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We have all been there.  I’ve been there multiple times.  Making every effort and focusing on your nutrition and fitness goals, but then life gets in the way.

We have all been there. I’ve been there multiple times. Making every effort and focusing on your nutrition and fitness goals, but then life gets in the way.

We have all been there. I’ve been there multiple times. Making every effort and focusing on your nutrition and fitness goals, but then life gets in the way.   You get busy or have a drama or trauma and before you know it you’re right back at square on, or you think you are. Maybe you’ve just put on a little bit of weight of lost some muscles.  But you feel like all your successful efforts where for nothing or have been lost and you’ll never get back to it. You end up eating takeaways and not going to the gym. Feeling you’ll never be able to get back on track again.  


How do you get back to it? How do you snap out of it? How can you start again?  


For most people it’s a shock of looking in the mirror without your blinkers on or seeing a photo of yourself on social media, maybe needing new clothes and realizing you’ve been squeezing in those jeans for far too long. For me it was a cold hard shock of looking down at myself in the bath one day.   I realized that my stomach which was getting to looking flatter everyday with all my hard efforts of training, was now bouncing on top of the water like a dead whale.


For me, life (or rather death) hit me hard. I’m not proud to say it but i just lost love for everything.  My Mam’s death had affected me more that i realized.. I ended up being a very negative person, i filled my mouth and stomach with crappy food, i didn’t care what i was doing or who else it was affecting either.  People around me gave me a wide berth as i was moody and negative and just didn’t care about anyone or anything, least of all myself. All my good habits i’d built up for myself since starting Ulysses had just vanished along with my happiness, zest for life and even my personality and what made me “me”..   


But i vowed to myself after my breakdown (in the said bath), that i needed to get back to me and pull myself out of this black hole i’d put myself in.  My Mam would of gave me a good hard slap and some cold advice and told me to pull myself together and to stop being so negative. My Mam, for the people who didn’t know her was the life and soul of any place she entered, she was an amazing woman with a heart of gold, she was full of life and loved having adventures and fun.  (pretty much like the person i was before she got ill and was taken from us)...


So, time to bounce back and be “me” again. 2019 was a year i’d turn my life around and start to focus on me.   No excuses, no putting things off anymore. This is why i’m so determined to get to my goals and i’d like to help you get to yours too. I care about your goals just as much as mine. Let me help you get in the right mindset, be happy and healthy.


You see life happens, life sometimes hits us hard or we have things we need to deal with that are out of our hands and we end up half arsing workouts or nutrition.     


But no matter how hard you train, no matter how many classes you attend, you can never out train a bad diet.  You need to focus on nutrition first and workouts second. Get the proper nutrients your body needs for all your aspects of life.   Busy lives need proper fuel. Busy people need to eat, but we need to eat proper healthy foods.


We all have struggles or hit a brick wall or plateau from time to time. Maybe it’s a few weeks, months or even years, but it’s how you bounce back that matters. It’s never too late to change it, it’s never too late to get back on track and be who you want to be.   It’s not the end of your story, it’s just another chapter in your life.

Find yourself someone who will help you along the way,  a friend who needs to lose weight, a training partner who will push you to do better every time.  A nutrition coach to keep you on track and for accountability. You just need to get started NOW, don’t think i need to lose a bit of weight before starting, as procrastination is the worse thing as you’ll never get back on track.  


Take small steps if you are too afraid to take the big leaps.   Cut out alcohol. Cut out fizzy drinks, taking a step towards your goals everyday.  Drink more water, swap your flat white for an Americano, swap your full fat milk for almond milk.   Eat more vegetables with your meals, eating these first to fill you up. If you’re eating out, then swap your chips for sweet potato fries.   It’s the little things that add up. It’s the little changes that make the most difference. Do it one step at a time. Learn to walk before you can run. Whatever you change, is a big step in the right direction of achieving your goals.


I changed my nutrition and started training more, I left my job and changed my life around completely.   You don't have to be as dramatic as i was. But change is good.


