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We help you Lose weight and feel great.

Your personal trainer and nutrition coach will lead you every step of the way


We help you Lose weight and feel great.

Your personal trainer and nutrition coach will lead you every step of the way

Do you live in the Tees valley and want free advice and a plan to help you hit you’re goals? Book a chat with a coach, we call these free intros. This is where we get to know you, you’re individual needs and challenges before prescribing a solution.


If you train at another CrossFit box and are looking to drop in, follow the link. Create a team up account, sign our waivers and book in. We have 1 day, 1 week and 1 month options.


The problem is there is so much mixed information. It’s confusing and you can feel overwhelmed. Your nutrition coach will help you avoid the pitfalls!

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It is our mission to reduce illness and chronic disease in all members of the Tees valley community.

We look to teach and inspire you, your friends and family to improve your flexibility, sleep, fitness, physical and mental health by lowering  lower stress, moving more and eating for longevity .

So that you can pass on these strong beliefs and values to the next generation.

Born out of a passion for CrossFit, CrossFit Ulysses opened in April 2016 and looks to bring all the benefits of CrossFit and Level Method to the Middlesbrough area

 We are one of only 2 fitness facilities in the U.K and around 100 in the world to use Level method, its a unique fitness grading system that when complete gives you an overall colour grade. This allows us to understand exactly what your fitness, flexibility and strength levels are. In class you then complete a version of the same workout as everyone else that day but only at your level. The major benefits being-

  • Safer progression which keeps you training longer and helping your fat loss and muscle toning goals.

  • Indicates your weaknesses in a positive way so we can prescribe a how to improve guide.

  • No more guessing from members or coaches on what weights or movements to select

  • Improves safety and reduces injury risk- We all think we can do more than is possible at the time! This is our EGO and we like to keep it in check

  • Intensity is just right for your ability

  • These tests give us constant feedback on how were improving


One of members overall levels

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This is our Tv display of the workouts you’ll see when your completing classes with colour levels all having different weights, reps and movements to suit ability.

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Our promo video- shot January 2018

Video Production by New Wave Digital




What can you Expect from CrossFit Ulysses

  • Our coaches get to know you personally, what your strengths and weaknesses are, what your goals are and always support you.

  • Every single workout is ‘scalable’ which means the newest beginner can be training alongside some of the athlete-level members and completing the same workout.

  • No workout is ever the same and we always maintain very small class sizes to enable our coaches to focus on every single member. Expect coaching ratios of 1-16 as classes are capped.

  • We are family-focussed and kids are a big part of Ulysses. We have a crèche and kids classes aimed at providing fun and interactive sessions.

  • We want Ulysses to be as accessible as possible so we do not have any contracts, our membership is completely flexible.

  • We have a busy calendar of social and charity events and offer even more support and friendship to our members through our private Facebook group.


I find it a great honour being able to help normal people do things they’ve not been able to do for years, improved posture is a big thing and a gift I’m passing on. Creating a family atmosphere with no ego’s whilst pushing peoples limits in a safe and friendly way.
— Ben Jakeman - Owner/Head Coach


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Head coach Ben

Personal trainer, CrossFit trainer, Health Coach and weightlifting coach

I started my fitness journey in the British army in 2003 where I was trained on a revolutionary course that instead of the usual beasting, we were educated in strength, flexibility , core, group management plus aerobic and anaerobic training systems. Since leaving I've trained athletes, football & rugby teams and individuals all over the world. 5 years after starting CrossFit I settled in Middlesbrough to bring my passion for human movement and flexibility to the area. We teach technique, consistency then intensity. We are now getting to help people on a deeper level with nutrition and 90 day transformations.


Personal trainer & weightlifting coach Dave

Dave 1st joined us a member 3 years ago, undergoing an amazing mental and physical transformation before coming a personal trainer. He now helps others recognise their potential.

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Coach Louise

CrossFit trainer and weightlifting coach

Louise may be small but she is very mighty. In her day job she’s a teacher, she brings her communication skills, love of CrossFit and weightlifting knowledge to teach and inspire our finest.

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