If you live in town and want to try our services 1st we need to book a chat with our head coach. We call these no sweat intros. This is where we get to know you, you’re individual needs, are you hitting your nutrition well? and address any challenges before prescribing a solution.

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I started the 28 day challenge as Id recently had a baby and I wanted to lose some of the baby weight. It was something way out of my comfort zone and I was so nervous about starting, my worries quickly went once as I was there as it’s such a friendly and supportive environment. The coaches are fantastic; really knowledgeable and helpful. As a complete beginner I was worried I’d feel silly for not knowing certain terms, moves or equipment but this was certainly not the case. The coaches show you how to do each move and give great support in ensuring you can achieve it. The small class sizes meant I felt like I I could ask questions without feeling silly and get excellent support and guidance with what to do. The scaled workouts meant I always worked hard but not beyond my ability and I always left a session feeling like I’d done a really good workout. One of my worries before starting was childcare, however a huge perk was that if I needed to I could bring my baby along to the gym with me. The nutrition advice given at the beginning was helpful and easy to understand. It really helped me make some positive changes in my diet and be more aware of what I was eating. Overall I’ve loved coming to CrossFit Ulysses, I’ve learned new skills and enjoyed every single session I’ve done these past 28days. So much so I intend to continue coming! And to top it off I lost 9lbs and 9cm from my waist! More than I had ever anticipated. I highly recommend CrossFit Ulysses, any fitness level or ability if you’re thinking of trying you definitely should!

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When I first joined CrossFit Ulysses back in 2016 shortly after the doors opened, my main focus and ultimate goal was to lose weight and get skinny.  I needed to lose around 5-6 stone and my god did my body know it.   
I was instantly hooked on the WODS and I've never looked back.  But my journey hasn't been an easy one.  It's been full of highs and lows.   I lost weight gained muscle, gained weight then lost it again then gained it again.  Up and down we go.  I had a car accident that left me with an injured shoulder and had to work around that, which in turn ended up bruising my bicep. I was diagnosed with a tear in the cartilage in my left knee which wouldn't heal so I bought a brace to work around that.   (This is an old dancing injury and not CrossFit related). 

What I found was my mindset for training and WODS have never been the issue. I'd go on that floor and give my all ever single day. The issue lies with my nutrition and lack of self control where food is concerned.  Food always got the better of me.  

Life also has a way of throwing curve balls at you. Deaths, births, job changes, depression etc all have an impact on eating habits, especially mine.  

After my mam died last year I turned to food for comfort. Even while she was sick I ended up eating processed stuff and takeaways (much to my horror), but more out of convenience as i found lack of time was the issue.  I'd go from work to box to visits and I never had the time to focus on me so the weight pilled back on.  I'd gone from the size 12's I'd so desperately worked hard for, back to squeezing in 16/18's and I knew I needed to do something about it but I just wallowed in self pity and never had the time or motivation to do anything.  I'd try to focus but then something would happen and I'd be right back at square one again. Vicious circle of self loathing and eating more crap because if it.

After some problems at work in December I decided I needed a break from life..... 

Being free from the rat race of the corporate world meant I had more time to focus on me.  I was less stressed, had less headaches and my appetite for living returned. The more time I had, the more I focused on me and how I was going to become the best version of myself.  

So after getting a very emotional Christmas out of the way, I dumped all the excess baggage I'd been carrying and wrote off 2018 as a bad chapter of my life and vowed to myself 2019 would be my year. Not only for health but happiness too.   No more putting things off until tomorrow that I could easily do today.    

Being vegetarian, I decided to do veganuary and it was the best decision ever.   I found my love for cooking again and having wholesome home cooked meals makes all the difference.  I also started fasting again which i've not done in months.  In January alone I lost a vast amount of weight and 15cm (mostly from my thighs.  Which pleases me so much.😀) and I felt the best I'd felt in years. 

Once I got my head round my nutrition, it was easy.   

My advice to anyone struggling with their food is just cut the processed crap out and everything else will fall into place. 

Feed the body good wholesome food.  Feed the mind positive thoughts and feed the soul as much love as humanly possible.  

My journey hasn't ended and I know I'll move the goal posts a million times before I get to where I want to be, but right now nutrition is at the top of my list.  A wise man once told me it takes 21 days for a habit to form and this one I'm not breaking. 

It's an epic road trip we call life and the things I have to keep telling myself is never let food control you. Never let it be an addiction and never let your emotions rule your eating habits. If I feast on crap I'll feel like crap. If your body doesn't feel right then your mind won't either.  Break out of the vicious circle and be free.  Have some self control and take care of yourself. 

Much love

Yvonne xx