What are you going to do to get to where you want to be. What are your health and fitness goals.   Write down that goal and stick to it.


Ask for help if you’re struggling.   


Team Ulysses will help you every step of the way.  


Ben’s motto of helping people has been ingrained into the Ulysses staff and we’re all here to help, no matter what.

We want you to be healthy, happy and confident.

Why not book a free intro. We can sit down, discuss your goals and your needs. Talking through what you’ve been through and what you want to achieve is the biggest step towards a healthier, happier life. Don’t wait for the right time and don’t hesitate. Just do it.


Yvonne Osborne

Team Ulysses

You may be shocked to hear this, nutrition and staying active are not the most challenging aspects of losing weight.

You may be shocked to hear this, nutrition and staying active are not the most challenging aspects of losing weight.

You may be shocked to hear this, nutrition and staying active are not the most challenging aspects of losing weight.  I repeat NOT. Wait, aren’t they the only two things. Well no...


The two most challenging aspects are in fact.

  1. Not changing your habits, or thinking you don’t have to change.

  2. Thinking that it’s an overnight process and will happen quickly.

In reality, the most challenging parts have nothing to do to with your actions and what training you do daily, but more to do with the way you think about the things you do.    


Anyone can start eating healthy and exercising daily, but if you don’t have the right mindset to change your habits which got you to where you are now, then you’re on the road to failure.


Be honest with yourself... What habits have you formed over months or even years that led you to being overweight?


Those are the habits you have to consider and you need to break them. If you break those habits and form healthier ones you’re on the road to success.


But remember, it was a slow process that got you to where you are now and it's going to be a slow process to where you want to be.   When you can accept that you will have to change your current habits to reach your goals and that it will take time, you will be on the path to success.


 Yvonne Osborne

Team Ulysses





Nutrition and fitness should never feel overwhelming or complicated.

Nutrition and fitness should never feel overwhelming or complicated.

Here at Ulysses we believe that nutrition and fitness should never feel overwhelming or complicated. Don’t be fooled by instafamous “celebrities” claiming they know the best tips. Don’t be sucked into the restrictive diets paths and latest fad diets of shakes, skinny tea or pills.…

It’s all about the following.

1. Eat real healthy food, not processed products.

2. Work Hard.

3. Stay consistent.


We can help you every step of the way and have you feeling the best version of you from day one.

Let us help you lose weight and feel great.

We want to help you focus on your goals and simplify things so you’ll never feel out of your depth .

We can help you keep on track and not fall off the healthy train. Tracking your foods and having accountability.

We approach your journey with a real healthy food plan, that is easy to stick to with delicious recipes, tricks and tips, from eating out, BBQ season and holiday foods.



One on one coaching to help get you started on the right fitness path, from the beginning.

Your level of fitness is measurable to help you train to your abilities.

Cardio to shift unwanted non-functional mass.

Strength designed to build muscles and help correct posture.

Constant varied workouts.


Don’t just take our word for it, read our members journeys so far and now we’re in partnership with Healthy Steps Nutrition. HSN has helped over 15000 clients and is backed by a registered dietitian.

And we’re bringing this to you with support from your Ulysses nutrition and CrossFit coaches.

Click on the book free intro and let us help you start your journey right.

Coming soon

Coming soon

Coming soon. 

We are excited to announce we're going into partnership with Healthy Steps Nutrition.(HSN).

HSN have helped in excess of 15000 people achieve and maintain weight loss.

HSN and Ulysses nutrition coaches can help you make the nutrition changes that will not only help you lose weight and feel great but help you change your nutrition lifestyle.

With continued support, help and encouragement from HSN and Ulysses coaches. We will help you become the healthiest version of you possible.  

Team Ulysses

It's not all about the scales

It's not all about the scales

It’s not all about the scales...... but,

In the modern world we are told to ignore the scales, but should we really ditch the scales or can we learn to use them properly and effectively?

