  

Why step on a treadmill and be a sheep, going nowhere slowly.   Why not challenge yourself and do something different?

Here at CrossFit Ulysses every day is different and every day has a different challenge. 

Today was core strength withing gymnastics, barbells and pull ups (obviously all scale-able to your own capability) in the workout.  Tomorrow is a whole different day.  Stay consistent with workouts but working towards your goals and in a fun, safe environment. 

We cap all our classes at 16 and your workout is under the watchful eye of our qualified coaches to ensure your safety.   

Why not book a Free Intro via link below and see what challenges you can achieve.

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