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Why not kick start your journey now

Why not kick start your journey now

How can our Personal Training and Nutrition help you? 

Whether you want just nutrition, training or nutrition and training.  All our coaches are here to help.  

Why not kick start your journey now.


Check out our website ( with awesome tips and tricks, recipes, blogs, members stories, nutrition advice and so much more.   Book your free intro via link below and let's get your started on your journey.

Why step on a treadmill and be a sheep, going nowhere slowly

Why step on a treadmill and be a sheep, going nowhere slowly

Do you want to step outside of your comfort zone. Do you want to challenge yourself and get results? 

It's easy to go to a gym and do the same old things everyday, but are you actually getting fit and healthy?  Are you actually enjoying it?  

Why step on a treadmill and be a sheep, going nowhere slowly.   Why not challenge yourself and do something different?

Here at CrossFit Ulysses every day is different and every day has a different challenge. 

Today was core strength withing gymnastics, barbells and pull ups (obviously all scale-able to your own capability) in the workout.  Tomorrow is a whole different day.  Stay consistent with workouts but working towards your goals and in a fun, safe environment. 

We cap all our classes at 16 and your workout is under the watchful eye of our qualified coaches to ensure your safety.   

Why not book a Free Intro via link below and see what challenges you can achieve.

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Deadlift and Kettlebell Hinge

A few tips from Coach Dave to help with hinging.

The hinge is to help us use the correct muscle groups and to stop us squatting when we shouldn’t.

All our videos are to help you in your fitness journey.

we high five one another whilst rolling around on the floor waiting for our lungs to start functioning properly again

we high five one another whilst rolling around on the floor waiting for our lungs to start functioning properly again

I am beyond buzzing to be named the Member of The Month for July!!

I am so grateful to have been able to join team Ulysses. Health has always been a priority of mine, and lately I have become a lot more mindful of the way I care for and fuel my body. I am beginning to realise what makes me feel good and what affects me negatively.  I’ve realised that I am my own engineer. I am aware that there’s a lot of factors in life that I cannot control, however caring for my body is a factor that I am responsible for. As an adult, you choose what you put into your body. Are you fueling it with nutrients and minerals that it will be thankful for, or empty calories that will leave you hungry? You also choose how you’re going to train your body. Are you going to push yourself to surpass your expectations or are you going to stay in your comfort zone? I certainly know which one I reap the benefits from, and I know which lifestyle CrossFit Ulysses supports me to pursue. 

As an adrenaline junkie and someone that loves to push the boundaries and throw themselves out of their comfort zone, I have found CrossFit Ulysses to be the best support system for this. From starting in May, I’ve seen athletes push their bodies to the extreme, and you may wonder why. Honestly, the answer is because they can. It’s also because they know they will recover in time and they know that with physical strength and training comes mental strength and resilience. It teaches you that limitations are all in the head. A lot of people quit when their mind tells them to, yet their body is still up for another round; the mind can be so deceiving.   These people inspire me every time I step foot in the box. Whether they’re doing their first push up or an abundance of muscle ups. These are the same athletes and coaches that will cheer you on to finish that 150th wall ball when all you really want to do is tell “Karen” to piss off.  You’ll never find this type of support in a regular gym. I knew CrossFit Ulysses had already made a huge impact on my life when my Mam said to me the other day “You seem so much more determined to improve on your weaknesses” (and she wasn’t referring to my physical strength, she was referring to my mindfulness). You see, I have learnt so much more than just how to throw weights about during my short time with the CrossFit family. I have learnt if I can change and shape my body the way I want, then I can do that to my mind too. 

Strength, definition and the mechanics of our bodies are aesthetically pleasing to me. I love how versatile our bodies are, and the thought of being able to run freely, perform gymnastic manoeuvres and have the strength and power to hold and control my body weight really makes me driven and motivated to be consistent with my training.  These are all goals of mine and I trust that the Ulysses coaching team will help me smash these goals out of the park. 