When individuals come to see us for a nutrition chat we take some of their bio-markers, weight, body fat, metabolic age as well as visceral fat. More often than not we tell individuals that our focus is on losing fat & reducing our metabolic age, that weight doesn’t matter & they shouldn't worry about the scales. However we also educate them on the benefits that using the scales can have & how to use them effectively.

One of the reasons we say put down the scales is because weight as a way of tracking can fluctuate depending on factors such as what we have eaten the day before, the type of foods, even the timing of the food & as nutritionists we want to instill our clients with confidence. We often ask individuals to see & feel the change rather than track it, it gives them the self belief & confidence when on the journey. It’s also a low stress way of tracking change which works perfectly for newbies.

So what can the scale offer, like anything in nutrition tracking is important. If you are 75kg one week & the next you are 74kg then progress has obviously been made. You could argue about diet the day before & blah blah blah but at the end of the day the client & coach see a win, wins are what we want. They build confidence & self belief and in the long run help create sustainability.

Below i am going to list a few ways the scales can be done & recorded to your benefit.

1. Weigh yourself only once a week - I personally weigh myself only on a Saturday morning. By doing it on a Saturday morning i am psychologically less likely to have a treat on the Friday night as well as i can celebrate that win on the Saturday night or even carry the momentum to avoid a Saturday night cheat.

2. Weigh yourself everyday - This is if you want to get a little nerdy about it. (but we don’t recommend this) Weigh yourself at the same time every morning, soon as you wake up, after your morning pee & totally naked. Record this every day & at the end of the week add them all together & divide by 7. This will give you the weekly average.

3. Use the scales to educate yourself - Play about with weighing yourself after a big meal the night before, or when you have eating a meal high in salt. Understand how many different factors can make your weight fluctuate & understand how weight isn’t everything.

At the end of the day the scales might not be perfect, but they are a unit we can track, understand & use to our benefit to show growth and progression.

Or we can just ditch them, like we say, feeling good & having self confidence is what is important for us all 🤘

Damian Buck

CrossFit Level 1 / BTN Academy Nutritionist

CrossFit Ulysses

Are you getting enough sleep?

Are you getting enough sleep?

Are you getting enough sleep?

Most people know the feeling of not getting enough sleep, feeling grouchy, feeling hungry, feeling bbbllleeuuuuuugggghhh. Right?

You all know how lack of sleep makes you feel, but here are a few good reasons to get to bed early and have a great nights sleep…

POOR SLEEP CAN MAKE YOU FAT. Yes its true, poor sleep is linked to weight gain. In one study, it was said that children and adults who sleep less than prescribed were more likely to be overweight. Sleep deprivation can effect everything from your hormones to you appetite.

PEOPLE WHO SLEEP MORE, EAT LESS. Studies have proven that people who are sleep deprived, eat more than those who sleep soundly for 7-8 hours per night. Sleep deprivation causes havoc with your hormones that regulate your appetite

GOOD SLEEP IMPROVES CONCENTRATION. Sleep is important for brain function. This includes concentration, problem-solving, enhanced memory and performance. Poor sleep has a negative effect on our bodies and in turn impairs your brain function, which leads to lack of motivation for all aspects of life.

GOOD SLEEP CAN MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE. Lots of sleep can significantly improve speed, reaction times, accuracy and mental well-being. So will help you with everything from driving to working out.

POOR SLEEP CAN LEAD TO ILL HEALTH. Poor sleep can factor in lots of health aspects. The major studies have shown links to poor sleep and heart disease/stroke.

GLUCOSE AND SLEEP ARE COMBINED. Sleep deprivation can have affects on your body and its blood sugar levels and reduces insulin stored in the body. So the less you sleep the more at risk can be of type 2 diabetes.

POOR SLEEP IS LINKED WITH DEPRESSION. Mental health and depression are strongly linked to poor sleep quality. It’s estimated that around 90% of people who suffer with depression have some form of sleep disorder.

