Can we help?

First thing is to asses where you are, if your answer is yes to 1 or more of these we can help, click the link below to book a free consult with our health and fitness expert. Available to anyone in the Tees Valley area.

  • Do you struggle getting out of bed each morning or need an alarm clock to do so?

  • Do you struggle getting to sleep or stay asleep?

  • Do you find the mixed conflicting information from the internet on healthy eating confusing?

  • Do you often suffer from skin irritation, eczema or rashes?

  • Do you bloat when eating certain foods?

  • Do you  have energy crashes throughout the day?

  • Have mood swings often?

  • Feel weak or fatigue easily?

  • Are unhappy with your sports/gym performances?

  • Your strength has plateaued? 

  • Find it hard to recover from playing your sport/gym sessions?

Our head coach has cleared his diary each Monday so you can pick his brains, tell your story and talk about your challenges. Book Your session here


Did you know we also provide these services?

Personal training

Group classes-Capped at 16

1/1 & Group nutrition

Life coaching and mentoring

Kids & family sessions