Finally, I work in a school with some of society’s most vulnerable children and young people. This type of job really makes you realise how fortunate we are to be healthy. To be able to get up and run to our hearts desire, to stretch, to jump, to skip. These little guys are my inspiration to get up on a morning and make the most of what I have and what I can do. Hence why I get up at 4.45am 4 times a week to join the #6amGang. I feel privileged that I have the freedom to get up and see the beautiful sunrise as I drive to meet up with the rest of the shattered sods so we can sweat our arses off and maybe even spew a little. After that, we high five one another whilst rolling around on the floor waiting for our lungs to start functioning properly again…. And THEN we feel on top of the bloody world. It makes the early mornings easier knowing that I am going to a supportive environment where everyone is in the same boat and we all paddle together. It’s crazy how just 1 hour out of my day spent in the box can have such a positive influence on my mood. I’ve achieved so much in such a short time, I really can’t wait to see more progress as I continue on my journey with the best gym tribe around! 😊 

If you’re struggling to take that first step towards working out, just bear in mind that “You can rest when you’re dead” – Rebekah May Bunn (4th August 2018). NOW LET’S GO CHASE THOSE POSITIVE ENDORPHINS!! 


Get a ninja like core at home.

Here at Ulysses we believe in helping. Helping others and going above and beyond what other gyms do.

Here is a simple yet effective way to help you get a better stronger core, which in turn will help in all other aspects of your training, from dead-lifting to nailing that first toes to bar or muscle up.

Follow the steps pointed out by coach Dave and demonstrated by coach Ben and before you know it, you’ll be mastering movements quickly and easily.


Open gym - breeding ground for success or the true gains goblin

Open gym - breeding ground for success or the true gains goblin

Open gym - breeding ground for success or the true gains goblin

I think we can all agree CrossFit is a sexy sport, with all the fancy gymnastics, barbell & body-weight movements it's easy to get caught up wanting to learn & do everything. With that comes the feeling that class isn’t doing enough, isn't satisfying our appetite to do the sexy and from this grows the attraction of open gym. But is open gym really the answer or is it the true gains goblin?

As always we start with the negatives, open gym is proven to be more than 50% less effective than class. We often get caught up in the opportunity to catch up with friends, chatting & socialising. Extending our rest periods & reducing our need for urgency. More than often individuals will take the chance to do the sexy, but the sexy isn’t always the right thing to do. With most things in life the more we enjoy it the more we do it & we often see individuals move away from class and gravitate towards open gym being right for them, or shifting their priorities.

Now obviously the good, open gym can be the breeding ground for greatness. When done correctly individuals can flourish during this time, taking the opportunity to work on their weakness, to learn & develop the basics as well as focus their training. We see athletes get correct programs, basic & individualized to help them work their weakness & reach a goal. We see them come in focused, knowing what needs done for the day & use that opportunity to the fullest. We also see them athletes use their time to compliment what is happening in class, so when their weakness comes around again, or the sexy stuff turns up they have the opportunity to flex what they have been working on!

Next time you book in to open gym just have a think, do I know what I want to gain from this session? Is it programmed to help me work my weakness & am I getting the most from this opportunity?

With that said there's also no problem in coming to open gym to socialize, to see friends & have a catch up. But just make sure your putting the effort in class!


CrossFit Ulysses


Some of our members hitting PB's while testing for The Level Method.

Some of our members hitting PB's while testing for The Level Method.

Some of our members hitting PB's while testing for The Level Method.  😍

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things and smashing goals. 🤩💪🏋️🤸🏃

The Level Method is an awesome way to test not only your level of fitness, but how much you've improved. Just like any kind of martial arts belting system, you stick to your colour and move up once you've mastered that level.  

When Ben first decided to bring in the Level Method, some of our existing members weren't too keen. But the last year has proved time and time again, that TRUSTING THE PROCESS, and doing your level really works. It helps mould you into the best athletes. Don't want to be an athlete, that's fine. The Level Method is perfect for you too.  It's grades you to your own level and you'll never be put at risk in any workout, working to your level and seeing fantastic results. 