LOTS OF SLEEP IMPROVES YOUR IMMUNITY. Even small amount of sleep can affect your immune system. You know the old saying about burning the candle at both ends. Well it’s not just a saying. Studies have proven that people who don’t sleep as often as they should are at greater risk of catching colds, flu’s and stomach bugs.

POOR SLEEP CAN BE LINKED TO INFLAMMATION IN THE BODY. Inflammation can lead to all sorts of problems within your body, from arthritis to Chron’s disease. Lack of sleep hinders the productivity of antibodies we carry.

SLEEP AFFECTS EVERYTHING FROM OUR EMOTIONS TO CONVERSATIONS. Sleep loss can make you emotional. You’ll suffer more highs and lows throughout the day. It can also affect your social interactions and have negative effects on everything from conversations to facial expressions.

POOR SLEEP CAN LEAD TO INJURY. If you’re training hard but not sleeping correctly your body suffers, so please get enough rest and recovery time.

Yvonne Osborne

Customer Service

Team Ulysses.

Genetics loads the gun but it's your environment that will fire it.

Genetics loads the gun but it's your environment that will fire it.


Genetics loads the gun but it's your environment that will fire it.   

Disclaimer.... I am in no way a health professional or am I qualified in any aspect of fitness or nutrition, so please remember, this is just my opinion based on my environment and research I’ve been doing. 

Yes, you might of inherited your mamas "fat" gene.  But ultimately you make the choice if you'll let that gene be dominated by the foods and environment around you. Health professionals will tell you that disease runs in families, but diets also run in families..... 

Let's put it another way...  My mam made the most amazing bread, pasties and pies, which she learned from her mam, which she learned form her mam and I, in turn made the most amazing bread, pasties and pies.  These 'family recipes' have been passed from generation to generation to generation. The family meals that my Nana’s Nana used to make are also the meals that I used to make. That is, until I decided to end the cycle!

The foods people ate in the early 1900's were perfect for them with rations and no fridges etc.  They ate a good "hearty meal" of things like pie and veg most nights and even moped up the gravy with homemade bread. But that was the diet back then and it suited most people's lifestyles.  Back in the day, desk jobs were few and far between, most people worked hard and didn't snack on crisps and chocolate. Also, there wasn't a takeaway on every street and things like GMO's and packaged foods didn't exist back then either. In the early 1900's flours didn't get bleached and meats hadn't been pumped full of man made products and antibiotics. Nothing was processed and everything was made fresh daily.

Today's products are advertised as healthy, but if you look at the packaging, they are full of nasty little surprises, like genetically modified organisms, sugars, E numbers and preservatives, the list goes on. Most of today's food is man made. Most of our diets, no matter how healthy the packaging says it is, is not really good for us. Cancer, diabetes, obesity and a lot more are all on the rise and a lot of these things can be prevented by diet and lifestyle.

Some people can eat a million parmo's a week and it doesn't affect their weight, yet others only have to look at a McDonald's advert and they put on three pounds. See, genetics at its finest.

Although I don't recommend eating a million parmo's a week or McDonald's either. I do recommend you take a long hard look at what you are eating and if these foods are contributing to making these genes dominate how your body works, acts and looks then the only thing for you, is to do something about it. The longer you let these genes dominate, the harder you'll have to work to correct them. 

But most importantly, get off the couch and exercise. Those dominant "fat" genes can be tricked into submission by exercise and correct nutrition.  

So I'm not saying you can't enjoy good hearty foods that your nan used to make, however my suggestion is to not mix them with today's current foods. Don't eat that pie and then have a pizza later in the day. But If you are going to have pie then make it yourself. Make all your meals from scratch and always try to eat vegetables with every meal. Check the ingredients in the things you're using and if you have to have processed food then keep them to an absolute minimum. 

