You may be shocked to hear this, nutrition and staying active are not the most challenging aspects of losing weight.  I repeat NOT. Wait, aren’t they the only two things. Well no...


The two most challenging aspects are in fact.

  1. Not changing your habits, or thinking you don’t have to change.

  2. Thinking that it’s an overnight process and will happen quickly.

In reality, the most challenging parts have nothing to do to with your actions and what training you do daily, but more to do with the way you think about the things you do.    


Anyone can start eating healthy and exercising daily, but if you don’t have the right mindset to change your habits which got you to where you are now, then you’re on the road to failure.


Be honest with yourself... What habits have you formed over months or even years that led you to being overweight?


Those are the habits you have to consider and you need to break them. If you break those habits and form healthier ones you’re on the road to success.


But remember, it was a slow process that got you to where you are now and it's going to be a slow process to where you want to be.   When you can accept that you will have to change your current habits to reach your goals and that it will take time, you will be on the path to success.


 Yvonne Osborne

Team Ulysses