It's the little changes that you don't notice until you test again, on how much you've improved and what an awesome method it really is. 

All our members love The Level Method, even the ones who, at first didn't see the bigger picture and the coaches know how much it changed the dynamics of CrossFit Ulysses. The Level Method takes away ego which can and often will lead to injury, it takes away the worry for beginners and it helps you know your strengths and weaknesses. It's perfect from beginner to advanced athletes.

CrossFit Ulysses and The Level Method help you become the best version of yourself and push you to the next level. 

Want to know more? Want to see how you can achieve amazing things just like our members.   Then look for further. Hit that "book free intro" button on our website and see your pictures posted here in a few months time.   

Stay awesome.  

Individual programming, the who, what, how & why

Individual programming, the who, what, how & why

Individual programming, the who, what, how & why.

Firstly, what. We would class individual programming as when an athlete decides to step away from class to do their own thing, this could be self programmed or by another coach/organisation. This programming could be individual to the athlete or part of a group. For instance one to one coaching or a competitors/strength cycle.

How, as mentioned above, athletes will normally pay for individual coaches or organisations to provide them with daily programming. This could be either through the internet, word of mouth or internally within their own gym.

Why, the why is normally the simplest. They are wanting to work on a weakness or feel individual programming will offer them more.

Finally who, now the who could be anyone. From someone who has spent 1 day in the gym to someone who has spent 1 year, programmes are available and accessible for all ability levels.

So why this post, in the rest of this blog we are going to address the good, the bad & the ugly of it all. As always we will start with the ugly, and while individual programming may seem sexy the ugly side for us coaches is seeing someone who isn't suited, or not ready for it. Now as mentioned above, there is programming available out there for people on day 1 but we probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone within the first 6 months of your journey. With group programming we tend to find a lot of movements aren't scaled properly, meaning a beginner athlete could not only be doing a scaling inappropriate for themselves but also a full movements. As well as this you aren't actually receiving any coaching, your form cannot be corrected, your not being educated on movements & your not getting taught the movement patterns and basics that we need. Even for someone 6-12 months in to their journey this can still stand true.

The bad, this comes mostly down to the individual as well in some cases the coach. When we come to the good you will see how the good coaches are the ones who have been working with & have access to high level athletes, have masses of experience themselves competing & coaching as well teams of experts around them. However these are few & far between and if you carry out the proper research should never happen to yourself. So then the bad comes down to the athlete, studies have shown that the amount of work completed in open gym is roughly 20% of that in class, alongside this without a coach there, an athlete is prone to sandbagging and cherry picking workouts. The athlete has no level of accountability and without the correct drive can be wasting both time & money (trust me i've been there & done it)

So finally the good, the good are sooooo goood! What these coaches know about programming & periodization will keep you on your toes for a lifetime. You can expect cycles & blocks, peaking for competitions, working on your weaknesses, expert help with nutrition, injury recovery and lifestyle as well as planning all this around your daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly schedule.

So with that being said when is it & is not right, at the end of the day that decision is yours, but we can give a few guidelines for when, as coaches we would think it's suitable.

1. You are aiming for regional competitions such as sanctionals & or placing within the top 20 consistently for local competitions.

2. You are recovering from a serious injury through rehabilitation which may be beyond your gym coaches knowledge.

3. You work shifts or offshore, meaning you can not attend class on a regular basis or lack of equipment.

4. You have outgrown your box, we sometimes see athletes go above and beyond what their box programmes and may need an extra push.

At the end of the day the choice is yours, but before you jump into it, have a think.

Can I speak to my gym coach about small extra programs? Do I really need this to reach my goals with individual programming? And is it worth it to myself?


CrossFit Ulysses

Skills pay the bills

Skills pay the bills

Skills pay the bills a wise coach once said……or maybe that was just me.

So you’ve been training for 6 months, 1 year, 5 years and still haven’t hit that 1 skill, that 1 skill that is holding you back, annoyingly? Or maybe if you’re human like me you still have many skills you would love to learn?

What have you tried?

For how long?

How many times?