If you are like me and struggle with your weight, then the best thing to do is exercise.  I found a love for CrossFit and it's honestly been one amazing journey. CrossFit Ulysses has shown me how I can manipulate my body into doing exercise and find it fun. It's gave me a focus, it's gave me goals and it's helped me shift unwanted weight. CrossFit works for me. But if I'd of researched nutrition years ago I probably wouldn't have to work so hard to shift my unwanted, unhealthy weight and I'd have the body of a goddess and maybe a few ab's too!

I now know what foods work for me and what foods hinder my journey. I try not to eat processed things and if I'm caught off guard and have to, then I check out the ingredients and labels for the things that are unnecessarily added. Calorie count, write a food diary do what works for you, but don't just think it's in my genes and I can't do anything about it.

Yes I like pizza, yes I like chips and crisps and I definitely like chocolate. I'm never going to exclude these from my diet forever, but I do try to limit them as much as possible. Moderation and consistency are vital if you want to lose weight and/or maintain weight loss, get strong, fit and healthy.  

Think about your food, think about your exercise, think about your health.

Don't worry if you fall off the healthy train from time to time, we all do. Just remember to get back on it asap.

Much love Yvonne.  xx

Yvonne Osborne

Customer Service/Admin Manager

Team Ulysses

Ladies. We've all done it! Peed our pants at CrossFit..

Ladies. We've all done it! Peed our pants at CrossFit..

Ladies.  We've all done it.  Pee'd our pants at CrossFit.   

Let me tell you why I make a joke of peeing my pants and why I tell everyone.   

I was only about two months into my CrossFit journey at Ulysses.  I usually went to class with my friend Laura, but she had a family thing she needed to go to, so rather than sit at home alone, I decided to just bite the bullet and go anyway. This was the best thing I ever decided, because after this class (and my most embarrassing day to date, but we'll get to that in a bit!) I've never been afraid to go to class alone.  

So I remember the day as if it was only yesterday. It was a very sunny day and the doors were open, the breeze through the box was warm but refreshing.  There was only around 5 to 6 people in the class and I'd only really spoken to one other member before and he was a really fit, good looking guy called Giles (ladies who know, know) and it was deadlift day.  I'd not done much deadlifting prior to this so my 'little accident' caught me totally off guard.

I was stood next to Giles and we'd both been egging each other on all class.   I took my shoes off from the advice of Ben and got by bar ready, warming up at 45kg and then putting 20kg more on either side, 85kg done, no problem.  Went up to 90kg no problem. Ben told me to believe in myself and I was stronger then I realised. Confidence booster right there so decided I'd give that 100kg a go, everyone seemed to be chasing it and I really, really wanted it.  I put a belt on, set myself up ready, feet shoulder width, bar just over feet, hands on the bar, back straight, shoulders back, head down. Pull. Pull. Pull. I got the bar up. Yes I did it! But I couldn't celebrate as I would normally, because I'd also pee'd my pants and a little bit dribbled on the floor. I couldn't even bare to look up at anyone because I was totally embarrassed thinking everyone had seen. I kinda did a little smile and sneakily wiped it a little with my sock.   You know what I mean, kinda used my foot as a mop. Omg how will I ever look at anyone again.   How will I ever return.

Ben came running over to congratulate me with a high five and he probably thought I was a moody cow, he asked me how that felt and I just kinda shrugged and said "yeah ok".   I looked up and my face was as probably as red a fire engine. I certainly felt like I was on fire with embarrassment. The look on his face when I didn't celebrate my massive achievement with him made me feel so bad. So I just said it.   "Yeah the lift felt great but I've pee'd a little". "Oh that's ok" he said, "most women do when deadlifting and double unders". I then looked up at the people in class and everyone was buzzing I'd got a PB and no one had actually noticed my 'incident'.  The embarrassing moment was literally all in my head. I had made it much worse than it actually was.

From that day forward I vowed that any new members who walk through the doors would never feel embarrassed. If I make a joke about how I pee my pants doing certain movements then they'll expect it and not worry.  

I once pee'd on the floor during double unders and this time it wasn't just a few little droplets, it was a full on waterfall. We all just laughed and I went to get the mop. It happens to the best of us and it's nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.  Even the most strongest of weightlifting women can pee their pants.

I say "oh I better go to the toilet before I pee myself, or "let's see how long it takes to wash the floor".  If I make jokes of it, no one in the box will ever feel like I did that day and no one ever should do either. I realised after my first accident that Ben was a totally awesome guy and he put me right at ease. He even suggested some movements to do to help my pelvic floor.  Which can also help you. (I do have a slight disadvantage more than just childbirth though, as when I was 4 I had an accident and had to have surgery ‘down there’, which in turn left me with a very, very weak bladder)

Being a mother or getting older takes its toll on our bladders and it's something that could happen at any time. So ladies, please don't be embarrassed, other women have probably done it or been there when their friends have and the men, well frankly they don't care. They just see you as a strong independent female and will celebrate your strength and achievements whether you've pee'd or not.   

(Maybe with all the new mothers after Ulysses baby boom, we should put tenna ladies on the list of priorities for the ladies toilets 😁😜)

Much Love

Yvonne Osborne

Customer Service/Admin Manger

Team Ulysses

I want to make a change

“I think it’s time I got my nutrition sorted”

These are the words as coach’s we hear on a weekly basis. But what does it mean to get your nutrition sorted? Is it a case of eating more protein and vegetables, is it a reduction in calories? What are your goals and how are you training at the moment?

Just saying “it’s time to get my nutrition sorted” is a brilliant thing, it shows the clients understanding to change and focus, however it’s an open-ended question that we are going to delve in to.

Firstly, let’s look at your goals, what is the purpose of this change? Are you wanting to improve performance in the gym, get lean for summer or get strong? All of these have different approaches from a nutrition stand point. As nutritionists we need to make clear that one size does not fit all, we need to make sure our clients not only understand the process but how the science works. For example, a client who has come to us and wants to get lean for summer could simply be put on a caloric deficit and asked to track food intake. On the other hand, if we had a client who wants to improve athletic performance, we could delve in to all sorts of sciences, nutrition timing, carb cycling, macro & micro intake as well as optimal body fat. Whatever your goals are, will strongly decide which direction you need to take and should be clearly defined when starting this journey as one goal may contrast another.

Secondly, we could then delve in to the clients training. Are you training once or twice a week or more? High intensity or low intensity or not training at all? Each of these will have different effects on the body and what the body needs. If we use the example of CrossFit training a lot of the workouts are performed at a high intensity with varied weights. So how would this effect the client looking to lose weight? To fuel this type of activity a client may need a higher carb intake than others, additionally there may be a focus on protein to ensure strength is kept. The opposite of this could be your regular gym bodybuilder, this individual will be doing low intensity cardio and resistance training, therefore this type of client would need a lower carb intake but a higher protein one to support their training.

Lastly, how is your current diet? Are you a weekend binger? Big on the snacks? Like the odd beer or two? We look at these because the simplest of changes can sometimes make the bigger differences. If  you’re a weekend binger try having one day off and you will instantly see the difference. Like a snack? Maybe plan your meals better and ensure you are getting enough protein to fill you.

So, this has probably raised more questions than answers for yourself and that’s a good thing. When we look at making a nutrition change, we need to really ask ourselves the why. Why are we making this change & do we understand the process we need to follow? Next time your going to make a change write down your why, then from there track the sacrifices your going to have to make.

Do I want to get lean for summer? If yes, am I willing to sacrifice my performance in the gym? Am I willing to not have my weekend beers and takeaway? Working out and writing down your why will help when you're identifying the sacrifices and help keep yourself focus.

That being said the best nutrition change can just be the smallest, eating more good quality protein, lots of vegetables and less processed food.


Want to know more?

Book a free, no obligation  no sweat intro and we’ll prescribe you a route to your goals!

Damian Buck- nutritionist/ L1 CrossFit trainer/ L1 Weightlifting coach

Team Ulysses

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