What guidance if any have you sought?

It could be you’re 1st double under, push up, pull up, toes to bar, ring muscle up bar muscle up or maybe you are looking to improve the confidence in movements?

Skills are neurological- powered and learned with the brain, regardless of type! They need to taught and learned with consistency at a low heart rate, repeating of a motor pattern so you’re brain can control the muscle firing with electrical impulses!

We are electro-mechanical creations. The brain must think first what the body can physically do.

We’ve been through this process, frustration and pattern of attempt and fail ourselves and in doing so have crafted our new service for you.

Skills accelerator groups

Personal training groups capped at 4, lessons taught over 4 weeks of 1 hour with homework, progressions and a program to follow to accelerate you’re learning 5 to 10 times.

This group with its own coach, video feedback, pre and post testing.


The group of 4 reduces the cost from our usual price for 1:1 of £160 and saves you £60

Would you pay £100 for 4 1:1 sessions, group accountability and feedback, a training program and reduce your learning time by 5-10 times?

Hell yeah!

If this is you, please simply leave us your details on this form and we’ll do the rest.


CEO/Head Coach/L1 CrossFit trainer/ L3 Personal trainer/L2 Weightlifting Coach

Team Ulysses


I want to make a change

“I think it’s time I got my nutrition sorted”

These are the words as coach’s we hear on a weekly basis. But what does it mean to get your nutrition sorted? Is it a case of eating more protein and vegetables, is it a reduction in calories? What are your goals and how are you training at the moment?

Just saying “it’s time to get my nutrition sorted” is a brilliant thing, it shows the clients understanding to change and focus, however it’s an open-ended question that we are going to delve in to.

Firstly, let’s look at your goals, what is the purpose of this change? Are you wanting to improve performance in the gym, get lean for summer or get strong? All of these have different approaches from a nutrition stand point. As nutritionists we need to make clear that one size does not fit all, we need to make sure our clients not only understand the process but how the science works. For example, a client who has come to us and wants to get lean for summer could simply be put on a caloric deficit and asked to track food intake. On the other hand, if we had a client who wants to improve athletic performance, we could delve in to all sorts of sciences, nutrition timing, carb cycling, macro & micro intake as well as optimal body fat. Whatever your goals are, will strongly decide which direction you need to take and should be clearly defined when starting this journey as one goal may contrast another.

Secondly, we could then delve in to the clients training. Are you training once or twice a week or more? High intensity or low intensity or not training at all? Each of these will have different effects on the body and what the body needs. If we use the example of CrossFit training a lot of the workouts are performed at a high intensity with varied weights. So how would this effect the client looking to lose weight? To fuel this type of activity a client may need a higher carb intake than others, additionally there may be a focus on protein to ensure strength is kept. The opposite of this could be your regular gym bodybuilder, this individual will be doing low intensity cardio and resistance training, therefore this type of client would need a lower carb intake but a higher protein one to support their training.

Lastly, how is your current diet? Are you a weekend binger? Big on the snacks? Like the odd beer or two? We look at these because the simplest of changes can sometimes make the bigger differences. If  you’re a weekend binger try having one day off and you will instantly see the difference. Like a snack? Maybe plan your meals better and ensure you are getting enough protein to fill you.

So, this has probably raised more questions than answers for yourself and that’s a good thing. When we look at making a nutrition change, we need to really ask ourselves the why. Why are we making this change & do we understand the process we need to follow? Next time your going to make a change write down your why, then from there track the sacrifices your going to have to make.

Do I want to get lean for summer? If yes, am I willing to sacrifice my performance in the gym? Am I willing to not have my weekend beers and takeaway? Working out and writing down your why will help when you're identifying the sacrifices and help keep yourself focus.

That being said the best nutrition change can just be the smallest, eating more good quality protein, lots of vegetables and less processed food.


Want to know more?

Book a free, no obligation  no sweat intro and we’ll prescribe you a route to your goals!

Damian Buck- nutritionist/ L1 CrossFit trainer/ L1 Weightlifting coach

Team Ulysses

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